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  • A.R. Knight

    fux w/it

    • 4twenty3sixty5

      what a waste of time, hopsin and mgk are the only decent freshman this year. “YOU FUCKED UP, YOU FUCKED UP, YOU FUCKED UP” AHAHAHA your websites a fucking joke , you fucking faggots wouldnt know rap if it smashed you right in your retarded faces.

      • KingBishop

        Say’s the guy who probably has plies in his tape deck right now?..And what you know rap?..

      • Sawyer

        youre wrong because Macklemore is way better than both of them

        • cunt

          Your a retard.

        • SamE

          amen to that. people sleep on him, meanwhile he’s better then anyone else in the class

      • DirtyAsh

        Na they did ight. I don’t agree with all their descisions

      • lloyd

        if you hate this site…why are you on it?

      • Kris

        Wow, I was thinking the same exact thing about you.

  • DB0223

    Hopsin killed this and killed everyone on the cypher

  • Tommy

    Future is so wack its on an other level

    • 412

      FUTURE is trash! all he does is talk the same ish . Drugs, strippers, Cars, and drugs

      Follow me @412News

  • Mdubz

    danny an hopsin i dont even like hopsin like that but that shit was legit

    • Blake

      you like him like that now punk!!

      • Mdubz

        no i dont like hopsin at all im just saying he did way better then everyone along with DB

  • Fuck’mall

    hopsin only nigga that can rap outta that whole crew

    • Trev DaSaint

      So nigga yu just gone forget Danny brown/macklemore/don trip/and kid ink like really my dude



  • Thie Squish

    hop n roscoe killed it mgk did iight too…DB n future r wack lol

  • ED

    MINUS-Hopsin this had to be the worst shit I have ever seen MGK-WACK!!, FUTURE-HORRIBLE, ROSCOE-WEAK, DANNY B-OK… I can’t believe i watched this trash

  • josh

    I think they just chose an awful beat for the whole cypher. It was too fast, and Hopsin seemed to have some trouble adjusting to it. They might as well have just used the same beat Shady 2.0 did for their BET Cypher.

    • Jose

      Hop seemed the one who flowed with the beat along with MGK. If you ask me the beat was wasted on trash rappers.

  • Mak the Kid

    hopsin did his shit uk he killed it.rosco never heard of him but he did goo too and mgk was eh…. the other people wtf was that

    • mac

      hopsin>roscoe>mgk> umm ya thats about all i have to say because i didn’t like anyone else. it gets really bad after including cypher 2

  • BeaSix

    Where the fuck is Macklemore? Roscoe, Danny, and Future sucked.

    • Yelafan4lyfe

      They do them in series of 3 videos

  • LilOso of SA CRUNKK

    that was fukkin horrible. besides hopsin.. everyone of these verses made me want to off myself alil more than the last… and this is the future of hiphop? i can see were just gon continue down hill for awhile. real music comes from the heart. REAL! juss fukkin be it.

  • Pepetoilet

    Damn that dude future was garbage! Ups to the rest, tho.

  • Brandon

    Hop did what he does when doesnt he? but MGK came in but lost it and those other freshmen should just drop out

  • Redtom

    Hopsin did his thing

  • kyle

    Hopsin killed it. Roscoe dash was alright. Everyone else sucked.

  • Young 23

    Hopsin killed, Roscoe was rd, MGK killed it, Future is terrible and Danny was ass.

  • HopMadness

    Future was wack as shit, I literally laughed out loud, I don’t really like Roscoe Dash but he wasn’t terrible, I’ll give him credit some of his verse was decent. Hopsin killed it but like someone else said the beat was way too fast ‘n Hopsin obviously had troubling adjusting to it, but lyrically he shut it down. MGK was nice ‘n it was my first time hearing Danny Brown ‘n he wasn’t bad but he didn’t wow me either.

  • Troy Powers

    Hopsins verse was the best hands down.

  • Jon

    hopsin did pretty good cant wait for knock madness

  • TheMysteryMask

    hopsin killed them stright up! the only people i no is Hopsin and MGK, whos the rest? and who the fuck is the Andre 3000 lookin ass reject??

