Freshmen First Look: XXL Freshmen Cover Shoot Video

Here’s your first look at the XXL Freshmen Cover photo shoot from our partners at Monster Energy. The video is packed with behind-the-scenes action including interviews with the Freshmen and sneak peaks at the cyphers.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents: XXL Freshmen Live 2013, coming to a city near you.


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    WHERES BURGA???????/

  • Kwame Celebrity-Host Hall


  • fvckyoulames

    oh. wow

  • TDE

    Oh I see you soulo, I see you eating, like you ain’t never ate!

  • k

    “Audio Dope” Hosted By Dj Drama – Gangsta Grillz Say My Name…BURGA…Thank Ya ***Follow @Burga321*** Info/Booking: Big Beast 352.361.8529 / C. Wakeley 352.682.204

  • Sincere Kitez

    no kitez??

  • Name

    For those who want to know the background music starting around 2:30, the song is called They Told Me part 3 by Mayday

  • Roy Oswalt

    Still wondering how VC isn’t there, but whatever


    wheres Childish Gambino

  • WackList

    Where is Chance the Rapper? Fucking wack ass list.

  • Terrence Harris

    When this magazine comes out. I’m getting it & I wanna be on there in 2014. If Big Sean, Danny Brown, & Angel Haze can do it. I sure as hell can too. B.L.G. aka Glove gang, Cold Stunnas!

  • Jamal Grady


  • Swizzy

    How the fuck is Chief Keef in there and not Skizzy Mars. I swear you guys don’t know music.

    • jwads22

      Skizzy Mars and Cheif Keef are trash. This is the best list they’ve ever done in my opinion,

  • AngelinaWaterlilly

    I DONT AGREE WITH THIS FUCKING LIST,how did angel haze make it but not Azealia Banks.

  • AngelinaWaterlilly

    lol the guy at 1:27 was on disaster date,the girl kept talking loud and signing amazing grace off key, and he would get embarrassed when she would talk about sex.But he had a jeri curl what the fuck is his name?

  • AngelinaWaterlilly

    DIZI RIGHT was on disaster date you have to google it it was so funny.

    • AngelinaWaterlilly

      dizzy wright i mean.

  • Tyler Freshly

    That beat omg. Cant wait for the cypher

  • Branden Jones

    Fuck is Chance the Rapper? THIS LIST SOME TRASH. GUESS HE GOT SUSPENDED FROM XXL TOO. Outside Action Bronson, Schoolboy Q and AB-SOUL this list is BUTT.

  • Donic

    Hell yeah Dizzy Wright. FunkVolume