Gangsta Boo: Kreayshawn is A Gimmick [Video]

Memphis Tennessee rapper Gangsta Boo appears on Yelawolf’s new album, Radioactive, on a song with Eminem, but when it comes to fellow white rapper Kreayshawn, the former Three 6 Mafia affiliate isn’t a fan.

In an interview with, Boo shared her disdain for the up-and-coming femcee.

“I don’t listen to Kreayshawn,” she said. “I’m really not feeling her.” [Watch above]

When asked why, GB listed her reasons.

“I think she’s a wigger,” Boo explained. “I think she looks like she came out the movie B.A.P.S.; like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don’t know if that’s how white girls do it in Oakland. I got to meet her personally to feel her out, to understand like, ‘OK, like, this is really this girl, like she ain’t a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she ain’t trying to be a black girl. That’s just her.’ So until I meet her I have a lil’ bitter taste in my mouth to her.

“To me it’s an act and it’s a gimmick but its not a funny one,” the Crunk rapstress added.

Fans will be able to hear Gangsta Boo come November 21. —Jesse Gissen with reporting by Jayson Rodriguez @JesseXXL @Jayhovawitness

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  • TGOD

    I dont know get people call eachother names like this, like if thats how someone grew up and there lifestyle why do you have to bring them down for that. Just because she white and little bit hood doesnt mean shit she still a person who the fuck cares if she white or black if you hood you hood and it dont matter what color yo skin is cause the ghetto dont give two shits bout dat.

    • HAHA

      HOOD???? Smh Hell naw!!!!

      Lil white girl runnig around saying nigga aint hood. That shit is just racist.

  • truth..

    oakland is wack, lil b, raiders, & that corny white bitch..

    • realtruth

      lil b is from berkley dumbass

      • truthh.

        then why does he say he’s from oakland in all of his songs? dumbass.

        • reldakidd

          no he doesnt dipshit

  • norcal

    gangsta boo ur a gimmick every rapper iz a gimmick,i cant remember 1 rapper who uses there real name ,NAS,JAY-Z ,TOO SHORT , SNOOP DOG , ALL gimmicks

    • ???

      Nas real name is Nas, but he doesnt use his real name??????????????????????????????????? please tell me your joking right

    • chilleymost

      um nas real name is nasir,,,,,nas for short,,,,,

    • yfw

      not using your real name doesnt make you a gimmick. And Nas’ real name is Nasir.

  • Really. . .

    The whole rap game is a gimmick.

  • Ktwod23

    Man…Foxy Brown really let herself go…

  • $yk




    WIGGER? Really? Now lets dissect these two words real quick wannabe/ nigger= wigger. A word started by racists. I find it highly amusing when a black person says that word toward a white person who is hood or perhaps an actual wannabe. Which is no different than callin another black person a nigger. But this is the same chick who was on a song with Eminem and Yela who get this term thrown at them a lot Im sure. I just lost what little respect I had for her, since she is one a hipocrite and two not as intelligent as I thought she originally was. Racism and ignorance continue to hold the human race back SMDH.

  • mutada mullah atari

    Man she’s the one that ran around with the “Triple 6 mafia”, who promoted Satanic ish on their records long before it the “illuminati” was in style, not to mention they helped usher in the “syrup” epidemic that now has kids age 14 thinking its cool to sip it in the same manner that Dre and Snoop promoted weed in the early 90′s. Then she says she’s a Christian and really did not mean any of the Satanic stuff that her and the crew use to rap about. I think she needs to look in the mirror before judging another female rapper.

  • Rick D.

    What a hating Bipolar confused ignorant sideways woman. I aint Loving Kreayshawn but Man this made me seriously doubt this girl.

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  • bullets

    KREAYSHAWN aint the best rapper but being “HOOD” is about where your from not your skin color Gangsta boo aint hood she’s ignorant! Nobody wears bamboo earings anymore thats precisely why Kreayshawn wears them its a fashion thing being original and all that. Thats just like these young dudes out here who diss old school nigas they dont want to here about biggie and pac but they want to wear throw back clothes! Its a shout out if anything I’m from BK but been to Cali its the same all over the world poor people that grow up together dont see skin color we all hood! and for the record I’ve never heard any record where she said the word Nigger thats that V-Nasty chick….

  • Impossibly Ignorant

    I’m ashamed of all the black people jumping down my bitch gangsta Boo throat… She is speaking her opinion(which she is entitled to)… Just like you self loathing buffoons feel the need to stand up and defend some simple ass inauthentic white girl who is emulating OUR(Black people) style; profiting off of it and you not getting a cut… She is not doing anything positive for the black community or our image so why are you up in arms when a black WOMAN all but says she is offended by it… I’m offended too… Gangsta Boo put in work for years and this sub par clownish little twit gets played all fucking day singing about what? NOTHING… She is a no nothing and so are the people detracting Gangsta Boo… She has been in this industry for a long time paid her dues… Got black balled by the people who she helped become successful… When you basically telling her is all you have to do is act like a hoodrat and you can get a record deal… DEAD!

    • Zach

      … why the fuck should black people get a cut from kreayshawn for emulating their style?? How many shares of “style” does the black community hold?? I don’t think white girl mob gives a fuck about what ya’ll think or believes that black people “invented” anything. They doin what they do, and Gangsta boo doin what she do. White girls are ghetto these days, they are a product of their environment just like black girls. We all are, so next time you judge how somebody acts blame the economy and school system. In Texas we have white girls that would make kreayshawn piss herself and make gangsta boo fall into the fetal position. Our bitches go hard then a mug down here, so lets assume this ghetto renaissance is happening everywhere and just let these kids be. They deserve to have some fun, and if they can make some money then fuck ya!

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  • j

    i dont understand why this raggedy skinny pale ass white girl even think that she is relavent in hip hop, i only heard about her because of rick ross beefing with her but i never heard or plan to hear her music.maybe wanna be blacks relate to her but i am a black man who really is black in and out and we dont have that white bitches calling us nigger. a real nigger will slap that trailer park bitch

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  • lilrizq

    while gangsta boo is calling her a gimmick, kreayshawn is almost getting arrested for occupying oakland. even uncle rush is riding wit kreay. what is gangster boo doing besides rocking blond white girl wigs????

    • Matth

      man, shut the hell up, Kreay ain’t doing shit for Oakland right now. She just reps it in hopes of getting “street cred”. It’s easy to say oakland this, oakland that, but in all reality she ain’t doing shit for all those people who are actually doing shit to fix the country. gtfo here.

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    First of all, kreayshawn is doin her, and out here in the bay, hoop earrings nd shit is in for these bitches, especially the white ones
    And lil b says he’s from berkeley in his songs dipshit.

  • learn to speak

    why would u axe them