  • JL

    Hop killed this son! When the next cypher comin out?

  • dakota

    hopsin and MGK are the only good ones on here ok i lied hopsin was the only good one

  • TheMysteryMask

    Hopsin killed them straight up! the only people i no is Hopsin and MGK, whos the rest? and who the fuck is the Andre 3000 lookin ass reject??

  • Techn9cian

    Daaaaamn Hopsin KILLED that. One of the sickest cyphers I have ever seen.

  • will

    hopsin n mgk 2 of the best in da freshman class everybody else jst sucks

  • Bob

    Who was that second guy? and that tranny that went last is fuckin gay .. talkin about banging girls, BITCH get out of the closet

  • R.Dezi

    Hopsin and MGK killed it

  • F.V.

    this beat was way too fast for hopsin’s flow but still he got the most out of it.
    Real shit.
    Him talking about fake rappers, and then the guy after him said: “im so fly”, i was laughing my ass off.
    Oh God, the irony…

  • Badguy101proof

    Hopsin destroyed it as usual Roscoe ehh he did alright and I’m from Ohio I am not to big of an MGK fan but he surprised me on this one.The other 2 I dont even know wtf they were doing smdh .Future raps like hes a 5 year old crack baby that has brain damage and the other dude looking like a tranvestite rapping needs to grab Future some matches and some gasoline run into an empty building and light that shit on fire!!!!!

  • 1dopeboy

    Hopsin killed it
    Future makes me question how he even got a record deal

  • H

    Future…..huh? Who picked this guy?

  • H

    Future…..huh? Who picked this guy?

  • Lampz

    This wasn’t that bad. Hopsin is a good rapper and he killed it. The second rapper was pretty dope too just as MGK. Danny Brown can do better. He should make more songs with Black Milk and Random Axe etc. That guy before Danny was the only one who was really whack.

  • D3VEUS

    HOPSIN IS INSANE YO!!!!!!!!!! in my opinion, hopsin is the best thing to hit rap since shady. no doubt, mgk’s right there with him though, definitely.

  • Derek

    Hopsin was sick, roscoe dash was pretty good, everyone else blows.

  • Michael

    Hopsin Murder This! I Would Be Fine If The Video Ended After Him.. Lol

  • A-Gates

    I feel like hopsin, danny, and mgk took that one. I dunno what erryone else was there for

  • Rob

    Hopsin is the ONLY good rapper out of the group.

  • Johnny

    Hopsin killed it, of course. MGK was fuckin dope too but the last two fags (dont even know them and wont make it an effort to) sucked

  • G Hutch

    Hop killed this, MGK was good not up to expectations, Roscoe, for the type of rapper he is (party) this is good, Future, well he raps like he has downs, and DB, lyrics are good, voice is a bit annoying.

  • Sodiety

    wtfffff. future was horrible, mgk was horrible, roscoe was horrible, hopsin was decent, and danny brown looked like a fuckin god compared to all these lames

  • Hiphopjuckie

    no way yall look up DY rite now kid murda shit

  • Andrew

    Funk Volume!! Turn it up!!

  • Hiphopjuckie

    no way yall look up DY rite now kid murda shit dyrealmusic

  • Jermzfacekillah

    Future was the only wack mofo on here… Didn’t know roscoe could spit like that!

  • Cosa

    how the fuck did Future and Danny Brown get on this?? kids are TERRIBLE… my 7 year old niece can wreck them

  • westham

    Hopsin was so dope!!!!!!!!!!

  • DBVN

    WOW! what a disappointment this shit was..Who ever picked this class in XXL, needs to get fired. Fans need to re-evaluate the people they are supporting, because it isn’t the artists killing the game, it’s the dried up terds on grass that support this garbage group of talent to be noticed. Only ONE rapper did his thing, MGK did his thing too, but it wasn’t impressive.

  • Zach

    Hopsin could’ve went way harder, cuz MGK came with it like a motherfucker. But Hop is still my fav.

  • Jizzle41TX

    Hop Win$, Pay em!

