Kreayshawn Says Comparisons to Ke$ha Stem From Both Being White

Newcomer Kreayshawn hit the music scene just a couple of months ago with her viral hit “Gucci Gucci,” which prompted Columbia Records to sign her just last week. But the Oakland, California, rapper is already getting comparisons to other artists, especially pop-rocker Ke$ha.

“She’s cool,” Kreayshawn said about Ke$ha, adding that she believes the comparisons stem from both artists being White. “I wouldn’t compare myself to her, but she’s pretty sweet. I think people just compare something to something else just ’cause they don’t know what it is and they want to relate it to something like, ‘this is like Ke$ha.’ They don’t want to be like, ‘this is new. I never heard of it. It’s Kreayshawn. No, it’s just some shit we kinda heard before.’ Kreayshawn is Kreayshawn. People are gonna be like, ‘this reminds of Kreayshawn’ in a couple of months. I’m trying to work.”

Watch a clip of Kreayshawn speaking on the matter below.

Kreayshawn will release “Gucci Gucci” via digital retailers on Tuesday, June 14th, and is preparing her upcoming debut album due later this year.—Mariel Concepcion

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  • Nick

    hip hop is dead. Officially.

    • negrodamus

      dont act like you wouldnt bang her

      • D Money

        you damn right i would smash

        • Phil

          Yes I am very sexually attracted to her. Don’t really know what it is with girls with tattoos…

          • Beatdatthaaangup

            Hell yeah especially tattoos on hip n thighs. dam. but on the real her sht is made for lil white girls.

  • Hannya


  • NC

    its not because they are both white, its because they both suck

  • eddiesixes

    for some reason i want to smash hahahaha

  • francis nasim

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  • Escobar9300

    Can someone please call Eve to come ether all these fake bitches?

    • DV

      Eve fake her damn self. She went Hollywood right after her Scorpion album way back in 2001.

      • DR Jam

        Sad but true. Still, Eve is like DMX, if they re-focus and really give us that grind, they can own it like they used to, perhaps Eve more than DMX, because a) DMX’ topics and themes would need to change for if they remain they will outdated, he can be talking about the shit all over again; while Eve can pretty much address anything; b) There is less direct competition on Eve’s side.

  • Mark

    Internet hype at its finest.

    Kreayshawn getting signed is definitely one of the worst things to happen in music news so far this year.

    No talent.

  • sitdownhoe

    They are essentially the same thing. I heard this chicks single and I will say it’s way worse than Kesha. Kesha makes pop music that is big on the club scene. The record companies are taking a gamble on hipster rap because of the success of Fag B and Tyler the Juggalo. This chicks music cannot really be danced to because she doesn’t have catchy hooks and her rap is simplistic and very limited as far as story telling ability goes. Also nobody cares about Female rap Nicki Minaj is famous for being hot and because she fucks with Wayne and all her big songs are full of features from MALE ARTISTS!!!

  • francis nasim

    orugunal. i am

  • ms_spittuh


  • jono

    XXL, you cant justify covering this. FAIL! fuk you guys

  • swype-matic

    I’ve never heard of her until I clicked this link. And i still don’t know who she is.

  • love it

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  • meat hook

    white kids r gonna buy it so that’s why she got signed. one trick pony though, 6 months from now she’ll be on the back burner. no doubt. i’m just sad that she’s gettin this much attention.

  • Nunya

    What fuckin’ joke.

  • GIll,J

    its like this kids this days are not listening to music, but just seeing music. what i mean is that kids don’t care about the lyrics, they just care about who has swagger.

  • mattthagreat

    yeah she got appeal but she sucks

  • sexymama

    I Think its time Us women take over hiphop its a good look

    • latina babe

      You Know i wish talent meant something to the industry,but it seems it don’t!good look for women but she is not all that skill wise..

  • rocnation

    Columbia made a smart move.

  • Rob Reed

    she go hard wit that gucci gucci, but the rest of the songs i heard from her were luke warm at best, but if she stick wit that gucci gucci formuly she mignt be on 2 something….

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