Wiz Khalifa, Most Charismatic

Photography Travis Shinn
Gov’t Name: Cameron Thomaz
Age: 22
Reppin’: Pittsburgh
Notable Releases: Single: “Say Yeah,” 2008; Mixtape: Flight School, 2009; Independent album: Deal or No Deal, 2009
Currently Working On: Mixtape: Kush and Orange Juice
Label: Rostrum Records (Independent)
Aligned With: No one
Side Hustle: Owner of Taylor Gang clothing brand
The Next 10 Years in Hip-Hop Will Be… “Wiz Khalifa.”

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  • Sincere

    Yeeaaaahhhhhh Bitchhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    paper planes, taylor gang and the jets fool

    • t.g.o.d

      taylor gang or die he should win this he came to fort wayne and went hamh YYYEEEAA bitch

      • http://www.twitter.com/RealMd0T G.G.O.D/T.G.O.D


    • JTS


  • Louis

    Taylor Gang or drink and drive Ohkay

  • Josh

    wiz blows all these other faggots out the water oooookkkkkkaaaaaaayy!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ReinaRobinson Reina Robinson

    Well deserved… XXL woulda had problems if he didnt make it : )

  • Zoebea

    Yess! Wiz def deserves this (: He works harder than 1/2 the ppl on here. WTH is Oj the Juice Man on here!? smh anyway! as Wiz would … saay “okkkkaaaaay” <3

  • MSM 412

    Off top wiz is nice PIttsburgh Yeeeeeah B!TCH

  • Deadly MIME

    Damn all those fuckin tatoos like Tyga: “you fucked yo life up homie!”

    • Anonymous

      “ink my wholeee body i dont givee a mother fuck”

      • Anonymous

        lmfao agreed tell that bitch!!!

  • juice

    wiz is the 2010 superstar fo sheez- lets hear those albums drop homaay

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa is the shit!

  • T-Zak

    Wiz is gunna ill it for the next 5 years!

  • Anonymous


  • kb

    i still hav not heard whats so great about him. and why meek millz aint on here

    • jfrree

      meek millz ha! u funny

    • Anonymous

      hah right.
      if you havent heard whats good about Wiz.. you aint even HEARD wiz

      • Anonymous

        exactly Wiz is that nigga….Taylor Gang or drink peroxide!!! lol

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  • mayo

    TGOD or get yur skull cracked like humpty dumpty

  • Anonymous

    Wiz was better when he dropped 4 YEARS AGO!!!!
    He no longer has any subject matter he’s just a carbon copy of the rest of the game…
    He does bust his ass tho

    • Anonymous

      “He no longer has any subject matter he’s just a carbon copy of the rest of the game…
      He does bust his ass tho”

      WTF? that doesn’t make any sense how does he have no subject matter yet you talkin bout hes bustin his ass tho. lmao. get the fuck outta here.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kidikarusraps Kid Ikarus

    dudes dope, but i think the freestyle up is weak. if i was doing shit for the top 10 freshman, considering the buzz involved, i would came damn hard. that aside flight shool was crack, cant wait to see more of this in the future.

  • Anonymous

    The best in the class, trust

  • evrythimg

    taylor gang or hang ur self

  • Anonymous

    Wiz be that nigga. love this guy. can’t wait to see you on stage in a few weeks
    yeeaaaaaaah biiiiitttchhh

  • CabinFever

    Taylor Gang or slip on a banana peel! Yeeaa BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Gang Or Get HAVED Hoe.

  • Hanch

    Hahaha, 1 fool on here is trying build this dude up, R U serious. Yall notice how everybody is Anonymous on this, that tells me its the same fucking person saying all this shit about how Great Wiz is. Sad sad sad day in hip hop.

  • Killa Cam

    Wiz The coldest out this group. J. Cole the most lyrical and Big sean like the young homie of the group with the most potential

  • Leyah

    Wizzle man is definitely one the best of the ’10 class. I thought he was better when he 1st came out, but evn now, he still got that fire about ‘im and you can’t deny it. After listenin to every mixtape and album he’s put out (EVER), its Taylor Gang or D.I.E.

  • iiiiiiink’d up

    yeaaaaaaaaaaa b!tch bout time niggas stopped sleepn on my nigga 2me he aint a freshmen cuz i listen 2 him 4 so long but to the dicc head tht dont kno what so great about him flight school is that shit u play n dont gotta skip not to mention ms.righfernow,material,weed roller, shit i can go on 4 dayz! taylor gang or end up on the first 48!

