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  • T

    Fuck Lil B. XXL is losing so much credit for following that guy.

  • KiNGPiN

    LIL B IS A FAGGOT FUCK HIM!!!! why do people listen to his crap SMFH

    • Nardwuar

      It’s funny how all the homophobes are all pissed because he named his album “I’m Gay”. Y’all act like he is going to molest you or something. Why would you care? Homophobes are more pu$sy than gays because they are afraid of them

  • Kyd Chyllen

    You guys are fucking retarded. LIL’B KNOWS HOW TO MARKET HIS SHIT ! He’s almost close to making a million ALL BY HIMSELF. Stop sleeping on his shit ! He’s actually good when he want’s to be. He has some serious songs, it’s just that he’s having fun with his career right now.

    • swype-matic

      Hahaha, ya’ll Lil’ B fans are hilarious, and delusional. Yea, I can admit Lil’ B is (finally) starting to have songs with better content, but that still doesn’t excuse having one of the worst flows in rap. I mean, Nas could write DJ Khaled’s lyrics, but he’ll still sound like shit. Plus, when 15 out of the 5000 songs Lil’ B has have better content, or are “positive”, that really doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  • DaeDae

    “I’m Gay” going to be album of year can’t wait

    • the1uluv2hate

      I doubt that, I seriously doubt that.

      • goinHAM

        im witchu on this 1. in my opinion album of the year is gonna be “MMG” “Self Made Vol.1″

  • PAT

    he has the name im gay cuz he says itll b contraversial but if he wants it to b he has ta have contravertial material not just bullshit and fake music

  • ROBD916

    the title doesnt surprise me, if he really wanted to schock people he would change it to “Im strait”

  • Donte

    fhe is so fucking wack he is not good when i hear lil b or souja boy i get offended and i get to the point where i think i serious want to kill these niggas…….. Seriously,

  • william

    he just wants attention.. and his gonna flop im 98 % sure…. but the worse s that his gonna be known as the faggot that did the gay album … hahaa what a joke

  • No Name

    I don’t give much of a shit, but is tasteless to do something like that just to push records. It’ll most likely suck anyway regardless of what it’s called because it’s a Lil’ B album. Period.

  • C.J.

    If he would had been gay i would had listened to it but i won’t now knowing he’s not now.

  • Shawty J

    He named the album “I’m Gay” because he knew that it would garner media attention. As someone who just doesn’t see the appeal of Lil’ B, I wouldn’t listen to it regardless of the title.

  • Mob Hollows

    it’s a good concept to an extent. but i think only the few die hard fans, and the actual gays will buy this. no-one wants to go through the check out lane and hear over the loud-speaker “we need a price check on the I’m Gay album!” or just be cruisin’ wit ya homies and they be like “What’s this?” and you respond “I’m Gay”. i mean, i like a few lil b tracks, but name the album “F*CK YOU” or “Anal Sluts 9″ or something instead. whatever tho, no disrespect to him, but it’s just not something i would do.

  • cuzzijjj

    lil b is a fucking genius. he got exactly what he wanted. theres no such thing as bad publicity…hes a marketing machine

    • truelyricist

      are you fucking kidding me? that man is a bitch. he does shit that just makes me seem like more of a faggot. he is famous for being hated, not hated for being famous.

  • the1uluv2hate

    It doesn’t matter what its called, he’s a terrible rapper. He’s only making money because of you idiots that listen to his crappy shit that he, and XXL, call music. He can’t flow, his beats are terrible, and the fact that he’s marketing a cd entitled I’m Gay, but then just saying he’s happy…that’s whack.

    • http://none danny

      no, actually u are the fucking idiot for not realizing that he is a genius. he is satirizing the current state of “rap” culture. all his songs have been complete jokes but he knew how pathetic listeners are that his songs would blow up anyways. he is basically playing everybody

  • DNN

    Freak boy getting his man ate up all crazy! lol

  • Nana

    Wtf? Just because your gay doesn’t mean you speak like that and have to move around like that when you talk. Where the fuck did yous get that dude with the sideburns and glasses.

    When he said you can probably tell from his “voice and mannerisms” that he’s gay I was like WTF is this. WTH.

  • Scratch

    Who cares what his album is called, He can’t rap so why feed in to the false hype !!!??1

  • Matt

    perfect album title cuz Lil B SUCKS DICK.

  • ibrahim009

    he got his ass handed to him by mysonne a bws rapper and he got knocked THE FUCK OUT (christ tucker voice) by a guy called lil nico…if you dont belive me type it in youtube there is an actuall video lmao

  • truelyricist

    See now i don’t care what the fuck a album is called. to be honest, the doesn’t mean anything to what the music is going to be like at all…. but lil b sucks so im not going to listen to it anyway.. this just makes me think he is that much bigger of a tool

  • tbfanss

    un less this dude is really gay he should not use that title, he is just trying to get attention, if we ignore it, it will go away.

  • hiphophead

    i’d buy a sean p album called “im gay”

  • ola

    How can he flop? Seems to me he doesn’t care about money that much.

  • tefdon

    THE MAN MEANS HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clyde Torres

    Anyone that has listened to his music, already knew he was gay. Whats the big deal?

  • j

    shits gay wtf you think?

  • http://whothefuckcares astashasta1

    i love u lil b playin the game-U CAN FUCK MY BITCH BASEDGOD

  • tay staxx

    first off shout out to the based god….all you hatein ass niggas kno nothin when was the last time yo fav raper put out a book more than 50 pages and sold…..i bangz dat bitch mob…pretty bitch top chef b.a.t.s. based ass tay staxxx

  • martini

    Buju said it best:BOOM BYE BYE INNA BATTY BWOY HEAD!!!!!!!!!

  • 11KAP

    lol if he wants to make fun of homos that way, that’s on him. it’s silly, but i bet a rack of them will buy the album just because he is exploiting them anyway.

  • D.DOT

    That nigga trash ass FUCK…………..

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