Young Jeezy on Occupy Wall Street: “I Would Riot” [Video]

Yesterday (November 17) protestors celebrated the two-month anniversary of their Occupy Wall Street movement by marching on downtown New York City. Several thousand people participated in the event, which resulted in over 200 arrests and of course, clashes with the police.

On the eve of the release of his latest album, TM:103 ‘Hustlerz Ambition,’ XXL sat down with Young Jeezy to find out his opinion on OWS and its supporters’ fight against inequality.

“I would riot,” Jeezy said, cosigning the 99% (as the protestors refer to themselves), “because we gotta get the money out of Washington. This is real. When you got middle class people taking a stance—because we always took a stance by the way, we always stood in the middle of our projects, our ghetto, and took our stance and our stance was hustling, robbing, what have you, to suvive. So now they don’t have those same options, so they gotta go march.” [Watch above]

The Trap Star likened OWS to the Black rights movement.

“We as a people marched millions of times before, whether it was the Million Black Man March or whether we marched with Martin Luther King, we marched or whether it was Malcom X, we marched. And now is their time to march. They gotta go stand up for what they believe in. Stand tall like a tree. If it takes getting jailed and pepper sprayed, if that what it takes to feed your kids then fuck it, let’s do it. You gotta understand there’s no way around not being able to feed your family. So if it’s gonna take some protests—motherfuckers have protested about less, unions and busses and shit—so now is the time. I think everybody should take their ass down there. That’s what I say.”

Young Jeezy’s new album is set to hit stores on December 20. Stay tuned to next week for more from the Snowman. —XXL Staff

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  • Occupy Soap or Jail Cell

    OWS is nothing like the Civil Rights movement of the 60′s. The civil rights movement comparison is a fallacy just like the gay movement, they are both degenerate organizations who seek to capitalize off black people with legitimate grievances. Young Jeezy is just a stupid nigger who would have been outcast by blacks of the previous generation. I remember untalented bum back in XXLmag December 05 saying he was meant to give his life for hustlers in the same way Jesus was sacrificed. Young Jeezy is a lowlife like OWS.


      Looks like we found another one of Sandusky’s kids. He’s talking like he lost something. and b/c you’ve used this rhetoric….ummmm you’re JUST as much a lowlife. It’s hard being white, isn’t it? LMAO!!

      • You Parasite

        First, I am not white you dumbass and Second, to make light of those kids violated by Sandusky shows what a subhuman you are. I will say it again since you have heard it before; capitalism is what made all these delusional rapper rich. If I am the lowlife then what does that make the rapist and thieves out there in OWS? Heroes to you I am sure but then again deviants do not understand decency. Go Occupy some commonsense or get beaten up by a police officer.

        • malcymalc

          what the fuck are you talking about?rapists?theives?theres goddam city council members and school teachrs out there you prick, have some respect for the common man,and jeezy is right at least to some degree, but this isnt for just civil rights for a race of people, its rights for an entire class of people that makes up a large majority of the country,granted yes,capitalism does makes people/entertainers like young jeezy rich but then again he didnt fuck over anyone to really do so unlike these big business dickheads,you sound crazy talking wreckless like that

          • Guest

            But then again he didnt fuck over anyone to really do so unlike these big business dickheads? What about the people he sold drugs too? They are parents, children, and etc. Drug dealers are parasites. I know civil rights isn’t just reserved for race but those people on OWS are protesting the wrong people, they need to go after Obama who sending guns into Mexico or Nacy Pelosi who giving 900,000,000 grants to her brother for jobs that will benefit a select few. Those city council members are just as guilty as some in big business.

    • BR!NK

      You, my friend, are an idiot.

  • adrian smith birmingham england

    if you goin to riot do it for a reason, its no JOKE everthing around the world is fuck up big time, 2011 the year when people power took over.


    I agree with Jeezy. OWS is a movement necessary and in some ways it is as great as the Civil Rights Movement and in other ways it isn’t as good. However, understand its the 2 month aniversy in 2011 in the age of media manipulation and the internet. it gets bad press and yes it is not as organized BUT the meaning behind the movement and what it stands for is remarkable.

    In response to the less than smart comment. Yes, captilism is what rappers use to capitilize on their talents. However, the majority of rappers to a fualt give back to their people and to the econmny ie MC HAMMER.

    Those people may seem lazy BUT honestly alot of them have been found to have jobs and also be wealthy. I personally have a job in cooperate america and I love it yet I know that our country needs help. the middle class needs help.