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  • smh

    if dmx wasnt an addct he would be inspiratnal…….ths is disappointing to watch

  • WtfWasThat

    wtf was that?

  • El Negro Picasso

    I co-Sign SMH ^^^^^^^ I’m a hug fan of DMX just not his habits but I still respect him as a man..what he eats dont make me shit! As long as he come out with that heat! That incredible energy! I’m gonna 4ever ride 4 him! Dog’s 4 life!

  • htyhty

    Wake up, DMX.. Wake up :/

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  • Viz

    what a shame one of hip hops iconic figures a crack head i mean wot the fck r u on about x i hope he wakes up n put out music he is know for sad 2 see

  • DMCrackheadX

    DMX is a washed up crackhead and this video is exhibit A. He prefers to spend more time with the crack pipe and in prison then his 10 kids.

  • Natty B


    All these bitch asses talking about how he is a crack head….
    Listen to his music, he’s better than Jay Z!

    Next Album is going to be a Hit!
    The realest and best artist out right now!
    The media cant keep a real man down!
    One Love!

  • monzaitalydmx

    dont believe to the media, X IS THE BEST RAP ARTIST ALIVE, he’s just too real 4 y’all,y’all still talkin’ shit ’bout him and don’t know shit ’bout what he has been trough,but if you prefer drake or bieber to him, well you’re officially A DICKHEAD,brainwashed by the media….and like he says : Y’ALL NIGGAZ WHISPER “X IS A CRACKHEAD”,…AIGHT FUCK IT, I WILL JUST CRACK HEADS!!!!much love for the dog,he helped me a lot with his songs ,X IS THE CHAMP OF HIP HOP,and by the way,all of this comes from an italian guy who loves REAL MUSIC,NOT THAT FAKE ASS BULLSHIT BITCH ASS SHITTY MUSIC of nowadays!!!