Machine Gun Kelly Schools Fellow White Rappers on the “10 Cracka Commandments”

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  • Bernard Shaw

    this is a perfect example of XXL mag tryin to make a star out of a kid who isn’t a star cause he has tats. His songs are all old bone knock offs with mystikal in em.

    Plus that hairline, damn i thought lebron was bad hahaha, your like 20, wtf?

  • K.I.D.

    how is this not racist??? i am white and don’t use the n word and i don’t think that calling me a cracker is any less racist than me using the N word

    • Wrong

      The N word and the C word both came from slavery. The N word is wat they called the slaves the C word is what the called they whip. Now wat do u think the expression Cracker means?

      • greenlite616

        Wrong the C word does not pertain to a white man holding a whip stop trying to make yourself feel better about being called a C WORD

        • Wrong again

          Cracker was the one who would whip the slaves dammit. And im black dum ass im saying that it cant be compared on the same level as Nigger. its like being called a rapist instead of the rape victim. tryin to call me out… fuck wrong with you

          • K.I.D.

            even worse, ok well since i am not a damn racist why would i wanna be called a cracker..whether or not it derived from the people who cracked whips….its just another form of racism that is “ok” because people don’t make a big deal about it…sometimes it’s funny how the ones who scream racism all the time use racist slurs themselves thinking it’s ok..done replying

        • bdub

          are you fucking stupid crack is the sound a whip makes you ignorant fuck so in turn a whip would be called a cracker dont put someone else down when ur dumbass dont even know what the fuck your talking about.. i blame our schools hahahahahaha

    • megulito

      this shit is racist as hell dont let anyone else tell you other wise some people like having a double standard.

      • R0R0WE

        I tried not 2 comment but he’s (MGK) is the one who used the word I don’t know what’s up with white’s trying to flip the script on us like we are being the more discriminatory ones. You know what! in the end everyone might as well be racist, shit! Everybody else complainin about the smallest shit!
        We ourselves rarely even trip off of the things you people blatantly call us and do to us lately. Why i don’t know.
        I ain’t sayin black people perfect and completely unbiased, but when it comes to being unbiased i think if anything we practice reverse racism more than anyone else. so it makes no sense for others to try to call us racist.
        Hell if it were true and we were like YOU then we would be better off as a people, because at least we’d know where we stand.

        • ***

          “you people”??!! lol

  • Hip Hop Addict

    This Guy Is Lame As Fuck… Lol At The Lebron Comment… Everything He Said Was True Though

  • Kylo

    MGK is a beast, XXL mag isn’t trying to make him a star. He’s been a movement for years, and of course now that he finally gets a deal people are gonna hate on him.. LACE UP!

  • D90

    there shouldnt be 10 kracker commandments… we all kno we shouldnt say the n word… there should jus be 2 RAP commandments… 1. be urslef… and 2.if u cant rap then dont


      1. How about don’t copy em

      2. Stop calling yourself Kracker

      • JC

        are you serious? you honestly think MGK sounds like em??? hahaha. u sir have never listened to a rap record.

        • AVENGER XL


          But you not understanding me and judging me on it is equally funny so hahahahaha

  • Cheezy Bell Custom

    You call this Racist but when u see ppl planking (White) its not FOH this shit is funny

  • Thugnificent

    HAHA MGK is fuckin hialrious man, been bumpin to this kid for a hella a long time. and all that shit he said applies to everybody aspiring to be a rapper no just only white rappers

    • karahboox18

      agreed ^^ LTFU

  • po

    wow this dude is weak… come check me out … a REAL white rapper bitches.. 1

    • 456

      dude, no one goes on myspace

  • Tiago

    One more gay for dirty rap scene. Ho! shit.

  • 567

    I have to agree with number one; there is too many aspiring hip hop artist labeling themselves ” white rapper”.

  • Zottapottamottakiz

    It’s 2011 for christsake!!! Why is the colour of your skin still an issue over there in the US? Anywhere else in the world you could be a rapper of any complexion or racial background and not have to explain yourself to nobody. And that was in the 80′s/90′s!!! Are americans still hurt over Vanilla ice or something? Move on already.

