How Do You Feel About Lauryn Hill Being Pregnant for the 6th Time?

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  • Carolina Boi

    Ya’ll are wack as f*ck for even asking people this question. Then it appears that you edited the film to your liking. Yo, it’s not like Lauryn is depending on Gov’t assistance… Jump off of her nuts, quick.

    • Jess America

      I second that!

  • pasthor goebbels

    idiots. her babies her are biz.

  • Lauryn Hill 4 life

    Shes producing kings and queens. If she could change hip hop with an hour of music. Just imagine the love she is able to put into these children. No good deed goes unnoticed. And every good deed makes the world a better place.

  • brand-new

    i feel the same way from when she had the rest of her children, don’t care.

  • Hannya

    Her biz so i could give a fuck. This is really news?! Really?!

  • fireforreal

    Lauryn can have 12 kids. Atleast there not going to be on that G.A. which I pay for others to have babies. She can support all her kids so fuck it. It’s not like she’s busy on her music or anything.

  • alyzamio


  • TripleBlackandBeautiful

    I do not see anything wrong with lauryn Hill having as many babies as she and Rohan are Blessed with…

    We in the Black community use to have families of 6, 7 or more children… We need to stop following others and do us… If The Most High sees fit to bless her then why not?!

  • maricarwens


  • donalynfei

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  • DR Jam

    As long as she’s health and the well being of her family remains positive, it’s nobody else business but hers, her husband, and the core family.

  • moreno

    She can do whatever she wants cos at the end of the day thats her pussy and life