Big K.R.I.T. On Taco Bell: “I Don’t Like That Doritos Sh*t”

Last week, Big K.R.I.T. stopped by XXL‘s offices for a photo shoot. During his time at the office, the Def Jam signee and Meridian, MS, native played a quick game of word association with XXL. Now, we have the results of the game on video.

You can probably already tell from the title that K.R.I.T. isn’t a big fan of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos, but what else did the Live From the Underground MC reveal? What genre of music does he not like sampling? What’s his favorite variety of sushi? And why does he have love for hipsters?

Check out XXL‘s video with Big K.R.I.T. to find out!

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  • J.o. Mac

    LOL the title is hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Invaderrjl

    You’re Dead to me.


    I can’t fuck with Krit after this bull shit, he never seemed like a real nigga to me and this just proves it. The Doritos taco is delicious and you gotta be bitch made to disagree.

    • Josh

      you dont likw a nigga based off his food choice? lmfao

      • Franco

        That’s what I was like lol, this nigga got me fucked up

    • RO

      Real shit, even the way he played that interview kind of made him look like a bitch. And yes as viewers we can dislike an artist based on his food choice if we want, it’s their job to be a favorite of the masses so they should agree with us on things like this. I mean that Taco is amazing after a party, available any time of the night and it tastes so fucking good and it’s so cheap man. I love that taco <3

      • pplRstupid

        his job is to like what lots of people like? facepalm

  • Marcus Darrell Coleman

    i aint neva had one but since krit dont fuck wit… i never will

  • James Flames

    You all are kidding on here right.

  • James Flames

    I am just joking around on here. every body is entitled too their own opinion. I respect every body’s opinion, And If I offended any one then, I sincerely do apologize then from thee bottom of my heart, But I know this is not an early April Fools joke here. I am just kidding, Right now on here people. Unless though the joke is on people like me.[LOL]
    A.K.A. [Just Joking]