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  • ML

    Haha, Jay Rock was nervous or something. Tech did his thing, but he can go way harder than that.

  • indagame

    hell yea! this is tight. jay rock and strange

  • random

    dude this aint a tech freestyle he did an interview and rapd the SAME shit. very dissapointed tech.

    • aaaa

      xxl called it a freestyle not tech


    Tech N9ne wrecks it as always. An honor to work for his street team in Dallas, even more of an honor to have kicked it with him personally.
    We gotta do it again soon. One of the most humble , fan loyal artists, and people I have ever met.

  • Bromotion

    I’ve always known that Jay Rock was amazing but.. When I heard this freestyle I got BLOWN AWAY!! Short, fast, but STRANGE material!!! ALL DAY ALL NIGHT! So happy to have him in the family!


    Another reason Tech is the greatest Rapper alive.
    Have the honor of working street team in Dallas for him, had the greatest honor of bein able to kick it with him after Fire and Ice tour. One of the most humble people/artists i’ve ever had the priviledge of meeting. STRAAAANGE.

  • Stamina

    This isnt a tech n9ne freestyle!! Sum of Artist freestyle & sum dont! No Disrespect!!

  • Stamina

    This isnt a tech n9ne freestyle!! Sum of Artist freestyle & sum dont! No Disrespect!!

  • Bromotion

    @”random” Tech doesnt freestyle too much, it ain’t him, that’s why he did it like that… Sorry n shit, but stop bitch-hatin

  • TalK-SiC

    Well to be fair, Tech, your stage show IS the shit haha. It’s not like you’re not spitting that ill shit though, I mean if somebody said my shit was “monster” I’d take that as a compliment. And adding Jay Rock to the Strange roster is what’s up, that’s a great name to have on the #1 Independent rap label in the world, bringin’ some of that Cali flavor.

    See you in Worcester, MA near the end of October. TECH TECH N9NE N9NE!

  • Kaleb

    I could follow it with lyrical hollow tips that are contradictingly full of marvelous bars of this/gotta be spiritually linked an mentally distinct to understand the harm in this/ I started way back tellin em about management and I’m still under the mountains tryna earn cash like accountants to keep countin and let em know it was luck when I landed it/from DUB V to KC I land on this page /an Jay Rock was a solid addition I must say/an as the metaphors sink in later as you think/

  • cahupp85


  • http://yahoo mike

    showin love to the greatest rapper on earth. TECH N9NE. KCMO ROLL

  • CNotez

    Tech Nizzel cant be stoped….he doing his thing and wrecking shit up on the industry Punks…..Buy the Collabos Cd and you can get freaky bitchs to take dem colthes off

  • Lil Lew’

    Tech N9ne (almost) the best rapper alive. stay in the bizz and get sum more artists to strange music!

  • Scr3wLoos3

    Tech is the shyzer! More freestyles please!

  • oats

    …..dayuumm….tech iz da baddest in the game,..he’z my numba 1 rapper,..real talk !i!…

  • mei.


  • George Kirov

    TECH has said this before: he doesn’t do freestyles! He spits rhymes, but he never freestyles!

    From Big Scoob’s verse on “Asshole”: “But I don’t freestyle, and waste rhymes like half of ya. I’m still spectacular, it’s just a different vernacular.”

    • Sasha Martian Milivojevich

      Uhmm, that was a Big Scoob verse of the song…The Tech’s part was on VladTV as a freestyle wit KrizzKaliko… The fact that he can’t freestyle is right, i heard it in some interview which means he confessed himself…

  • Blaise

    Thats Techs verse off “Asshole”