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  • John

    No he doesn’t he just realized since coming home the game has changed and his broke and to make money now his gotta be cool with all these new guys i remember seeing an interview before he went in saying some names dissing them for being soft

    he has completely changed if you are a mobb deep fan you would know this already

  • mike

    yea you right, he dilusional

  • alderman j

    I doubt PRODIGY is broke!!! I bet prodigy can make in 1 show what you would make in 3 years!!!

  •!/Money_Kills $ KILL

    yea niggas are stupid, stop being fan boys, thinking rap is about being reckless and tough and shit, ya kids gotta understand that its like an instrument it’ll sound different depending on who’s playing it, and if your a real artist you would understand getting inspiration from every genre, end the trends nigga and get yea minds straight music is music, delusional fuck

  • ff1one

    Yo. WTF. Can somebody please tell me how dudes who diss any form of hip hop can be a fan of hip hop?

    Keep it real. you dudes are mad at the radio the lables and the buisness model of hip hop. Raekwon just dropped a new mixtape. How many of u downloaded posted it promoted it or even reviewed it?

    Keep it real. Hip hop is more diverse now then ever and you can easily access it. Its tru that the rugged hardcore golden era type hip hop isn’t displayed its represented but its out there…yall Ns dont support it.

    and all you do is complain about the current state of hip hop which funnels money back into the pockets of those who came before.

    • SMC

      Smart man

  • fashed

    i respect what he just said hot music is hot music whetheir it pop rock rap r&b

  • michelle

    I agree with Mike this guy is confused since he left high school.