DMX Speaks on Lil B and His I’m Gay Album Title [VIDEO]

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  • Mark

    Classic Earl. Lol.

  • mike4282

    His response was priceless.

  • Cole World

    Dude seems cracked out.

  • savier

    cosign coleworld

    Yeah dude was mad yacked out! couldnt keep his jaw straight

  • sarah

    lol DMX cracks me up with the way he responded… Love him

  • M Riddim

    ahahahahah…DMX reaction was too REAL…I agree..the B must stand for B!tch

  • A.C. Says 10%

    Crack Man X Is Back In The Flesh!! LMFAO….Where Muh Dogs At!!! Arf! Arf!! What The Deal!?!

  • stellar

    Dude does NOT look sober

  • asher1985

    man dmx come back! he looks so cracked out.


    DAMNNNNNNNN!!! I know people that are on crack, and this guy is definitely on it. But the interview was mad funny, Lil B… Lil Bitch… haha

  • Face Phoenix

    I don’t think X will ever be the same. Just looking at him on this video and I can honestly say dude is done.

  • Swisha Cheef

    I Guess he lil bitch is trying to become the first gay rapper to go platinum cause he can’t be a gangsta cayse ain’t no real rapper gonna name they album I’m gay unless they in the closet .

  • Chris

    Lil bitch??!! O_O

  • Flex

    At least he wasn’t driving…Ha Ha!!!

  • zayzkidd


  • shitman

    “Lil B” “Lil BITCH?!” haha DMX is fuckin funny. he just needs to stop doin crack. leave that shit to Whitney and Bobby X!!

  • aq92

    haha I agree with everyone else. he is yacked outtta his mind!

  • DeeperThanRap

    There is power in the word

  • New’L

    DMX spazzed on b!! lmao!! The real is back!!! I dont give a fuck if homie is higher than whitney houston on pay day… he speaks more sense than every sober lil b fan. truly… nuff said.

  • FEMS Magazine

    DMX = black charlie sheen

  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    LMAO!!! Cocaine must be a hella of a drug!…. with all those gestures and face expressions I couldn’t stop thinking about tyrone biggums while watching this!!!!!

  • Wave Coulier

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • *Neiltwon*

    Lawdy didn’t they say Crack Killz?….Dude need to get off all the shit his ass is on!!

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  • http://facebook Cearly Lew

    I think that he is on drugs, im surprised he sittin in that ride gettin interviewed, but he still know gay anything goin straight to hell

  • Thomas

    LOL! Feel sort of bad for DMX at this point. Lil B is tight though and the album is good regardless of all the ‘controversy.’

  • Nino love

    the due just got out of an plane and he tired and sleepy and
    this jack ass in hes ear talking smack….haters yooo word up

  • Blind

    Damn DMX bruh..fuckin wit that shidd got u cluckin n
    “lil who, lil beat” lol

  • State

    X needs a new album getting at everyone and everything that did him worng in his eyes.. feel me…Shoot i will help produce it

  • Techn9cian

    I like what Lil B is doing, and he actually does have some good raps that I’ve found, but I love his reaction.