Raekwon On Wu-Tang Clan Reunion: “The Business Has Got To Be Done Right”

Last night, XXL chopped it up with Raekwon about the highly anticipated upcoming Wu-Tang Clan reunion project at the launch event for Gig-It. During our brief discussion, the Staten Island legend gave his thoughts on the album, saying that while the members of the Clan are ready and willing to record, the business side of the project needs to be handled correctly. He also revealed that his next solo project F.I.L.A. (Fly Luxurious International Art) will drop this September.

“Yeah, [A Better Tomorrow] is supposed to [come out],” he said. “There’s a lot of great elements that could be brought to the table, but from my perspective, the business has got to be done right. Everybody’s got agents, and as Wu-Tang being that big legacy, it’s also got to make sense business-wise. We’re a franchise; we made these companies millions and millions of dollars, and I feel like at the end of the day, we’re all entitled to our earnings. More importantly, we’re entitled to the respect of doing great business and carrying out our legacy out right.

Rae continued, “[I've also got] the F.I.L.A. (Fly Luxurious International Art) album is coming out September—that’s my project. I’m excited. I’m just excited about being in the business for 20 years. 20 years, you see that gray?”

Check out the full interview at the top.

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  • wu out

    Raekwon is the biggest rap for money whore …

    • horrible915 1914pbs movement

      why shouldn’t he be, rza make all that loot off the clan…why can’t the other “brothers” get they chips too?

    • Ding-ee Mason

      I object to this obvious incorrect ‘truth’.
      You may actually be ‘The biggest rap for money whore’.
      Good news. You are naught successful at it.
      The success of a nation is measured with respect of The Art.
      Get away from here kid. Please go home.

  • TheQueef

    How does F I L A become Fly Luxurious International Art? Either you messed that up twice or Rae has become retarded.

    • Mr. Invisible


    • itmustbebobby

      Watch the video clip—Raekwon says Fly International Luxurious Art. It’s the writer of this article who is retarded.

      Wu-Tang FOREVER.

  • tong xuesheng

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  • Troo

    This is a long time coming I’m a Staten Island Native and one thing for sure Staten’s gonna Show and prove with their Cultural Artistry for the Legacy to live on.
    tong xuesheng

  • Andrew FUCKING Trosper


  • VirginRemyMan

    Need a wu album..jus don’t let rza control the production…that last guitar crap was garbage

  • DJ Salt

    Truth Rae