  • Bsykes

    Taylor Gang or catch aids twice bitch

  • Anonymous

    taylor gang or fukin kill urself bitch

  • http://heavyhittzentertainment.com trane

    this dude got mad work ethic f u if ur hating for one dude had the best song on the mf xxl mixtape G’d up my nigga say he hate wiz and that song sux yet we wake and bake to that shit in his car faithfully u cant deny this dude goes in kush and orange juice nigga

  • Anonymous

    The Best Fuckin Rapper…

  • http://www.myspace.com/stevens_dafo DaDominicanKidd

    The Best Fukin Rapper…. YEAAAAH BITCH!!

  • http://realnigga.com MAC POLO

    wiz is what it is stop hatin on us young niggas mane find somethin else to do like go fishin, get a job, make a easter basket (LOL.) or build a clubhouse 4 you and the rest of your hatin friends. MAC POLO CEO of HIT CITY NEPHEW!!

  • Anonymous

    Been listening to this even before say yeah crazy spitter he deserves this.

  • JBreeze

    Dam theres o.d. taylor gang heads in here. lol like dam.. but on the real wizza was nice…about 4 yrs ago like tht dude said be4.

    I have his show and prove, grow season, star power, flight school & the currency joint mixtape he did, but dude isnt the same anymore. He’s not that lyrically on point, hungry nigga i heard.

    Now hes bitches, weed, and more weed. i cant fuck wit him anymore. Homie is generic now and ya’ll just gotta open your eyes and ears. The one thing i’ll give to him tho is his work effort. Dude is on sum Xv type shit

  • http://www.g-immortal.net Rome

    feeling him. thank god some one knows how to drop some real music and not that sampel based shit.

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  • neeks

    taylor gang or die bitch

  • Mookie

    Wiz goes hard.. But this aint a freestyle. Its his same verse from the song mazaltov with currensy. That mite a been a freestyle tho but still..

  • jfreezt

    taylor gang or shower with a toaster bitch

  • chris

    Taylor Gang or share needles with majic johnson

  • Victor


  • Anonymous

    I love Wiz Khalifa to death but i agree with J Breeze. Wiz was hungrey when he started with his first few mixtapes. But with KushXoj he only focusing about money,hoes,weed,and more weed. He not as lyrical though, but i still love him though:]

  • Harold

    Taylor Gang or Suck a fart

  • Furgeson

    Taylor Gang or fuck a horsie

  • Ledashuh

    Taylor Gang Or masturbate to 2 girls 1 cup

  • Anonymous

    yea taylor gang or die no dout but damn ANONYMOUS quit dick ridin

  • Anonymous

    man shut up T.G.O.D

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Gang or Fucken Shoot Yourself!

  • TAylorGAng!!! or Eat A Dick

    Taylor Gang Of Fucken Kill Yourself !!!

  • brooke

    brooke loves her some wizzle!

  • wiz rado

    Taylor Gang or smoke blunts

  • wiz rado

    Taylor Gang or drop the soap

  • wiz rado

    Taylor Gang or smoke reggies

  • http://www.wix.com/Candace_LG/CandaceEasonWebsite Candace_LG

    A mutha fuckin hero!!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Gang or eat paper plates and gravy

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Gang or eat puppy paw soup

  • JOEY D

    Taylor Gang or go lay on the parkway before a steelers game. BIIIITCH

  • Grecamoosh

    uhhh Taylor Gang or smoke Rickyy.

  • Steadman

    Man I dont even understand how you so called Wiz fans of “4years” ago can even hate on dude. Part of bein a fan is recognizing the ebb and flow of bein an artist. He did his come-up shit. he did his weed shit ( which he ll stay true to – Smoke weed everyy dayy ) and now hes doin his ballin shit. QUIT HATIN

    Taylor Gang or rep Soulja Boy okkaaayyyyy

  • liyah

    wiz yhu are so fucking sexyyyy.

  • http://s aniss

    tu ses pour au musulment dieu va te bruler toi et avec toit ses tatouage tu ses sa wiz tu sais pas command la vie et alor prepartoi a lonfer by mes malgrer tous tu ses pas chanter