Freddie Gibbs: Public Service Announcement Against Sexting

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  • Cmackel34

    What the fuck is with so many people caring about what Freddie Gibbs says? That interview the other day with him was terrible as well. He called out Big Sean for not being able to label his music. Suck a dick, Freddie. You broke bitch.

    • Dcrackle43

      freddies been on the map for the past 2 or 3 years…get over it hes blowing up and hes one of the most talented dudes in the business. dont be pissed calling out you’re favorite fag rappers (Big Sean, Lil B, Drake, Wale)

      • D90

        co sign

    • kushpaxx

      LOL wtf? dumbass did you even read what he said? he understands music unlike you apparently. big sean makes cheesy generic music and freddie is real hip hop. if you dont get that then shut the fuck up and leave bc your a brainless pussy.

    • JLB512

      bitch ass nigga. probably likes to sext dic pics w/ big sean & wale. tiny w/ glitter on it. get out of here you soft ass bitch, your a couple years late on big sean lol

      • Gary Representer

        u calling him a soft bitch ass nigga and implying he would send text pics to big sean and wale? GTFOH! LOL bet u wont say that shit to his face, he’d slap the monkey shit out of you.

    • Piffsburgh

      hahaha people care cause its the truth n gibbs is a straight up nigga who also funny as hell. N ya if you cant label your own music you gotta fuckin problem wit what your doin so big ups to gibbs on callin on the JOKES of the music industry. this nigga gonna be here for awhile speakin the truth and shittin all over your favorite rappers lyrically n prolly physically hahah

    • Dude’s right

      Ultimatley being a fan of anything is not cool. iBar’s got the antidote to fagdom, I mean fandom.

      iBar – iFan
      iBar – Smashing Skit



    • soowoo

      hahahaah ur a dumbass!!! people probably care what he has to say because hes the best in the game doing it! hes gonna take this game over…oh and big sean BLOWS

  • kobe berg

    The peeps that give a fuck what Gibbs says, are the peeps u actually give a fuck about good music.

    • kushgawd

      real shit.

  • alderman j

    one for the money two for the MOTHERFUCKING HATERS keep my name in the game/i keep 3 bad bitches for all my niggas raise your hands if you be feeling the same!!! FUCK THE WORLD!!!! – freddie “gangsta” gibbs NATIONAL ANTHEM

  • Freddie Is the Truth

    Freddie is the new the new generations Pac. Yeah i said it. Watch this cat blow up. Crazy flow and rhymes on point. Eat a dick haters.

  • Jay Cole

    only time we hear this nigga..he always gotta say something negative. pure hater

    • soowoo

      big difference between being REAL and being a hater..freddies the realest mc in the game

  • raw

    Freddie is the realest in the game. Y’all are brainwashed by these white dudes and uncle Tom’s at the major labels selling you coons and sambos left and right.

    Freddie is calling it like it is. Remove the wool from your eyes fuckin sheep.

    Freddie is carrying the torch of 2Pac and Pimp C.


    • dromilk

      yeah why do you think he has to say negative shit? because the industry is corrupt and the culture is watered down and hijacked by hipsters & faggot record execs. people that dont fuck w/ freddie gibbs are definitely some fuckin sheep. wake the fuck up and have some respect for hip hop. freddie gibbs is 2pac in 2011

  • Face Phoenix

    “Y’all some nasty motherfuckers.” – Quote of the Day
    “If you want to see this dick come see it in person!”
    - Quote of the Week

  • wa_stateofmind


  • B@nksy

    Alot of Freddie Gibbs dick riders on here. Its weird cus on hiphopdx their are alot of Freddie Gibbs haters.

    • what

      who the fuck on hip hop dx is hating on gibbs? most of his songs gets 4 to 5 point ratings.

  • Tug Boat

    This is funny as hell. Gangster getting America’s dicks on lock

  • SuperAnge

    Let’s be clear: Why the fuck is this nobody ass nigga always fucking hating on something or someone? He stay running his mouth. Isn’t he from the suburbs? He is not hard and he is not Pac. Bet you won’t hear his name within two years. Fuck this broke ass nigga. Funny how the nigga normally popping shit is usually the broker of two niggaz.

  • donalynfei

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  • vince

    “come get this dick in person”

  • favorite rappers favorite rapper

    freddie a dickridin mark,,he hated on lil b,he hated on big sean and look they all dropped albums,where you at wit it….exactly you signed with a another rapper who’s struggling with his own effort being released ..yeah i said it jeezy wont drop until rick ross is done dropping..big sean more awaited than 103..any nigga that disagree is a crip or a fake ass trapstar..we dont wanna hear that shit again..for another year same yeaaah’s and shit foh wit that bullshit jeezy

  • Herb Head

    shit is fucking comedy

  • fraweed

    why doesn’t anybody see the humor in this?

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