Meek Millz’s 2011 Freshman Class Freestyle

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  • KiDCaps

    ok flow, i’m waitin for Big K.R.I.T. and Cyhi Da Prynce freestyles

  • DavySupafly

    this has been the best freestyle released yet, but I think we all know K.R.I.T. is gonna take it all plus tha mothafuckin kitchen sink.

  • Anthony

    cmon now kdot had the best

  • d


  • Q

    flow was horrible…


    i like meek mill dis dude has potiental to be one of da greatest but i feel like dis freestyle isnt da best coming from meek because i kno dis guy knows how to jus rip sht but its not bad..

  • Dayshaun

    Best thing comming out of philly since State Property and his name is rameek miller not robert williams

    • Philly’s Baddest

      his name is Robert Rahmeek Williams see how much you know

  • Graph

    all of the freestyles have been cool ( Not adding lil B he is Trash ) But Fred and K.r.i.t going to kill it. And Fred May have the best one.

    Away Team

  • kay

    Pssh, jesus christ…. I expect something like this from a random ass high school student who just smoked a jay and is freestyling/fucking around for fun. Nothing special whatsoever. Better than Lil B. Not touching Kendrick, Yela, or Diggy Simmons… but of course those guys aren’t “hood” enough for the average hip hop fan so they won’t get the respect they deserve.

  • Dead President

    yo i aint hatin, but some o my niggas spit better than all these cats wat so special bout these dudes im yet 2 really see wat so dope 4real

    • J.STYLES

      so are they where they at…na it someting yo friends gotta do cause my friends good too including me but i dont claim we messin with them cause we not on yet…get me

      • mav

        you probably cant spit at all if u sayin that tthis dude is average as hell id say im better than all these dudes for real krit and kendrick fire but thats about it and b4 u hate click my name


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  • K-Cohiba

    Meek’s A Talented Artist, I Think He Could Go Harder Than He Did Though.

  • matt

    this is def not the best yet.. kendrick is on top.. cyhi is prib gonna have the best of them all

  • Infamous Tray

    I heard Better

  • Sosevir

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  • Hakeem

    This nigga Meek MiLL the truth!!!!! Im looking forward to hearing some soulful ish from Meek!!!

  • The Baum

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  • shakky`

    between youand krit! ay doe I heard meek on power 99 and it was micheal jackson”s wanna be startin somethin’ beat! It was crazy! I have never heard anything like it! mixtapes are crazy,very talented, talented man! Anticipating his reign

  • Stim4Short

    Meek is a force. This wasn’t his best. But we all know he got mad talent. Im not sayin dat he’s the best in the class, but dont sleep on him either.

  • shela

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  • genny

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