  • Misty

    Hopsin killed this shit. after the first 50seconds, i will mute this.
    Turn this shit up!

  • mydogsat

    okay…not bad at all. I fucked with hopsin & danny brown from the start, so not surprised they the stand-outs. could do without the others for the most part tho!

  • H5th

    These rappers are trash this is the worst job yall ever didi wit the freshmen cover for real…XXL yall gotta earn yall credibility back cuz these MCs are the weakest class.

  • JayB

    is this really a competition? hopsin destroyed all you idiots

  • T Remson

    MGK KILLLLED this as usual! LTFU

  • donnie doit

    hop kills everyone on this shit idk y these other wack ass rappers even get recognition. im from cleveland and i think kels is wack as fuck. but he is better than those other 2 fags on here (def not roscoe) dont kno there names

  • Alec

    The one who went on after MGK sucked so much

  • Kyle Forrest

    Hopsin killed this just like Eminem would and has always. Hopsin is the only one that was good lol…

  • Jmo Let Em Know

    This cypher was absolute trash.
    The only person that killed it was Hopsin.
    Hopsin went in.
    Everybody else <
    Future was too fucked up, Danny Brown was decent,
    MGK didn't know when to shut his mouth, Roscoe was ight.

  • fuckit

    Future is sooooo wack. haha mgk and hopsin killed it though


    Hopsin killed this. wish he had MGK long ass section. -___-

  • @Alex__Grant

    Don’t want to spread negativity but I dont see a Superstar amongst this years Freshmen. Maybe French but thats it

  • tuoemgaws

    Earl Sweatshirt

  • derp

    future is the wackest motherfucker i ever heard

  • MarkyMark

    Tupac’s Rollin around in his grave right now, Shame on you XXL

  • Mark

    Hopsin and MGK get props, the rest should quit making music instantly.


    No body even came close to Hopsin,
    shit is so weak these days.
    What happened to intricate bars like nas? Even hopsin’s verse could have been better.

  • lloyd

    i thought people said Roscoe did bad…i thought he actually held his own lol….everybody was dope except Future with his garbage ass flow and bars :p and i like Danny Brown but his verse was the same verse from his song “Baseline”

  • whome

    mgk is trash, wanna be yelawolf, fag!

  • Jay Bay Bay

    Hopsin killed it he really is one of the relest, niggas need to stop sleeping on him


    To me the XXL freshman list is a joke with dudes like Future, Roscoe Dash who’s not even a freshman, Kid Ink and T.I.’s new artist whatever her name is these guys are trash. So many people get snubbed every year no one really cares anymore thats why ASAP declined and Vado Declined last year. Only people that deserved it was deff Hopsin, Frency who’s holding it down for the East Coast and Danny Brown who’s dope. Besides that MGK decent at best and Don Trip’s average to but besides that F XXL you guys suck.

  • Fucke

    why does Danny brown sound like a mix of Andre 3000,B.o.B and Nicki Minaj

  • paul

    Hopsin murdered this shit…..mgk was decent….them other weird lookin maw fuckas kinda sucked……good shit tho

  • aliasreefah

    Hopsin desrtoyed… Danny Brown was pretty dope too.. Everybody else is mainstream trash.

    • Quinard

      What you must be SICK bro Danny brown and MGK where they dopest of the cypher

  • Quinard

    Future is beyond WHACK nigga trash lol

  • T-Scott

    Hopsin is the only one who is worth a shit up hear straight up, they shouldve saved him for last

    • Rawdawg

      Why u think they saved DB fer last. He cold af

  • Kidish

    When roscoe stated I asked the same question that he rapped at first and future made everyone stop bobbin their heads lol

  • TG

    i think everyone did good in there own ways. you cant expect for everyone on the cover to appeal to you.I didnt care for future’s verse but im sure there’s someone who was into it. And people need to stop judging artist off of irrelavent shit like being mainstream. Its doesnt really matter whether they’re indie, underground, mainstream, etc.I orginally was only concerned about Hop and Danny’s verse But Roscoe actually suprised me. i thought he was just gonna start singin on this shit.

