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Best of XXL

  • JDub519

    Wow. That’s all I can say to that.

  • Kimber

    Kendrick snaps, without a doubt he is the best lyricist in the class of 2011. People need to pay more attention to him. Once that project him and J.Cole are working on drops it’s game over.

  • T

    The random ass video effects takes away from the freestyle…

    • dope93x

      true! but the freestyle was fire nonetheless

    • NikeCheck1212

      I feel as if the effects make it that much better. Gives it that dark feel to match his lyrics. Plus the glass breaking at the end was genius. Had to play it back 3 times.

  • http://whysothick.tumbler Mr Simms

    This shit is sick!!!! Kendrick is that nigga. Epic!

  • Sourman

    @kimber big krit is way more lyrical then he is

    • sb nikes

      yea right dude just stfu..krit more lyrical then kendrick…laughable..kendrick is more lyrical & all around better


    just picked up the freshmen of 11′ issue this afternoon and to keep it funky i picked this up after bumpin into this video yesterday and hearin my dude kendrick lamar spit and murder this shit, look my nigga up man cuz my nigga got quality music that touch the soul, it aint a east or west thing, IF U NICE, U NICE!!! cant wait for that project wit j cole to drop, HIP HOP AINT DEAD!!!!!!

  • quest_hate

    these doo doo freestyles are making me feel worse about the freshman class than I already did. This acapella sounds like eli porter tryna do loaded lux. come the fuck on for real nigga

    • sb nikes

      u have to be the most IGNORANT simple nigga on earth to say anything about him other tha he is headed for all-time great status…wtf

  • Moses

    Black Hippy. Kendrick Lamar doing his thing.

  • Eric Bedell

    soft… XV got robbed not being on this list

  • XV WHO?

    instead of cryin about who got robbed and who deserves the 11′ freshman title, look my nigga up 1st and listen to his music, if ya gonna bitch, bitch about lil bs bum ass bein on that cover, and OJ the juicman bein on last years cover…i say take lil b wack ass out and put XV in if anything but XV could NEVER replace my nigga k dot

  • Sweetz

    I wish nigggas would shut the fuck up about lame ass XV breh. Kendrick is light years ahead of that faggit.

  • J-Sayne

    Seriously, lil B sounds like he has down syndrome or some shit. Kendrick Lamar is nice, so let him be because none of these other niggaz on the list can see him with rhymes. XV did get robbed though..

  • Gettndatgwap

    First time i heard him rap always hear his name ! He got some fire! However Meek Mill to me is nice too !

  • Nana

    Lol XXL on that Adobe After Effects shit.

  • Boss

    “more wreckless than a paisa driving witout a license” dam that was sick. Thats a Cali thing right there.

  • Skoot.L.Moreno

    K.Dot is that Truth repping that Westcoast to the fullest!!he’s the dopest and realest Mc on the list..lyrically he’s a out.. Black Hippy taking over!!!

  • rah

    Tooooo Sickkk.

  • The Baum

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  • XV didnt get robbed

    XV has been in the game since 2006… dont really count as a freshman mah niggas

  • lildice

    dammn kendrick lamar that dude he the only one that stands out for me all round good talent fuck what other bitches say

  • Yeezytaughtme

    kendrick laid down the best freestyles of the class hands down

    • http://www.xxlmag ncq

      i agree his freestyles are the best and he’s the best freshmen

  • d

    whats that chain he always has with him?

  • shakky

    Hell yeah! WESTSIDE!!!!!!!!! ay im from cleveland doe, lmao!

  • ragz

    he killed it forreal

  • shar

    1. he rapp way to fast for me to even comprehend so i had to listen to it twice before i could even get his lyrics
    2. wy doesnt he look up it takes away from his delivery
    3. this is my first time hearing him and he definitely makes me want to check him out. but he could’ve made the list nex year, he has some work todo

    • moreno

      gucci mane is easy to comprehend, check him out. he raps for slow niccas

  • mav

    this is dope but i hope this aint dude style cuz you cant sell records rappin like that

    • mav

      oh shiit dude from compton???..that just made this shit like 3 times iller he could help bring the west back usually them niggas cant really rap

  • kendrick lamar


  • alyzamio