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Best of XXL

  • wack

    Wack too much like cory gunz and eminem. Kendrick and cyhi the best on the list

    • matt

      too much like eminem? im pretty sure that isnt a bad thing considering he is arguably the greatest rapper ever.

      • Ro

        This guy sounds nothing like Cory Gunz, or Em. Only thing he has incommon with Em is hes white. With Cory Gunz, maybe the speedy flow? (but umm nah) …….

        Em “arguably the greatest rapper ever” Em, Could never be “the greatest rapper every” too much of a Gimmick, with all his wack and corny songs.

        • oldmanraps

          This kid is brilliant. By referencing Em and Gunz, you’re just showing how little you know about rap history. Yela borrows from many outside influences, but he incorporates them in a way that is undeniably original, especially as far as the mainstream rap world is concerned.

        • Kylo

          Yelawolf go hard, he good. Em’s wack songs? Maybe in 2010 i can agree wit that, but his old shit, like infinite hot as shit. He still good as fuck now too. everybody in this freshman class deserves bein in it for one reason or another.

  • T

    I don’t understand where this deep accent comes from. He talks perfectly normal but when he raps, he’s suddenly a hillbilly?

    • George

      There’s no rule about using accents in rap. Look at what Nicki Minaj is doing.

      As long as it sounds good, who cares if he’s faking an accent?

    • Streetdreama

      That accent is what makes it so much better…..Many people already criticize southern people for their accent. Why not use it as an advantage and a big F U to those who don’t like it. I call it genius, because not everyone talks like that.

      • Beast

        Yela using an accent is jus representing where he’s from. It’s kinda like paying homage to his roots and never forgetting what makes him who he is. There’s many artist that do accents on the mic but don’t use them everyday. It’s not a fake accent because many ppl once had it and some grow out of it especially if there not around others who talk like that all the time. If you lived around ppl from the south for four or more years straight and thats all you heard there would be some words that you would say in an accent but once your away from it you’ll be back the way you were before.

  • Streetdreama

    *not everyone from alabama talks like that.

    • marcus


  • Jumbi

    I think it is incredible. I like how the hip hop artis is fast rapping.

  • J3n9o

    Man that shit was dope, 4get the haters. hes the nexy best thing and he gets love from all sides all coast get the damn album b4 u judge it… i got it and loved it, wait for the yelawolf tech n9ne callabo

  • J

    Cant wait to hear his verse on tech n9ne’s “world wide choppers”

  • quest_hate

    this ain’t even fucking rapping. are these bullshit freestyles just going to get worse as the days go by?

    • whiteboyfresh

      hatin ass dude. theres a reason why hes touring country and your hatin on him sittin your couch somewhere makin scraps!

  • Marcus

    wack?! Lmao too much like cory gunz first of all not at all and cory gunz is wack as fuck lol. Why are you saying he is acting like eminem just bc he is white haha what a bitch stfu get your shit straight man he raps for shady. For all of you haterz you fucking killed this much respect yelawolf!

    • http://www.xxlmag ncq

      stop hatn i think he is 1 of da best freshmen on da list- n yall no it yall jus talkn down on him cuz he white. bt dat dnt mean he tryna b like eminem, give him a chance

  • Young Lagie

    Yo Yela is da truth! fuck all the bull shit… true his voice dose resemble Em’s but his content is on some other shit… true he does spit fast like Gunz but hell Busta spits fast, Twista spits fast, D.O.D. spits fast. Y dont yall compare him to them too??? I mean I’m pretty satisfied wit the list this year! Even Lil’ B gettin it in this year… So gudd job XXL! 100

  • realhiphop1991

    Yelawolf goes hard. talks about all real ass shit. he dont have to fake it like most rappers these days. he got big off bein himself unlike 98% the rappers these days. you cant hate on this dude for bein real can you?

  • Mista Play Boy

    i think the dude is dope. something new to the game and hopefully it works out for him.

  • D

    Brah.. fire. listen to what tha mann say.. real shit an orginal

  • anderson

    everyone uses accents look at ozzy ozbourne u cant hear shit in real life but when he sings you hear every word

  • Nyak

    I like YellaWolf I think its cool how he is signed to Em’s label and yeah they all look real good on the cover of XXL this month. I am gonna go get a copy! I liked the Dre issue too!

  • Anthony

    He’s from Gadsden, Alabama you idiots. That’s why he has that southern accent.

  • luis

    shouts out to slaughterhouse

  • cmosa

    I’m gonna agree with everyone else. If you are comparing yelawolf to eminem, you’re either not listening, or your just on some white boy shit. and yea this freestyle was super fast, but it’s not like that’s all he can do – the bet cyper just for one example. to me yela is the most exciting thing happenin right now, very excited for radioactive.

  • WOW

    More like Bubba Sparks

  • frankie

    yelawolf had the best one so far real talk!!!

  • Light

    Ya need me on here.!


    YO he put that shit wack is stupid cant compare cory gunz or eminem all totally different styles alabama accent really puts it in this some totally new that i heard thats what im gonna say

  • Jay

    @realhiphop1991, i completely agree. just cause the dude is his own person and sticks to his own lane doesnt mke him wack. listen to his words in his songs, you’ll see

  • The Baum

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  • shadytalez

    i wish all freestyle had vids like this haha

  • shakky

    first time actually listening to yelawolf. Def interested good!

  • mav

    i see alot of stannin goin on up there… i cant believe any would compare him to gunz cory killin this nigga hes not lyrical his fast rapping is kinda impressive but he aint sayin shit really and twista krayzie bone and tech nine r way better than this dude he might sell but hes mad overratted yall stop givin him all these props…mac miller is even way better than this dude

  • shela

    ===—ITS FREE—===


    yela a beast n all u hatas betta watch cuz he risin like yeast peace