  • kush

    hopsin and MGK thats it. fuck the rest.

  • Juicy-G

    Danny Brown killed that shit…

  • Lestar

    Ya…. Hopsin just showed these clowns whats good.

  • Robby J

    Hop killed this ish!! Roscoe wasn’t bad either. MGK was iight. Future had to be some of the wackest ish I’ve ever heard. Danny was eh. but yeah Hop’s verse was RAW!!

  • Kyle

    Hopsin killed it as usual. Dude is the dopest up and comer in the gme hands down.

  • igotacos

    hopsin & danny killed, as expected. mgk did suprisingly well, but DAMN! i didnt know roscoe had bars like that! needs ta get of the damn hook and spit more! and future was future:/

  • Blake

    Hopsin & MGK all day!! I dont even know who any of them other wack dudes are!! lol

  • Banx

    Where the hell Don Trip at???

  • ethan


  • L

    The last two were embarrassing I couldve spit better than that

  • Pudding

    Goddamn that was weak. Hopsin is fucking awful holy shit but in comparison to the rest he sounded like Big L during that cypher. I’m a fan of Danny Brown’s music but he sucked ass on this too. I’m much dissapoint.

  • Wat The Fuck

    Hop went in, MGK did his thing, Roscoe was aight, Danny Brown was slacking, he’s capable of a lot more, but fucking future is so ass T_T

  • MegaMan

    I wonder how many of these “omg Hopsin” comments are from accounts made by him and his boys because he is HOT GARBAGE. This wack nigga has been trying to get put on for years and all he does is cry about not getting put on. Just like that faggot Tech N9ne, those two should get a room together and kill themselves.

    • uMad

      Jealous as fuck, huh?

  • T bone

    I thought Future could rap. I was clearly mistaken. Dude raps like 50 Tyson.

    Danny Brown killed them all. Hopsin and MGK were good too.

  • T-RO

    Dwam Hopsin and MGK go in. Who the fuck these other clowns? The others sucked. BIGTIME SUCKED. I can’t believe they made the freshman list

  • JaeSoul

    Hop is the only one thats beast, mgk is iight, danny brown is cool the rest suck asshole

  • EaztBaltimoreBoosie

    Idk, It kinda seems like Los wrote that verse for MGK.

  • x-it

    Lmfao what a joke, Hopsin is the only one with talent up there. Yeah MGK can spit but his whole concept is pointless. FUCK XXL

  • technician911

    wow good thing hopsin goes first, dont watch the rest of the video, youll never get that time back and its a waste

  • Ffions

    Only 2 who did alright were hopsin and mgk everyone else was eh but the dude second to last was straight garbage.

  • Kwality

    Las t 2 dudes were garbage. Is that last guy a faggot?

    • Quality*

      That faggot has more skills and experience than everyone else up there and prob get more pussy in a week then you’ll get in ur life and the next one.

  • Trey

    Okay I’ll admit Future’s verse was garbage but his music still is hard.

  • Nick

    honestly ima hop fan like big time and MGK but Roscoe Dash killed this

  • Austin

    its funny cuz hop said faggots and ole boy on the last verse looked like a faggot, he probably got all offended and shit lol.

    • Funkykong

      He aint a fag tho, he know it, half the shit he raps about is pussy

  • Peanut

    Hop & MGK <3

  • Aneesh

    Hopsin killed all of them. MGK did good too though. everyone else sucks.

  • Derek

    First 3 were good then it got wack

  • Jo

    I’m ngl, everyone did good, especially Hopsin he was on another level. But not everyone…… Dude, like Future….. Wtf….. just no.

  • Real Talk

    MGK and Hopsin killed it… Roscoe and Dannys flow were ok I guess.. but hella short.. aaand im not feelin Future that much..

  • Magic

    where da fuck was don trip at

  • Doug

    does anyone know the instrumental for the cypher?

  • Ponwizzy

    1. Hopsin
    2. MGK
    3. Roscoe
    last two are awful so it doesn’t matter

  • MrMakanhoes

    Hop an MGK killed it and im pretty sure MGK ended his verse with juggalo….

