50 Cent On Kendrick: “There’s A Huge Difference In The Two Of Us” [VIDEO]

XXL caught up with 50 Cent while celebrating the release of his new SMS headphones at Henri Bendell in NYC. Chatting with the Queens MC about the state of his current endeavors as well as other happenings in hip-hop, 50 held no bars when it came to the topics pondered. Giving the status of his forthcoming album, his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar, the Kanye rants, and his new SMS products; the mogul is not lying when he says he truly entails that Animal Ambition.

Press play!

Directed by Luke Tedaldi
Produced by Miranda Johnson

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  • RealHipHop

    Big differences… Kendrick is relevant to many people, not a flash in the pan insight into a life(style) most people don’t care about/can’t relate to. 50 can’t make a song w/ a good sound – it’s not like he’s great and just not getting shine like 104 older NY rappers – he’s well below any form of average. Sorry 50 – you are no Kendrick – not the other way around..

    • Don Logan

      Is that all you can say “relevant this, relevant that” You have no points to back up your comments , just garbage

      • RealHipHop

        Name one popular 50 song in the last 12 months. None. NOT RELEVANT.

        • 50 Cent



          • RealHipHop

            Please tell me what influence 50 brought that exists in society/pop culture ? SMS LOL !!!!

        • Don Logan

          My life, New Day, We up, Major Distribution… do I go on, better than most rap tunes out now…. Your entitled to your opinion I suppose but The chap still has fans WORLDWIDE….Don’t be so single minded

          • RealHipHop

            Yes – you should go on – none of those were hit songs by any standard – whack – anyhow – defend this guy like he’s your boyfriend – you’re more than welcome to

        • Aaron Powell

          cuz he don’t rap know more son he did it big a log time a go duh

        • ayomiku22

          erm how about My life New Day both song’s got two number 1 and my life got 50 his song at number 1 in the uk what’s more popular than being number 1 you said name one popular song from 50 and i just named 2

          • RealHipHop

            WRONG. Neither song was #1 anywhere moron. Billboard didn’t chart top 25 – nice imagination though

          • KidAce

            They were #1 and if there counted as #1 there #1 jackass

          • ayomiku22

            @fakehiphot my life was number 1 in 4 countries and new day was number 1 in the uk dummy

    • Aaron Powell

      u r drunk dude 50 is way better but yea Kendrick is dope but 50 done did way back when

  • Don Logan

    50 cent is the dogs bollocks..GGGGunit

  • Big Moeski

    You can say whatever you want about 50, but dude is legend.

    • RealHipHop

      You have to be dead to be a legend – 50 is a just a living testament to the fact that everyone gets whack and falls off – enjoy living in the past though

      • Bigfish

        what an asshole

        • carl watkins

          Lmfao and his username is “realhiphop” too…smh

        • SteveJacksonRealMan

          lol yea i mean REAL HIP HOP is just a hater jealous.i mean that is how i c it….
          50 is still all that.but some just hate.it is what it is…
          and big moe, i also agree.

      • Robel Berhane

        if getting whack and falling off includes making 100′s of millions in business, i’d love to.

        • SteveJacksonRealMan

          i m thinkin same lmfao
          hater is real hip hop….
          that is clear
          50 to JAY-Z fell off in 30s .40s. i don’t see it….


        • dave

          He fell off musically is what is being said here.
          Which is true. 50 isn’t relevant, no matter how much money he made from that Coke deal

      • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

        o your right. pretty much like DRAKE whose ALREADY off of couple semi-good OK albums lmfao he is HISTORY boring to DEATH.something FIFTY in his 20/30s/has NEVER been lmfao
        keep HATIN….
        REAL HIP HOP is NOT WAYNE/DRAKE…pitiful.

        • SteveJacksonRealMan

          sure isn’t.
          i am sure real hip hop prefer”wayne mr.pop rap.” and drake.
          rofl lmfao
          i am born in 80s and i know 50 aint fall off jay-z either lmfao lmfao lmfao
          HATERS i love em…

    • Officer’s Fiancee’Sydney

      i SO agree….

    • SteveJacksonRealMan


      let the haters hate.


    Good interview.

  • JaffarR

    50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar are two completely different artists. You can’t compare the two.
    I just wish this Animal Ambition project is solid. It’s been a while since 50 has released a full body of work.

