Uncle Ralph Speaks About His Legacy With Raven the Blazin Eurasian [VIDEO]

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  • http://www.wordsmithmusic.com Wordsmith

    Raven has blessed my music so I had to come and show support to her. Happy New Year and blessings for many more years to come Raven!

  • Egan

    Great interview!

  • Fred

    Great debut interview with The Legend “Uncle Ralph” McDaniels! It’s only a matter of time before all the Hip-Hop elite will be lining up for a chance to be “RAPPIN WITH RAVEN.” Congrats girl!!!

  • http://3psproductions.org David Tianga

    Raven is a natural. It seems like Uncle ralph was more her friend than her interviewee, He seemed relaxed and honest, this is not easy to do! She reminds me of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, all that was good about the beat and rhyme. But at the same time she asks the questions that are important in order to usher Hip hop into its next phase of evolution. I look forward to seeing more of her interviews.

  • Judy H.

    Raven, I think you are awesome! Keep up the great work! This is a great way to start the New Year and may you continue to succeed and may all your dreams come true!

  • Andrea H.

    Raven the Blazin Eurasian!!!! Congrats and much love to you! I’m so proud of you! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  • EmMcG

    Great Interview! Thanks!

  • Syd

    Great mix of hip hop history and personal stories. Looking forward to the next Raven interview!

  • Animal cub

    Excellent interview….took me back….keep them coming!

    Always good questions for these folks…I love it.

  • King

    i Love uncle Ralph…this is dope..

  • JimmyD39

    DOPE interview!!! I love Hip-Hop like a mother, and Ralph like her older brother. Lookin forward to more of these!

  • staHHr

    excellent interview Raven. Proud of you!!!

  • http://www.robertadammayer.com Photo Rob

    Uncle Ralph is the Man. His contribution to hip hop, and the preservation of the culture is undeniable. Congrats Raven, good stuff yo. Bless

  • Star

    Awesome!!! Uncle Ralph and video music box raised us…all praise to Raven. Show us the Method Man tattoo!!!

  • http://blu-bloggington.blogspot.com/ Nightfall

    An amazing way to start the run of Rapping w/ Raven. A pioneer and a legend gives a great interview. Looking forward to more Raven!!!!!!

  • Rocky

    Great interview, Raven! You’re a natural! Keep up the excellent work! Much love.

  • Uptown

    Great way to debut “Rappin with Raven”. I’ve been watching Raven for a long time now, she is one of the hardest working people I know and it’s going to pay off (this segment is a perfect example). If you want to rap with Raven, take a number and get in line because 2012 will be without a doubt the year of the RAVEN!

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  • Rufus

    Great interview, can’t wait to see more of Raven’s interviews!! Viva Hip Hop! Viva Raven!!

  • Hasan Salaam

    Great building session between two of my favorite true Hip-Hop peoples in the game! PEACE Unc and Raven!

  • Fabra

    Great interview. Congrats on interviewing your idol Raven!