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  • Da

    Game, those were not real pushups

  • HLo

    C/S how the fuck is that a press up, nigga hardly moving


    this needs to be re-done…both them niggaz were doiin some bullshit ass push-ups…

  • J.6oo

    Wot kinda Nikes are the ones that white guys wearin?

  • Kenny D

    You don’t really get a work out if ya go that fast. And Game was actually doing a harder set of push ups. But still, Game wasn’t really going all the way down on his push up, so I have to say Chris wins.

  • curtis jackson

    game will mirk u

  • Clever

    Game that is not Push-ups, neither one was doing a actual push-up, they suck, if they where actually doing real push-ups, they wouldn’t make it to 10 less on 20. What a joke.

  • Beautiful

    I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • D90

    since when can u do a push up without un-bendin ur arms? lmfao both of em need 2 step they shit up lol