The XXL 2012 Freshman Roundtable Discussion [Part. 1: Fame]

*Check back on Thursday (March 15) for part 2*

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  • Robbie

    Hopsin kept his head down the whole time and never said a word lol.

    • royce

      that’s because he blew up by making an odd future diss track.

      • Pri$e

        Damn, that’s really the reason? I knew of that but I thought maybe he had done a little more than that… That sucks, lol

      • Jake

        Just because thats when YOU discovered him doesnt mean the rest of the world discovered him because of that. ignorant fuck

  • Z

    Danny Brown WTF is up with your teeth

    • T

      he said nah hoe it’s perfect for lickin clits

      • Syko Solja

        Who gives a fuck about speaking professionally? Danny Brown was being true to himself & his background, so that means he was embarrassing himself? Gtfo. Everybody spoke like they normally speak, this ain’t no fucking suit & tie shit, this is Hip Hop.

  • asherjax

    danny brown was just embarrassing himself. kid ink looks like chris brown. the girl is pretty hot. maclemore by far carried himself, and spoke the most professionally out of everybody. just my thoughts



      • Eagle

        I agree that Dan Brown was embarassing but I think the group needs an outspoken person like that. Everyone else seemed kinda shy (especially mr. googly eyes)

        How u bold enough to wear white contact lenses but not speak up once?

  • Young 23

    Sounded like when Iggy was talking, no one was listening lol. Like just turn around and show us your ass lol.

  • zach

    This is the worst freshmen class ever. XXL isn’t helping the direction of hip hop. This is terrible, where is the talent, Chris Webby should be there, What is there too many white people there? Action bronson, XV, be real, this is a fucking joke, Kid Ink the day he sells 100,000 , msg me, because this ridicolous

    • wat

      Agreed with everything but the race comment. But yes, Action Bronson, XV, and ScHoolboy Q should’ve been on here over Don Trip, Kid Ink, Future, and Roscoe Dash.

      • Igotacos

        Now i dont kno, future deserves that spot. He might be trash, but his proficiency & output last year wuz rediculous. Hes like the lil b of this year, he may make crap music, but you gotta respect the mans hustle

        • Pri$e

          Gotta agree the lineup shoulda been different than what was there. Bronson is kinda at that point that he doesn’t need XXL for a name, he’s good without all that shit. I don’t really like Future but it is true that u gotta respect dude’s persistence. Same goes for Iggy. Not many agreed with Danny Brown but on sum RNS I do believe he was speakin that RNS. Mack gets my respect most of all cuz dude is focused.

          1 more thing: Sir Michael Rocks should have been there.

    • real talk slim

      Nigga did you just make that statment and the mention chris webby? WTF Man! That nigga is a wack as everybody else on the list this year. You know what I take that back, This list aint wack this year, It just wasn’t what we expected. Real talk I saw Iggy And Machinegun Kelly coming from a mile away. Everybody else Unexpected, Don Trip is solid after checking out his mix tape. I actually heard some lil wayne in his flow he probably wrote for him, Danny Brown is on some other shit but he is solid too, and I sware Rosco Dash was on the list back in ’09 or sum shit doesn’t that mean he flunked his freshmmen year? Fuck Future, and french montana. Hopsin is solid aswell, he been grinding hard for years .The problem with him is niggas dont know how to handle black artist who do gothic or dark music we say stuff like “thats some ol’ white boy shit.” But yall let Eminem get away with it and call him great but when Hopsin or Tech n9ne do it its some illumaniti/mason/devil worship shit. That is why Hip- hop is in the shape it is now cause niggas are to narrow minded to let the art form grow. Every body else on the list I havent heard of yet but I will give them a shot. Real Talk

  • Aaron Young

    waiting on hopsin to say something he may be the single best artist in the room along with macklemore

  • RAW

    Mane danny brown look and act like the new ODB lol but I like Don Trip on there cuz he put in a lot of work but I wish XV was there and some other true freshmans cuz roscoe dash album dropped already and one of their criterias was no album dropped but it is what it is.

  • Jake

    haha look at Hopsin hes like man all these wach ass mc’s need to shut the fuck up!

  • dre

    man didnt roscoe das come out like 2 yrs ago?

