50 Cent Remembers 50 Cent Is the Future 10 Years Later

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  • gggg unit

    50 cent is the greatest of all time, new album july 3rd!!! make sure you go buy that will be a classic

  • francis nasim

    gettin paid to workout. life as a hoodlum,rewarding and thanks for the beats dre.you can come up to the pad and watch me sometime fif know.between me and banks,nobody got hands like the zay ninga!@i run the movie book rap label all that sh$# hey ricky rozay-nah jus playin come see us though@after this one last comment im done-i am th greatesest.and my rappin skills,sensational-whoooooo! im havin destiny child for dinna!

  • francis nasim

    and i am the diddy of g-unit records huh diddy? ask diddy if i am diddy?

  • francis nasim

    hi nas

  • jrash87

    what this man has done for the hiphop game is unbelievable! what his s.k. movement is doin for the poor is unbelievable!! Im currently re-listening to GRODT OST an the meanings and messages in those tracks are so insperational! I can watch the sun come up and go down sayin what if.. Ive followd that saying for years and always taken the plunge and never been scared to rise to the challange, i have found myself jobless and homeless but did that stop me? nope, i got my ass educated, got a business diploma, now sit on 5000.0 a month, thats a bad month, a good month for me is 80,000.0 grand. all from commission sales. Curtis taught me the hustlers ambition for good. And i also died in a massive machiene accident that had my arm almost ripped of my body from a conveour belt, under a wood chipper, no cunt can hear you scream!! Fucked my left arm, but did i stop an feel sorry for myself? nope ive always got the fuck back up and stepped foward. Curtis Jackson, you are my idol, if you ever read this, id like you to feel happy that your music has helped me to get to the top!!:)

  • jrash87

    i meant almost died, i havnt died lol

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