XXL Presents Lil Cease: Hardbody TV (Episode 5) [VIDEO]

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  • Elijah

    1 love my nigga keep it up

  • D.O.

    Keep doing you thing Cease. Question homie, I know you working out but do you still smoke???

  • http://www.Tvantennaperth.com.au Fred Caris

    Awesome video Dude……. I’ve enjoyed reading the movies. Watching the movies we do learn so many informative matters. Thanks for allocation :)

  • ML

    Good stuff XXL, Big up’s to Cease as well.


    @D.O. yeah family..i still smoke,but not like i use too… once or twice a day.. and i only drink on weekends… this workout shit is a lifestyle,it takes alot of discipline!! but it worth it… and thanks alot to everybody for supporting the movement.. im just tryna make difference on positive note anyway i could.. shouts to xxlmag.com for da platform… love u v!! appreciate yall #HB

  • http://defjam.com Terrence Hanton

    Cease Kicks Positive Knowledge For Today’s Youth…!

  • Eric

    cease and hardbody thanks for giving us smart workouts and healthy eating suggestions and watching how u handle being in shape and healthy eating makes us want 2 continue working for it thanks for the eposides but will they be any dvds?? and to @DO thanks for that question cause i like mary jane and wonder would that be a problem for the work out

  • kedordu

    really good shit ! the series is really dope. goes straight in the deep end with everything .

  • KarizJ

    Yo Cease, the knowledge you sharing is on point and necessary.

    Quick question: In addition to your diet, are there any other supplements you take to assist in gerneral and in allowing your body to recover from your workouts (i.e. aminos, glutamine, fat burners etc.?) I’m not sure if you shared such information already. If not, breakdown some of your suggestions for us and the specific supplement brands you use or recommend.