    • RealHipHop

      It will be without impact like everything he’s done in the last decade

      • Don Logan

        RealHipHop I call you a hater….I say your a sad teenager who wank’s a lot, that has nothing going on in his life

        • KidAce

          I agree with you Don

      • JaffarR

        So the last decade stems to January 2004. Since then till now, some things 50 has done are (other than Get Rich or Die Tryin):

        - drop Beg For Mercy which sold 3x platinum worldwide, and lift the G-Unit to household hip-hop group name.
        - facilitate and put his artists’s independent albums- Banks, Buck, and Yayo- to mainstream success and platinum sales.
        - give Game his biggest hits like Hate it or Love it and How We Do, and help him reach the epitome of hip-hop success for any debut artist. Selling 5x plat
        - Start the biggest first week sale rivalry in hip-hop history with Kanye West, producing the largest sales for hip-hop in music history. Even though Curtis came short, the impact that HE had was undoubtful.
        - Spawn more hits with Ayo Technology and I Get Money
        - Sell 2x platinum worldwide even with the lackluster Curtis
        - Save Jeremih’s career and label deal, assisting his Down on Me single and creating a smash hit
        - Destroy careers of Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Camron

        And that’s from just the music standpoint of things. Sure at this point of his career, 11 years from his debut, 50 will have nowhere as appeal as he once did, nor will his music be as effective. But with the passion and aggression he has, he won’t drop the ball with his next release. 50′s a widely respectable artist from all music artists around the world, because of the impact he’s had, the success he’s seen, and the dedication he’s shown. No one expects him to make an impact in 2014. Now, we just want him to make good, enjoyable music that’s worth listening to.

        • Mark

          Best response ever man

        • SteveJacksonRealMan

          the member here “real”hip hop.i c just DON’T know real hip hop… i love it

      • SteveJacksonRealMan

        i know “real hip hip”beside make over $ 100 million,but i guess if that is fallen off as others agree, let me FALL then….

        i love haters,your a fan as sydney say above,of probly mr.pop rock. drake,or mr.pop rap wayne…..keep on hating on REAL hip hop music
        we love it.
        to 50- REAL HIP HOP.

  • rudy

    who the hell conducted this interview? “yeah” “right”……step the professionalism up XXL…..

  • Lola.

    The difference is that 50 has many years in the game and the experience to match it. Kendrick is a beast, but he’s still coming up.

    • Malik Ahmad

      never heard of a kendrick is that a drink? Can’t be that i drink must be a fossil,or something,good luck,if you don’t want it don’t spread it.

  • Kendrick

    50 Cent is a legend. I hate when people say its been so long since he has dropped a dope project.
    - GRODT was an ultra classic (no one has made an album better since it came out)
    - The Massacre was crazy good (anotha classic), radio bangers with dope aggressive and smooth tracks
    - Curtis was his worst album, but was still GOOD. if it came out today from a new artist everyone would say it is amazing. It had amazing tracks mixed with some uninspired material
    - The War Angel LP was a mixtape which is so fucking amazing. I guarantee you will like every track, definitely album worthy
    - Before I Self Destruct – classic if you want straight aggression. it needed more balance, a lil less aggression and some more smooth hooks and position of power topics. AMAZING though.
    - The big 10 was one of the best mix tapes released within the last 5 years, too dope. The lost tapes was dope as well.
    He has also dropped amazing songs like: Outlaw, We Up, Major Distriution and Warning You (ft. Skylar Gray) and 5 senses (ft. Jeremiah)

  • rxssbeach

    50 is not even in the genre anymore, he’s bigger than Rap, he pulled a Dre, until Street King Immortal he ain’t a rapper he’s a business man.

  • Simon

    Why would he promote headphones though? His protégé is already doing that.

  • John Jay

    Everything has a beginning and an end…50 is now making money…we work, study or get our asses large enough and then find excuses for not making it…

  • Chris Sheppard

    50 cent had amazing Genius moments…. I look up to guys like him. People can say what they want to say about to the state of Hip-hop, but it’s guys like Jay-z, 50 cent Kanye, Diddy, Eminem, Dre, Drake, Kendrick, Wayne, etc… that make Hip-hop the most influential genre of music across the globe !!!