  • Desean Magee

    hopsin , mgk , roscoe killed it , everyone else kilk yoself

  • Ivan Nicolas

    Dizzy wright should of got into this

    • dehzi

      I was thinkin the same thing

  • dehzi

    HOPSIN killed it wasn’t surprised cuz he always does. Roscoe and MGK wasn’t too bad. Could of went without Future, that could of been XV in his place!

  • Xombie

    Hopsin and MGK were the ONLY ones worthy,the rest of them jackasses can fuck off and go back to mickey-ds.

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Bet You Hoe’s Would Love That Last Danny Brown Line If Eminem Said It Fucking Hypocrites

    • Yessir

      Couldnt of said that shit better myself. Danny Browns ill as fuck, he’s FORSURE the most versitile artist up there and people jus judging him based on what he looks like. Close ur eyes and listen up you-dont-know-rap bitches.

  • Mikey W.

    Ya’ll feelin pretty damn stupid for not voting A$AP aren’t you ?

  • BiG JEN$

    Hopsin was the sickest by far, but he could have brought harder bars. MGK was mediocre but 2nd best overall.

  • JustinMcNasty

    I can fuck with Hop and MGK. MGK fucks with the same words and doesn’t rhyme from time to time. Roscoe Dash sounds like he might know what he’s doin’. Everyone else can probably never rap again.


    FUCKING HOPS AND DANNY KILLED YA’ll need pay attention to what danny was saying

  • Harry

    I feel like everyone is hating on Danny Brown because they think he is Gay/ Who the fucl cares, he had the dopest shit besides hopsin. Future was really the only one that

  • Drew


  • MARS


    • maine

      Has a huge upper lip

  • mz

    Hopsin killed it! MGK was cool, but not into his music. Danny Brown is pure comedy! Overall this freshman class was disappointing(with the exception of Hopsin). Freshman 09 is and will be the best class of all time!

  • The Truth

    To be honest sounds like Future was the only one who really freestyled…everyone else shit was written he gets major points for that!

  • Kurtis

    Just rewind Hopsins’ part 5 times and u got a hot cypher.. ALL WACK.. and then there is the last 2, When MGK shows u up u just need to stop

  • Grammy formerly known as Pee Deep

    MGK D Brown Nice ,, where was that bitch

  • Folejuana

    Would of loved Earl to win, just to see a possible response to hopsins diss on , the cypher video

  • michael

    how did the last guy make it on the xxl freshman? was it as a joke? Chip tha ripper shouldve taken his spot.

  • c

    all these niggas sucked…except hopsin and i hate his ass..

  • JC

    Future was not as bad as everyone makes him out to be on this cypher. He was the only one that actually freestyled which is what you do on a cypher ( for yall pussybodies that like to talk shit but don’t know your facts) You can’t compare everyone else’s writtens to his frees, but whatevs this was aight…

  • juggalo steve

    hopsin in mgk killed tht trk i thnk they could of picked a better beat but evry else ecpt hop in mgk are some garbage

  • Goon

    This Danny Brown dude looks like a legit clown

  • kidcassiii

    Hop murdered this shit like always, Roscoe was ight, Future no words can describe how bad that was (literally laughed out loud when he started spitting), Kells was sick. I love they way he says “bring that shit back”, and even though Danny looks straight ridiculous he has a nice flow and lyricism.

  • D

    Hop>MGK>DB>Roscoe>My gma fucking a homeless heroine addict>>>>>>>>>>>Future

  • eric

    MGK & Hopsin went in…even roscoe did but he’s better singing….danny brown and futures ass point blank though I’m sorry…the part 2 wit ink, mackle, and frenchy will be a lot better tho

  • Phil

    Future must have been the only one who freestyle’d off the top in this who cypher.. Hopsin too original he delivers just like Eminem.. Danny Brown props for the weird shit. MGK Killed

  • jhwg624

    Everyone spit like 16s or 32s future spit a 4

  • Stank dank

    Everyone besides future was ill. Specially Danny Brown and Hopsin, fuck you if you doubt danny brown, he’s the best rapper up there why you think they saved him for last.

