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  • WhiteAbe

    Hey guys,

    I’m a white college student. What is E-40 talking about in this vid? I figured one of you black kids with tattoos on their necks, pants on the floor, stickers on your hat, could elucidate for me. I’m sure it’s some sideways shit which you kids think is cool, while I’m out here getting educated and earning six figures because that’s cool to white people. Sorry if this comes across as racist, I’m just speaking the truth.

    • BlackAbe

      WhiteAbe, if i ever see you walking around, i swear to lord i would stab your ignorant ass till the medical bill costs up to six fucking figures. You fucking punk

    • BlakTy

      he uses the glasses to fool police so they think he a square, nd therefore dont mess whit him.

    • cracker killer

      white abe,u white muthafucka just like a devil u will always be bitch! Bank account deeez nuts hillbillie.

    • SreyKhmai213

      Baby, talkin about he a college student but den say….he earns 6 figures….LMFCAO…..FUK OUTTA HERE…..IF U EARNIN 6 FIGURES….Y DA FUK IS U ON HERE TALKIN DAT HOTT MESS…..HOMEBOY! GET STOOPID ON HIS FACE….

    • Miracle

      Really dude you sorry if it sounds racist? You don’t give a fuck you Neo-Nazis motherfucker. I wonder do you pay for college at all? Since I do and I realistically don’t make six figures I was wonder how is life as a rich punk bitch?

    • http://XXL Yo Cee aka the 420 kid

      White Abe im guessing your some broke ass kid with nothing better to do then be racist, im brown make 6 figures $120000 a year to be exact, uneducated, tattoos on my neck and my whole body and yes i keep the sticker on my new era’s and hell yeah im looking like a fool with my pants on the ground! Im 33 years old and this is my life… i live it the way i want too and ill guarantee im happier then you and thats cool to us colored folk!


    Hey truth speaker, don’t concern yourself with what grown folks are talking about. If you listen close, your the game goofy he was talking about. As for the other, it’s not for you.
    I’m just speaking the truth.

  • WhiteAbe

    Thanks BlackAbe and Tuned2it for proving my points. BlackAbe was incapable of rebutting my comments and resorted immediately to violence. Tuned is showing that crime and stupidity is cool by saying that E-40 was talking “grown folk” stuff and that I’m goofy for living a successful life instead of a filthy, shitty one. Wow, this is disappointing. I guess I need to spend more time volunteering at inner city schools to fix this shit.

    • Mr. 306

      Yo i’m white too and you need to shut the fuck up Whiteabe. the fact that you waste your time commenting here tells me you dont make 6 figures, and are probably just a racist who’s had a run in or two with some black people. if you dont understand what E-40 is talking about then fuck off, cause its not directed at you, your education should’ve made you more prepared for the views of others.

    • BeefDog

      WhiteAbe it’s fucking white pussy’s like you that cause all the prejudice us other white guys suffer from in the hip-hop community. So go listen to some Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber and don’t listen to great rappers like E-40 till you’re mature enough to understand good music.

  • bayareaboss

    WhiteAbe E-40 would hire you to be his butler what do you mean he is way more successful than you would ever be since he owns several restaurants.. I doubt you do… for the game goofy folk he do it so the rollers just pass him by…

  • ZachD101

    He wears the glasses so game goofy ass fools thinks that hes a supposed “Guy going to college and looks like a White Man with PROPER SPEECH” with them nerdy fucking glasses while he was out on the block slanging and hustlin, thats why he said a “throw off method” lol. WhiteAbe you sound like a fucking racist im white and I knew what E-40 meant the first time i watched this you dumbass . I guess you just gotta be raised up in the hood to get what hes saying you prolly just some little suburban rich bitch who stuck on “little folk” shit cuz yo mama and daddy gave yo ass everything thats what e-40 means “Grown Folk” making his own $$$$$$$.

  • WhiteAbe

    It’s great that E-40 got lucky and earned a good amount of money when cd’s still sold. He hopefully invested well and has more money than most people will ever have. However, that means nothing for the vast majority of black folks who think his former lifestyle is cool and will never even have a bank account.

    • Stuckfresh

      Dude!! If you are all that why are you on a black site going back and forth with “black people” lol! There are educated and uneducated people of all racist!! So what your saying is a joke and so is your mother!!

  • AV

    40 water dont need glasses to see, shit he dont even need eyes. He operates on pure pimpin.

    • bay boy

      hell yeah

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  • wisethought

    WhiteAbe is on some ignorant shit. Here is why. His comment was intended to stir up and attack. This behavior is passed down from other white racists that WhiteAbe was raised around and/or others he learned from and also embraced. He’s using college philosophy to break it down. Alot of white college kids think exactly about us what he said. (…just began college about a year ago…in my late 30′s…I could tell some of them were always on the verge or did exose their racist-ness in their questions to the professor in class or their pretend ignorance in a class situation when you had somethng intelligent to add to the mix…) Im quite sure they have full discussions about us while listening to rap, JEALOUS that they arent as inqenious and creative as we are…LOL. We will meet fools like this as long as white folks exist.
    Im from the streets…og, college educated, life educated and common sense educated sista.

    As far as the music goes… I love E-40 music!!!!!!!! And the game he spits.

    • dropgemz

      This is the best response I have heard so far. Keep going educated Sista !!! ( =

    • bay boy

      im white, and i just want to say that we’re not all like that. i agree though, because i see that shit to. i call those faggots on that shit all the time. racism is stupidity bottom line. besides all that, i been knockin forty since i was twelve. and ima bout to be thirty.

  • White Curly

    where was my comment

  • http://xxl 40water619

    Had to throw in my 2 cents… WhiteAbe, the reason ppl “resort” to violence instead of answering your question(comment) is because you and your point of view is ignorant. So why not get ignorant (violent) right back. It appears there is no changing your mind so at least if you get your ass whooped you would prolly think twice before opening your ignorant ass mouth.


  • http://xxl 40water619

    and 40 helped raise me with his “game”… in my eyes, he can do no wrong. All you game goofy hoes(WhiteAbe) keep it movin cuz this ain’t for you.

  • Robb

    White abe probably isn’t white probably some bored dummy wanting to internet beef lmao

  • francis nasim


  • francis nasim

    bring back bac 2 bac slappers lik gravity


    White abe is the typical white person yall. Not a cool urban one. He can’t help how he feels or why he feels it. His daddy prob put him through college and or he is a trust fund baby….if 6 figs is even half way remotely accurate. Reaching out or commenting on his backwards intellect only gives him the fuel he needs. While he is on xxl looking at the “black” eye candy he is prob in love with he has to comment on us. Why only he knows. Prob to get a rise. IM WONDERING IF THEY TAUGHT HIM WHAT IGNORANCE MEANS IN THE IVY LEAGUE WORLD? Im guessing not. He prob trickin on a big booty black girl off of backpage right now. Lmao. And what is 6 figs anyways. Most dope selling corner folk makin more than 6 figs these days. Step your game up bra. Hustlers dont have recession idiot, job type folks do. So who is really the idiot????

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  • LYF2418

    Im black….very well educated…not in college anymore…own my own house…im only 23…its sad to see that people are still so ignorant…call others ignorant but being that way themselves…world full of hypocritical people….and they don’t even know what they do…whiteab is really ignorant…books only teach you so much….you can be very book smart and really know nothing..then he said he wants to fix things…another dumb ass thing to say…no one is going to listen to someone that openly disrespects people…thats like the preacher killing someone…who is going to believe anything he says after that…if you want change do it the right way…or shut up if you don’t know how