  • @RolandisMarquez

    why y’all criticizing homie for calling hisself a cracka.. Black ppl call theyselves nigga & it’s not a prollem so get off his dick about it

  • LilOne

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Godda*n it is so good to see an up and coming artist with common sense, intelligence, and a sense of humor. The V-Nasty commentary yesterday was smart, respectful, and funny without dissing anyone. This episode was just smart and funny. I hope that y’all recorded hours of this sh*t and plan to release an episode a day. I am admittedly a huge fan, but I also do a google search for blogs posting MGK stuff at least once a day, only ‘cuz I can’t wait to hear what he will come up with next. Refreshing as all hell. And not everybody who follows hip-hop is a hating MF who can’t stand to see somebody string a full sentence together. Keep it coming.

  • mark

    this dude is a joke I don’t see how anyone can listen to his music and think hes good? Half of his shit deosn’t rhyme and he has no flow but he raps fast and hes white soo hes good?

  • eddiesixes

    dont be a white gangsta rapper unless your name is Pyrexxx hahaha hes the only one i believe so far

  • smarter

    If you are white, dont rap. Go get a job that requires skill. You are taking jobs away from uneducated blacks.

    • greenllite616

      Your on a hip hop site and good chance you listen to hip hop so how smart are you hhhmmmmm??????? Why even waist your time?????

  • http://xxl feedtheneedy

    this puny lil mofo , get him a cheeseburger !!! trying to hard be hood.. and he just used the word swag !! no

  • dizzy

    10 Cracker commandments. WTF Those have nothing to do with white people. Black rappers shouldn’t say any of that fake trash either. I would rahter hear from Eminem.

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  • EuroSlick

    Don’t get tatted…..Nigga I can do whatever the fuck I want!! Ur sayin don’t do that white shit?? WEll you’re lookin retarded dog str8 like that gtfo here str8 like dat

  • fame

    this dude dont speak for all the white rappers i hope, he cant belive theres people taking this advice..This type of crap sets back white rappres twenty years…Its not even a discussion about race anymore, voice and mental capability have no color ,oh yeah the only commandment there should be for white rappers is dont let a 5percenta sign ya

  • Mikey F Baby

    He said swag. so… thanks

  • chillen

    this nerd got an “M” shaped hairline. shit is tuurrrible!!!

  • fame

    what i got out of this is supposedly black people look better with fucked up hair styles huh?and that to stay out of the projects so all blacks live in projects huh???dont say the n word thats sumthn u shouldnt have to tell anyone nas and krs i think covered that..?????and dont be a gangster??? but this guys name is based off of a white gun toting murderer…a gangster huh???what bout the rules he left out dont culture swag jack , all those flat brims long chains and sagged jeans came fom his neck of the woods i bet …follow ur own advice he put his foot in his mouth with this one..and one thing he said right was if u need his advice u shouldnt be rappin….

  • T-Bone

    TRUST ME! Like fuel, BEST SEX, I had! shit, made a Nigga, so damn HARD! I remeber, white girl, SPOKE, callin me damn Nigga! I bang that shit so DEEP DOWN GOOD, shit GOT Roots, that damn night! I knock, that shit outta that sweet pussy! liked sweet Black Stalion, I felt that shit, so GOOD! sweet pussy glide, like Plantation Buck Stallion! Like fuel, was, bang GOOD, Blonde pussy! callin my Damn Niggaz! Lil Sweet HONKY Bitch! Every Damn Angry Black Man, gotz Rootz!

  • Michael

    I am a “white rapper” i guess. I dont fuck with Kelly, nor should anyone give him the authority to make the rules about how “white rappers” should act…. Everything he said was of course the truth but ask ANYONE in this industry how white people should act in Hip-Hop, and they’d tell you basically the same shit as him, if not more clarified, better answers.

  • Me

    Are you for real? These guys arguing about the “C Word”? Don’t offend me at all! lol Crackas is crazy…

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  • 513BOY

    So because mgk is the son of some missionarys that traveled the world,and he grew up in the burbs means other white rappers could not be (gangster)?Just because mgk isn’t from the hood,slanged dope,been in and out of the legal system doesn’t mean that other white people or (white rappers) havn’t.It won’t be long before dude’s on youtube catching the beat down of his life from one of these so called white gangster wannabe’s.My name’s Adam,I live in cincinnati,ohio,I live in one of the worst hoods in ohio,and I’d knock mgk out for talking about somthing he knows nothing about.Come to Price Hill,westside of the Nati mgk.These white guys didn’t grow up in eygpt,germany,and move all over the world before landing in cleveland,ohio.They’ve been out here doing all the things your favorite rapper likes to pretend they do.