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  • brian pumper

    i want to fuck her in the mouth

    • APPLE 01 DOJ

      Me too!

      I want to fuck her in every hole and want to die from suffocation from her sitting on my face.

    • Raymond A

      hahahaha wtf wrong w yall lol

  • @officialJPRO

    shes my crush for life mayne

  • Nat Digga

    I made it my life goal to date this woman after I first saw Gucci Gucci.

    • Nalp

      She’s a lesbian.

      • http://facebook jennyd

        dude people stop hatting on her you guys actually have the nerve to right on hear and talk shit about her u guys sound really dumb!!! u guys r just hatting on her cuzz she has great music and she famous!!! and by the way if you don’t like her don’t right shit!!! u guys really think she cares what you guys think of her….dude shes got millions of people that got her back!!! >.<

        • hahawow

          Lmao whos hating on her?? dumb bitch.

        • Rah

          ur stupid as fuck get off her dick stupid bitch no1 sed nothn bad

  • tiny


  • trill

    this bitch is corny

  • lurkdat

    it’s craccin w/ 2 c’s cause thassssshowwedoitinthebaymayne. at 1:50 is where they go in……. SWISHERS over dutches any damn day. she so right about how you could wear all the swag shit & have no swag. she already know. ahhhhhhhhhh. wassssssuup w/ them red chucks? <3

    • Celi


  • Izzy Hilton

    I fuckin love her!

  • Chucky

    She is a retard and has no idea what the fuck she is talking about. Gucci Gucci is an awful song and completely reaffirms my belief that the world is getting dumber, and DUMBER.

    • Josh

      Lol listen to her other stuff. It makes her seem like stephen fucking hawking in this song. But yeah tight song, but shes dumb as hell.

  • true


    • cooolguy

      bumble clotttt

  • rozay

    her fukin song suks!!!! ughn

    • DHEAD

      hatin cuz u aint made it huh?? DAMN

  • mr southhimself

    the chick rap better then you fools who say she wack

    she sexxy as hell

  • Chris

    I feel sorry for you folks who are so obsessed with being “hard” that you forget that rap music can be fun, too. Girl makes fun tracks, let her do that.

  • yep

    She looks like her pussy stinks. But I’d eat it

  • Yoyo

    She sucks. She is at #74 at Amazon (Hip Hop chart. that’s bad! All that publicity. did not make the Billboard 200. people are not buying cuz her music sucks.

  • butcher206

    I had sex with her and she gave me genital warts

  • craz

    uhmmm im pretty sure shes straight dykin’ up the game. fo real

  • Jay Cole

    LOL @ her talkin about “basic music” on the radio when her 1st single is the CORNIEST shit ever.

    I’d fuck you still shorty..but kick u to the curb in the morninnnng

  • LUDA!

    It’s nice to see the pendulum of emotion towards this girl, from people that want to kill her to people who want to fuck her to death

  • bigern4eva

    she is cute but shes wack…..that childhood story was garbage, and who buys tobacco leafs by the yard to roll up lol?

  • freesp

    With extremely limited exceptions rap is for men. You even see this with Nicki Minaj quickly moving from solely being a rapper to now a pop rapper/singer. This chick is like the Avril Lavigne of the rap game, not talented but diffrent and cute but not overly in your face sexy like Nicki. makes it alot easier for your average looking girl to relate and something new for men to yank it to. Just drop the sextape and get the fuck out the game bitch because she actually makes me appreciate Nicki’s rapping and thats scary!!!

  • true dat

    Jamaicans suck dick!!
    ya mannnnnn fuck outta here!!!

  • Sara

    I’ll be honest, I really wanted to dislike this girl but I can’t! Her personality is refreshing, Gucci Gucci is catchy as hell, and she’s a sex bomb (helloooo new girl crush). Can’t wait to see where her future leads!

  • Sarita

    kreayshawn you are so fucking pretty i love you!!!! ever since i heard gucci gucci i fell in love with your music…keep doing what your doing and fuck haters!!

  • j

    how do u smoke n not know what is a fonto leaf?

  • Ben

    you are utterly fucking dumb. you contradicted yourself multiple times and i’m sure you lied and made up the story about the chucks, because you’re so well versed in what hood is which and what set reps where cause you want to be a “Bad BITCH from the bay that keeps it craccin”,, i bet you couldn’t even name one fucking player on the Oakland Raiders or A’s, btw which A/R’s dick did you suck? i can’t wait till your 15 minutes of fame is up, because what you’re pumping on youtube/twitter with your white girl mobb is BASIC FUCKING BULLSHIT. don’t get having haters and people actually fucking hating you confused. stop killing hip hop pleeeeaaaasee.

    • Britt

      I picked up on that lil fake hood image she tryna have too, bring her ass to my city she will get shut down people need to be who they are , this type of shit makes u fake as hell to people who kno real music

  • iMeow

    I fell in love with this girl the second I heard her song. She just got that swag and she’s so different. She aint no basic bitch :) Like, because of her I say “Meow” in like every sentence. Meow.
    <3 WhiteGirlMob
    (And I ain't even white lolololol)

  • kevincorcoranjr

    she’s so rad! so much style and originality, i dig it. good singles for summer too!

  • Nunya

    She don’t look that fine to me.

  • http://facebook jennyd

    i fucking love this “bad bitch” ;D <3

  • whitegirlmab

    hahaha bumble clotttt omg im dying

  • whitegirlmab

    & what does coming from oakland have to do with knowing every player on the raiders? not everyone is obsessed with football you cunt bitch (ben). get out of here if you dont like her besides shes the one who is signed and making money AND YOUR STILL A FUCKING LOSER THAT NO ONE KNOWS EXSISTS OR CARES ABOUT. late

    • ben

      lmao “white girl mab” if youre gonna claim to be an OAKLAND city representer and where raiders snap backs/ripped shirts you better be able to name a fucking player on the team at least, and signed for how long “cunt bitch” hahahahahha watch this cunt one and done like the rest of em. U mad? U must be. hahahahah i just feel the need to express my FACTS. LATES

  • Raymond A

    i would loveeee to work with her!

  • MUAH

    I dont get it O_o

  • lolkreayshawn

    “She took a dollar from me.” God damn she’s funny.

  • J

    I’ve followed this girl ever since she put out bumpin bumpin, and love her. Everybody talking shit about her needs to fuck off. So what if she’s not the most lyrical. Not everyone has to be Rakim. Her music is meant just to vibe and have fun to. People need to stop being so serious. SMH

  • 707

    thats a Bad bitch! Freakin Hot!


    She is the shit!!!! I hope she’s a lesbian cause that bitch is fuckin hottt!!!!!♥♥ Kreayshawn♥


    MAN people are fuckin haters!!!!!

  • DR Jam

    MTV has her nominated for best new artist. When I saw that, I was like what?! That’s MTV for ya.

  • V-Nasty

    GUcci Gucci Gucci

  • breeze1717


  • Specks

    I’d fuck her in the ass