  • st

    Danny Brown is a hood ass nigga! lol he deserves to be on this cover. the man is 30 years old and has been rappin since he was 8! look it up

    • funky kong

      Straight up. Best rapper there

  • Maxwell

    Just cause you dont like there music doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the cover. I feel like alot of you forget that the freshman class is not necessarily about who YOU personally think are the dopest up and coming artists. if it was all 10 spots would be decided by the general publics vote Vs. having 1 spot decided bye the general public. It’s more about which up and coming artists have really built for themselves despite YOUR personal opinion of their music.
    in other words yeah Action Bronsen is way more fucking filthy than Kid Ink, but Action Bronsen has 430,000+views where as Kid Ink has 3,200,000+views

  • Maxwell

    Just cause you dont like there music doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the cover. I feel like alot of you forget that the freshman class is not necessarily about who YOU personally think are the dopest up and coming artists. if it was all 10 spots would be decided by the general publics vote Vs. having 1 spot decided bye the general public. It’s more about which up and coming artists have really built a buzz for themselves despite YOUR(&mine) personal opinion of their music.
    in other words yeah Action Bronsen is way more fucking filthy than Kid Ink, but Action Bronsen has 430,000+views where as Kid Ink has 3,200,000+views

    • wat

      Okay, that’s a good point and all… Except… Don Trip is entirely less famous than Action Bronson or ScHoolboy Q.

      • noushi_boi_uk_go

        lol word

      • Maxwell

        agreed.. and bye using Kid Ink and Action Bronson i was really just trying to give a theoretical example for the sake of arguing my point that we should all judge the cover by an artists Publicity and Buzz not just your(&Mine) personal opinions of which one is the dopest, more so than actually state who i think should or shouldn’t be on the cover

  • cnr

    iggy seem so chill

  • Hate me if you want but…

    Hopsin is too good to be in this room

  • jc

    Don Trip prolly the hottest on one on the couch. cmon now, for a mixtape, Guerilla was hot as fuck. these other freshman had some bullshit ass tracks out, maybe a single or two; and thats all. Don Trip dont even have a single, yet all you muhfuckas know who he is. I wonder why???

    • wat

      95% of people never heard of him before the cover came out…

  • charlesgrantxSMWT

    this shit just made me like Danny Brown even more.

    Hopsin is by far the most talented outa the group tho. no disrespect to any of em

  • Jrat

    Hopsin’s like, ” Why did I sit by this Danny Brown motherfucker..”

  • Clutch

    Why even hate on kid ink? Probably one the most likely to succeed out of them all.

    • Maxwell

      I wasn’t trying to hate on Kid Ink per say, and yeah i agree he most likely will gain the most pop success on a major commercial scale out of all them. However it’s just not the music i’m into. for me its just too much generic mass-appeal, and theres not anything real specific he gives people to relate to. it’s all just a false dream of how most people WISH they could live.
      However with all that said he’s buzzin’ like crazy and definitely deserved to make the cover.

  • jake

    where the f**k is kirko bangz

  • jake

    where the fk is kirko bangz

  • Lawrence

    Hopsin is the dopest artist there. I tried getting into Danny Brown’s music.. there’s no chance. I was never a fan of French. I have never heard of Iggy Azalea, until after the names of the Freshman were announced.. Chris Webby should’ve been on here. I’m hoping Earl Sweatshirt puts out some material this year, if so, he’ll definitely be on the cover next year.

  • xtina

    laffy taffy??? this chick is lame

    • wat

      She was saying that her version of fame is different since she grew up in Australia and they never had American stuff like Laffy Taffy. EDUCATE YOSELF, FOOL.

  • JDMMonster805

    Kid Ink Wheels Up Mixtape for me nuff said but Hopsin is a name that should just be out in the public by now too good for this list

  • Molefree

    Danny gets it.

  • noushi_boi_uk_go

    if kid ink drops more tunes like ‘keep it rollin’ then i’ll listen but the majority of his mixtape is make up of wack beats that take 20mins to produce and his lyrical content is pretty average, sayin that the kid has got potenial…

  • Forum sepakbola

    At least some bloggers can write. Thank you for this blog..

  • jay_go

    The most effective communicators deliver their message in a way that their audience will best receive it. Mass communicators deliver their message in a way that vast majority of their audience will receive it. Point is… there’s a lot of niggas out there with lyrics but what difference does that make it can’t get anyone to listen to them. No matter if you like or dislike the people XXL selected you have to respect their ability to make people listen to what they have to say. Someone said that Kid Ink only talks about a life most people WISH they had as if that somehow is an insult. When has being aspirational been a bad thing? I don’t want to listen to grimmy shit all day long. Some of us aren’t mad at everything and everyone all the damn time. Iggy Azalea has a song about Pussy. Not the most creative on concepts but you know what, I like pussy so I’m okay with that. There is no such thing as undiscovered talent. If you’re not hot there is a reason whether you want to admit or not. Like them or not all of these people are hot.