  • zrstar

    Hopsin def killed this shit. MGK has his own style and he kills it his way. Roscoe was decent not to bad. Future sounds like he has marbles in his mouth and Danny Brown just yells for no reason

  • noname213

    yall want for thatg boy DOn Trip to spit.

  • kellen

    wow, future is fucking garbage.

  • Syko Solja

    Hopsin & MGK did they shit, Danny Brown disappointed me.. Anybody know if they’re doing another Cypher for the other Freshmen?

  • http://xx


  • yougo

    hop, machine gun kelly, and roscoe dash killed it lyrically…DB killed it off style alone…and the boy future smh lmao

  • google+ circles

    IDlFPW I value the post.

  • MassAppeal

    whats with the hate on danny brown? dude had the best line in a cypher

  • JaySon

    Yeah Hopsin and MGK the only dudes who did this cypher justice… listened to the other three with an open mind, but I honestly wouldnt look further in to their music based on this.

  • Alen

    Hopsin is damn near 30, take those stupid contacts out and stop shaving your eyebrows old man.

  • BestMAN

    Man future is such an amazing artist i wanna be just like him when i make it… lol

  • jeej

    I like Hopsin, Danny Brown is dope, and MGK is aight… but for real, Macklemore is a man among children on this list. Anyone who argues needs to get hype to him. I promise he demolishes everyone else here.

  • Range Rover Hire

    wow, awesome article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  • Maurice

    The first three were the best. Hopsin, MGK, then Roscoe (was right on key sounded sick). Everyone else was corny. The future has hope.

  • alex

    just exit out after the first 3

  • ZackarySD

    Hopsin killed it, MGK did well too. Rest of them sucked.

  • whufcwesthamunited

    Hopsin just made this dope!

  • darmoo

    Second last guy needs to be shot in the face , rest where alright … but hopsin clearly fucked them all in the ass.

  • seo

    Thanks-a-mundo for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.



  • Marcel Biology

    Danny Brown made all the others look like trash (Hopsin wasn’t bad though)

  • TFG_AnXiouS

    Where the F*** is Childish Gambino?!?!?!?!?!

  • Adam Westerman

    Hopsin has rhymes, the rest is disgraceful…Please bring in Macklemore.

  • cyperpunk2k12

    somebody needs to be fuckin fired. xxl you have lost your touch
    on whatever you think you have on the now culture, what happened to the honesty? you have failed too many times at this concept give it a rest this so called freshman barely blossom with anything close to structure relevant sound.

  • Gibby

    Hopsin Freestyle Was Dope And So Was The Dope.

  • flip

    macklemore is the only good one in this whole freshman class…

  • zaytoven

    Roscoe did the best, then MGK, Hopsin is just a weirdo having weird eyes doesnt make you good, Future is a hook rapper, and why tf is Danny Brown yelling??

  • 3D

    This is the WORST freshman of the year class EVER! No XV, Black Cobain are you serious? All the dudes are trash! They are all a disgrace to hiphop. Hopson is wearing blue contacts, one dude doesn’t know if he’s a guy or girl, one dude I didn’t know if he was rappin are talking sounding like gucci, I mess with MGK, Roscoe dash you made 2 nice lil hooks and think hes a rapper.
    The female rapper iggy is trying to be a white Nikki M/ Eminem! They are garbage! I lost hella respect for XXL! Step your game up and get some real MC’s up there! The people are JOKES!

  • SEAN

    Hopsin should eat some dry ice. Like four pounds…

  • Eagle

    Hopsin killed it
    MGK was ight
    Roscoe…gosh no

    Future = go home
    Danny Borwn=smh but descent

  • Jaded Kearney

    Danny Brown killed it
    MGK killed it
    Roscoe Killed it
    Hopsin Killed it

    and future is mad fucking trash

  • alec

    hopsin always talks about how he hate every rapper smh he so repetitive

    • joshua reyes

      at least he aint str8 lying on his tracks

  • MOJO

    what happened to real hip hop…none of these clowns would last against method man or big L…but macklemore is doin somethin for the north west.

