10 Rappers Falling Down On Stage

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Even the best stage performers can slip up every now and again, and with a cell phone in every pocket you can bet that it will be captured, posted, and spread like wild fire. I’m not saying that serious injuries are funny, but a skinned knee and a bruised ego are the stuff of youtube gold.

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  • jimbo_slice1


  • Dean Clarkson

    Ha! come back down to earth you idiots not inculding Wiz or Busta.

    Fakeman Prick Toss

  • swagzilla

    Busta Rhymes looks like he got sucked into a sinkhole hahahaha

  • Keep It Real or STFU

    The earth shook when Rick Ross fell

  • Mike Day

    Rich Boy cause he just disappeared lmao

  • Boogaloo Shrimp

    This is why you wear pants that actually fit you.

  • KylixDesigns

    I might have to go with Lil Wayne. Dude looked like he hit a slip and slide

  • Lawlady

    LMAO!!!!! WIz did the “stop drop and roll”…

  • RagnarDanneskjöld

    A$AP Ferg’s recovery from a fall was epic, he did it the best. Allow me to present this awesomeness for your casual perusal