    • Maxwell

      if you actually read my comment thoroughly you’d see i that was trying to make that exact same point, that its not about your(&my) personal opinion of these artists music. its about there ability to build a buzz and actually stated that though Kid Ink’s music isn’t what i like personally, he is still well deserving of the cover.
      it wasn’t an insult my nigga. i think kid ink is good at what he does, but what he does is just not what i’m into when it comes to my personal opinion of hip-hop


    Thankfully some bloggers can write. My thanks for this writing…

  • Jonah Hex

    When Roscoe was talking, it sounded like he was going along with the beat

  • N

    Hopsin doesnt talk at all cuz all he wants to do is diss every one and he knows he’ll get his ass beat aha

  • Kid Arcade

    this years list should have had Earl Sweatshirt, Asap Rocky, K.i.D, Futeristic, Tyga, Kreayshawn, Hopsin, Machin Gun Kelly, Chevy Woods, and SchoolBoy Q not all basted on skill but this woulda made a better one then this one because it makes it look like they dident even try dont hate tht i put Kreayshawn on there i just tink shes better than Iggy aha and Chevy Woods and Tyga based on there hype the rest are all dope tho and shoulda made it.

  • Rocko Mac

    I was waiting for Hopsin to speak the whole time, i mean he is jih like the best out the whole group, but he was being too humble and i know he’s probably going to diss everyone out the list in his freestyle. CANT WAIT !!!

  • Thomas Reed

    Danny Brown Is The Truth So Is Hopsin MGK okay they the only 3 I like on the cover everybody else i dont really fuck with so XXL got 3 right…… Follow Me One Twitter @Throwedville

  • No Name

    why the hell is roscoe dash there? hes been around since 08 and they notice him now? chris webby casey veggies and earl sweatshirt shouldve been on the list. the only people who are good on this list is MGK Hopsin and Kid Ink.

  • ManTan

    This is the Wackest freshman line up.

    Shit Black Hippy (ShoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock), Asap Rocky, and Dom Kennedy, should of all been up! wack as XXL

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  • Dylon

    Machine gun kelly to Roscoe dash:”Take your glasses off it’s dark as fuck we ain’t outside”! lol

  • ka’lik

    i think dat french go hard nd future got sum gud hooks bt da rest of dem is wack hell nd rosce dash shouldnt even be on there he been out

  • chidorsey21

    s/o @ French Montana for grindin since 01! back n tha days, nigga finally gettin that recognition.. @real talk nigga do ya homework first slim! u trippin smh

  • Jay Bay Bay

    Future is the type of rapper hopsin disses ,

  • Lil Pint

    future spoke sum real words…

  • jon

    nigga danny brown reminds me old dirty bastard personality lol

  • FV

    Hopsin didnt say anything because he is so much more intelligent and talented then all of these people. Only other person I even respect on here is MGK.

  • Jiggy

    Ok Don Trip is real, i think he deserves to be on the list. Its not who should be off of it but who should be on it. Los, XV, Action Bronson, SchoolBoy Q, Dom K & Chip.

  • StankoniaPrince

    you niggas hate on danny brown but hes is the most lyrical out the group. i never even fucking heard of hopsin with his bell pepper nose ass! this whole class was weak AF where is Schoolboy and Fuckin Esquire , Where the real MC’s At . Step this shit up next year !

  • hagf

    Yonas should be up here… although i dnt kno if he’s a freshmen rapper

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  • shaelyn

    YONAS should def be on here. he’s got a steady following of fans and delivers motivational and positive music. His youtube videos have 3+million views combined. XXL would give him the push he needs to become famous

  • Reifer

    No offense but a lot of these comments here are kinda stupid. Let me explain…

    1. For all saying schoolboy Q, ab-soul, earl sweatshirt and action bronson (xv,los, etc). They haven’t dropped a debut ALBUM yet and JUST signed major deals that had them blow up this year and gain mainstream followings and are posed to be xxl 13 freshman cover (this coming from a huge black hippy fan since early 2011, when Kendrick was the only person people spoke of). I know, XXL 13 cover will possibly be one of the best since they started this in 07/08.

    2. Danny Brown is by far the most critically acclaimed artist on this cover (“XXX” was voted the best mix tape of the year of 2011 by many critics across the music industry). Point-blank-period.

    3. ASAP Rocky was supposed to be the headliner of this cover but simply didn’t care about it (which I’m not hating, he didnt need it) and never returned contact with XXL so they were forced to replace him.

    3. I def feel the YONAS fans but dude simply was no where near the fame of these people (granted, neither was Macklemore, Don Trip, or Iggy Azalea) last/this year. Unfortunately, its not about best, but most publicized. And of course, the list is never perfect.

    Simply, read the process of selecting the XXL Freshman covers. Its not as simple as just your favorite or old/ youngest rappers. They will also inform you why certain artists can’t make it due to scheduling conflicts, already released a major-debut album, or just don’t quite make it to the “top ten”. Casey Veggies and Schoolboy Q are examples of “not quite making it” for last year’s cover.