  • jamaal

    danny brown and mgk got it… hopsin is legit but his shit kinda gets old and roscoe is good but generic… at least french montana ain’t in here cuz his shit sucks

  • michael

    don trip is the only one that deserves that shit y’all lost all music cred putting hopsins wack ass along with all these other trash ass rappers ay for 2013 can i get on the cover it seems like you putting anybody on it

    • Trey

      Don Trip, wasn’t even that good, Hopsin, MGK, and Macklemore was the best.

    • joshua reyes

      ya see mike thts were ur rong the only good one on there is hop an he was jokin around an still shitted on everyone else there in my opinion hes the only good chose they made

  • shaka


  • Trey

    So, who’s the 10th freshman, because thats only nie. o.O

  • RAPnews


  • joshua reyes

    evryone suks except hopsin but common hop i no u were just clown cuz u no who ur were on the cypher wit but u still a beast



  • aaron

    hopsin was the best and rosco and mgk did aight but future and danny brown who the fuck are they?

  • Lace Up

    MGK killed it!!!

  • http://sdshdsjsj ehhsdh

    hopsin doe…too fye. and im not gunna lie, i liked roscoe’s flow, and mgk was fye too. but the rest. -.- the fag at the end pullin the race card while mgk standin right there with a bat in his gand, smh,,, now imagine if earl , phil ade ,and los were on there…wudda been over.

  • http://sagsag sagsd

    anyone else notice mgk stutter?

  • http://fsgfsa acethe creator

    how is that fag at the end gunna pull the race card with mgk standin right there with a bat in his hand?? smhhh

  • linxy boi’s twitter page

    I cannot thank you enough for the article post. Keep writing.

  • Noemi

    props to MGK…straight up killed the mic

  • Raplistener

    The only people in the freshmen class I listen to are Hopsin, Macklemore, Don Trip & MGK.. but wheres frenchie?? P.S Their songs are way better than the cyphers.. dont judge em by this cypher

  • Hiii Power!!! TDE

    Schoolboy Q should have been on this list with ASAP Rocky also

  • CjMakenMoves33

    Yall Stupid Future Can Rap, This Beat Was Outta His Comfort Zone, He’s A ATL Shawty Imagine Gucci Y.C, Or Waka Tryna Rap To This, It Also Would Be Lame!

  • Jared Doolittle

    Who the fuck voted fr half these rappers to even be a freshman… Ehh whos cares?? The only 2 i voted for made it, and they are Hopsin and MGK. All these other freshman suck. Really bad. Just look at Future. That’s the next “big thing”. Yeah right.

  • poopiecorn

    Hop killed it, him and mgk are the only good freshman this year, Earl Sweatshirt would’ve been to

  • Loso

    Roscoe is NOT a Freshman but he did iiight, Hopsin killed it, Future sucked terribly shame. MGK and DB were alright also.

  • Hafa

    Very informative article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

  • Woodz

    it was straight to me … hopsin kilt it !

    follow me on twitter @WoodzAJET


  • @iamtwa

    LOVE BOTH CYPHER’S VERY MUCH! Zero hate unlike others. =D

  • SHA3BudzZ

    HOSPIN and MGK!

  • Car Donate

    Awesome blog. Great.

  • J. Applewhite

    In all reality, the only one who did absolutely terrible is Future. He was way beyond whack. Danny Brown straight tore it up, and so did MGK. As for Hop and Roscoe, they were mediocre freestyles, but as an artist I know Hopsin is on a whole other level.

  • O.D.

    Hopsin and MGK killed it. Dash did better than I thought he would. Future of course sucked ass, he just looked like a drunken mess. And Danny Brown was kinda funny to me lol

  • Hip Hop

    Hopsin is by far better than everyone. MGK and Danny Brown are good rappers. Roscoe actually kinda surprised me. And why did future even show up?

    • Funkster

      soo true

  • timbawgg

    danny and mac da bitch it s so fucking wack ass hell

  • Funkster

    Everyone killed this except future they should of put Macklemore in there instead of future then the first part would of sounded way better than with future

  • Ricky

    Hop goes hard like them cold nipples! FUCK THE REST. Says the man next to me jesse cough cough

  • Phillips

    I only came here for Danny Brown.

