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  • BeastMode247

    IDK why this guy is, hes straight though. But straight up if All Star or Cyhi Da Prynce arent on here than this site dont know what the fuck they talkin about. REAL TALK

  • stop

    they had to show you the side of his face cause nobody knows who the fuck he is am i lying everyone else they made it pitch black.foreal doe nipsey hussle is the only good freshman so far and maybe wiz

    • DonStrapz

      Its clearly kendrick lamar, an theres plenty of rookies on the scene who got us talkin.. Kenrick, Fashawn, J.Cole, Nipsey,

  • jimmy

    this mofo got some funny head and maybe he does need a hook from tpain and a beat from kanye to help give him a bigger buzz. but stii i think fashwan a good choice

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  • Harry

    How fucking ignorant are you.
    its fashawn who dropped the best hip hop debut since illmatic last year.
    whatchu talkin bout willis

  • nick

    Skyzoo? Fashawn? Elzhi? Pill is clearly the rookie of the south…. either way, I have a feeling the lyrics are on a comeback this decade. look out for Dismathis too

  • Donte

    this is all i have to say J.COLE BETTER BE ON THIS FUCKING LIST BEST OUT EVERYBODY RIGHT NOW i saw how yall played him in yalls new issue the warm up was the best mix-tape of 09 and the come up is the greatest mix-tape of all time

  • Lil’s

    FASHAWN!!! Ayo this dude gonna do big things! One Shot One Kill Mixtape was ill, yall gotta get up on dude

  • beaver

    fashawn u dumb fuckks..

    dope as hell..great albumm

  • SilvabacK The Beast

    Yoooo JAY ELECTRONICA better be on the list or I’m boycotting XXL he’s got the hottest song thus far this year wit Exibit C the hottest spiritual lyrical MC since Nas Jay Electronica remember the name!!!!

  • MAV

    he was aight if u aint known you should be spittin flame though and idk this dude 6/10


    Fashawn is dope!!yall need to stop hatin and listen to this kat he is the TRUTH some real Hip-Hop for u Punks!!!!

  • Jay

    yo fash is ill!!! check out boy meets world, by far best hip hop album of the year. Word up this dudes gonna break hip-hop back to a good place. real rap. peace