Gangsta Boo Doesn’t Plan On Reuniting With Three 6 Mafia [Video]

Gangsta Boo isn’t scared of speaking her mind. Just yesterday (October 25) XXL posted a news story with the Memphis, Tennessee rapper calling Kreayshawn a gimmick and a wigger. Today, Gangsta Boo has some harsh words for her former crew, Three 6 Mafia.

When asked if she would ever reunite with Triple 6, Boo said, “Three 6 Reunion. I mean if they come at me and they got that check, I’m with it. Other than that its just like deuces. I don’t really have nothing to say to [DJ] Paul and Juicy [J]. I’m cool with Crunchy. I’m cool with Koopsta Knicca, I’m cool with Lord Infamous, I’m cool with Project Pat. But as far as Paul and Juicy, I don’t really fuck with them like that ’cause they don’t fuck with me like that. And it’s cool, I’m OK with that, hopefully they do they thing. I’m doing mine so hopefully they do theirs. You know people really ain’t feeling them right now but to each his own.”

As previously reported, GB appears on Yelawolf’s debut album, Radioactive, on a track also featuring rap superstar Eminen. Radioactive hits stores on November 21. —Jesse Gissen with reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

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  • 6 Minutz

    I think she should do it and the fans would be cool with it. Besides, she looks like she could use the dough.

    • Dancy

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  • cam


  • capone mob

    what the fuck is this hating ass bitch talking about? dj paul and juicy j still got it goin on. juicy j really broke out as a solo artist 2 yrs ago,and droped a near classic or classic album,hustle till i die. after that juicy has droped countless mixtapes with project pat,and has build a big buzz for himself,even wiz khalifa put juicy j on the black and yellow remix. and what has gangsta boo done? this is really the only big thing she has done in like 8 yrs jumpin on a popular major label artist album,and if it wasnt for three 6 yelawolf wouldnt even know who this bitch was. she needs to get back with three 6 for the fans and stop being selfish,and get a good lawyer and negotiate a better deal. she’s cool with project pat,she could start talking to 36 thru pat.that would be a good start. and im pretty sure she needs the money anyway.

    • Mem10

      dude stfu…you don’t know wtf u talkin bout..if you were from mem you would know how them niggaz crossed EVERYBODY in the fuckin group…

  • 013

    Annoying chick!

  • floridaborn

    lol im more worried about lord or koopsta, boo falls on the last of my list. get an interview with THEM niggas THATS what we wanna know.

  • Mem10

    They aint really hot right now? DJ Paul is getting the underground on lock and Juicy J is bigger now than he ever has been, in Memphis and everywhere else. Oh well..people gonna hate..

  • ibell1827

    Paul and Juice are some sellouts making cooking shows doing tracks with rock and rollers they suck now. i wouldn’t wipe my ass with a 3 6 album..and I was one their biggest fans. Lolipop/ that song was not tear da club up….

  • Keloke

    I honestly think that no matter how Dj Paul and Juice J went all the way on top of the game after winning an Oscar. But, trust me 3-6 mafia never gonna be the same, only if is the entire group. Come ooonnn Tear da club up, tear da club up… man those were good times. By the way same shit with Bone Thugs n Harmony.

  • Money Mitch

    The worst part about this whole thing is Paul and Juice really have the ability to put the entire city of memphis on the map!! If they hooked up with every rapper that WAS down with them from playa fly all the way up to t-rock the album would be crazy!! FUCK A 3 6 REUNION I WANT AN ENTIRE PROPHET POSSE REUNION!! Give me an album with lord infamous, playa fly, project pat and gangsta blac on the same song over some paul and juice beats then we’ll talk until then STFU!!

  • Triple 666

    1st off Triple 6 mafia was hot cuz of how many hot rappers in that group N that includes Gangsta Boo N la CHat but in reality this new rap sucks but its the new generations music so even if they came bak together it wouldnt be big cuz that style of music unfortuantely aint quote on quote whats hot nowadays and please believe me this generation of rap sucks nothing but actors in the booths 9 times out of 10 but hey 3 6 made history n she contributed to their success as a group that did it big once……as for the current three six mafia or dj paul and juicy j I def dont listen 2 em it aint the same no more they aint the guys with the darkside rhymes n them hot ass beats with them church bells n shit like that but hey thats just me tho…..oh Lord infamous still doing his thing still like he was in the 1990′s dont forget about him

  • Demetrius Tubbs

    Not only am I the chamber of commerce I’m also the statue of liberty.Go Boo