  • Drobbie206

    Get Mike Stud on this shit!

  • OgServ

    Haha, people defending this shit? you guys are clowns! This is staring down a toilet bowl full of shit. Hopsin was the only one that went in hard. Trash ass magazine.
    I Fucks Wit Chip Tha Ripper! fuck all those lames

  • trey

    roscoe dash swagg is killin all them

  • CJ

    There were a lot better rappers they left off, roscoe isnt even a freshman? he has been out for years. and some wack rappers on this list props to hopsin MGK and kid ink. phil ade should be here and even webby

  • Mackdilla

    glad to see Hopsin on there Whoop Whoop !!!

  • G

    Compared to last year part 1 is WEAK. Nobody shined; nobody even put in the effort even make an attempt to.

  • mike

    To BAd your not from the east side? and they dont wear skinny jeans Chip Tha Ripper is the REAL EAST NIGGA

  • chris upshaw

    the fck yall talkin bout future be ripping he jst didnt go in on this dck ass niggas

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  • Shaun

    Chill Cause Danny Brown That nigga

  • M&m

    future f*cking sucks

  • king dick

    3:14 begins some wierd shit

  • earthlinginvadingmars

    Man, Future did NOT belong here.

  • Frank22

    Hopsin, MGK, went raw on this hoe, Roscoe dash dont seem like the Type to be one here, and Future just needs to go home and take a Nap, and I Honestly think Danny Brow went raw too, he has His own style of spitting bars and if u listen to his words It makes sense and He Killed It !!!!
    Replace me with Future and this Freshman Cypher would Be OFFICIAL!! – Lyricly Infected

  • OMEGA Black

    The beat was better than the “rappers”. I miss you, Hip Hop…

  • Banger Boys

    1. Hopsin – destroys as always. beat was a little too fast for him. He still got it.
    2. Roscoe – Didn’t realize he actually is a rapper. He held it down
    3. MGK – I think they made this beat for him. He did his thing
    4. Future – WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? He has buzz? Dude is so bad it’s embarrassing. He couldn’t even stay on beat.
    5. Danny Brown – Though dude is a taller, way weirder katt williams, he has talent. Never seen him until this but he has that x factor. look out for him

    • Free Mason

      he was the only one really freestyling thou i have 2 give him credit because of that. The rest wrote down and u can tell

  • Dee

    Danny Brown^^

  • Free Mason

    Wheres Lil B…. if u can have Future up there u should have lil b make a based rap

  • Jose

    all of you ar retarded , hopsin wrecks . and so does mack . kid ink is a chris brown knock off, future SUCKS ! i bet he listens to soulja bpoy and loves it ,fcking idiot . and stop down talking the female, she made to the class , and she wreckedd on her cypher

  • MentalGiant

    just stop at 2:39. problem solved

  • hiphopcritic1234

    hospin, mgk, and danny brown went in. roscoe was ok and i think future is one of the assest rappers i ever heard in my life. he sound like he been drinking since he was 4 yrs old

  • Marquis Perkins

    MACKLEMORE is GOD to you rap peasants/piss-ant ass niggas..
    Bow down & Pay Homeage

  • Lil Dimples

    They were all awesome, the only thing that spoilt it was the haters’ B.S on these comments. And for all you bitches who are saying MGK is shit, I have 4 words for y’all: LACE THE FUCK UP!

  • Twon

    never heard hopsin b4 but he murdered dat shyt

  • Majorie Yengo

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  • J_Sleazy

    Machine Gun Kelly is white trash, his rhymes are weak. No originality.
    Hopsin is corny & only famous because of a Tyler, The Creator diss track.
    Roscoe Dash was actually good, surprisingly.
    Danny Brown went off, no question. dude is fucking ill!

    • Chris Bailey


    • chase skrilla

      you cats dont listen to music do you cause you dont dog someone unless you got raps to back em

      • chase skrilla

        fuckin blogers

  • G

    anyone know what this instro is called???