XXL’s Freshmen 2010, A New Breed of Hustlers [VIDEO #10]

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  • 619

    Jay Rock killed it. Him, Nipsey and Fashawn in the Freshman top 10, the West is well represented.

  • http://youtube.com/jrockstrikesback rocky

    all 10 of these niggaz need to quit

  • MadBrooke

    West West in the buliding!

  • Knotez

    Fashawn, Nipsey Hussle & Jay Rock?? The West if definetly Reppin this Year… although i dont agree wit some of the Niggas listed this year… To be Honest Jay Rock and Wiz Khalifa Been out since 08 and i really dont think the shouldve been incorperated with freshmen this year.. im from the west coast and im sayin that not hatin.. and OJ Da Juiceman?? I dont even have to say NE thing else on that subject… SMH XXL.. the 3 that shouldve replaced them shouldve been.. Chip Tha Ripper, XV & Pac Div as the first Group to be put on the freshman cover… who feel me on that??? I honestly never heard Donnis or Pill so i Cant really Discredit them.. But Freddie Gibbs verse for this Video was nice.. J. Cole , Nipsey, Big Sean and Fashawn all truly deserved it for there grind in the past year.. big fan of all of em.. but ill give XXL a 7 out of 10 for there list this year.. i couldve been better than what it is.. OJ Da Juiceman 4real doe??? i wouldve took Wacka Floka over him… SMH..

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^^ agree with that nigga everything he said was right. xxl chose half of these niggas based on street cred i feel. they wanted a more hood list this year, which i htink is bullshit. they called last years people “nerdy” well i mean c’mon xxl any smart person would take “nerdy” over the retardness that is oj the juiceman(jus saying that nigga could be a lil slow). the rest are understandible choices and maybe plus niki minaj. drake isn’t a freshman, he was mentioned as an exchange student in the mid year report last year.and you would think xxl woulda learned from that mistake(y’all didnt pick the most successful one!!!!) but i guess not. if oj made it

  • http://xxlmag.com erik

    wow yo xv will kill half this list this is not rap or reall hip hop this website is a joke jay rock ha wow oj wow yo mutha fuckas need to learn that this is wats killing hip hop and then they want it to get better shit ill rather see xv up there not cuz ima fan but because hes bin trying harder then half these cat you dont promote reall hip hop ya promote fake hip hop

  • Anonymous

    yeah all this and not to mention OJ is not a freshman!!!! he has already been on an xxl cover!!!! he is as much of a freshman as Shawty LO. that spot just doesnt make sense xxl is just putting ppl on that they are kissing oj’s ass for some reaosn

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  • myspace.com/xfacta334 check it out

    i’m cool with 8 out of the 10 but OJ da Juiceman shouldn’t be on there he was on the cover last july with gucci soulja boy and shawty lo AND he lost his buzz soon after and disappered in august. Yea he was hot in june(3 songs on the radio, song with r. kelly and video with jadakiss) but it was a rap after that(he reappeard the Feb 1st. With The Orange Mixtape with DJ Drama) AND he suck. Then there Donnis, he cool and all but how you gonna put a unknown guy that nobody seem to have heard of(not even in the south and he rom ATL) and that you JUST had in the Show And Prove Section LAST MONTH(Jan./Feb. Issue Gucci Mane Cover) on the cover as one of the top freshman(guess His New Deal with ATLANTIC bought him a spot). One of Them Spots Should have when to XV(he was on the orginal freshman 10 2010 list) and the other spot should go to ANYBODY but Juiceman. C’mon XXL YOU NEED TO DO BETTER. 9 out 10 will get play from me.

    One Of Them 2014 Freshman Spots WILL Be Mine. PROMISE THAT.

  • YouCRAZY

    YALL niggas stupid for not putting XV on this list. There’s some good dudes on this list like j cole, wiz, big sean, but XV has more potential than all of em. As a music artist, hes more versatile than all of them. All he needs is some exposure and XXL is gonna pick OJ over this dude. Thats some bullshit right there. Does anyone know good music when they hear it anymore????

  • myspace.com/xfacta334 check it out


    Whats Funny About What You Said Is The FACT That XV Was On The ORIGINAL List. They Took XV Off And Put OJ On. SMH x 1000. That Dont Make ANY Sense. Is XV Signed Anywhere? Cause The Labels Must Be Buyin Some Of These Niggaz Spots.

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  • reyes

    XXL hip-hop on a lower level. How did they pick this freshman class? I hadn’t really heard of most of the guys on the list so i went and downloaded a couple tracks from each of the artist and 80% of it was garbage maybe i just got the wrong tracks but if their really that good most of the tracks should be bangers. I really cant believe they didn’t have XV on there whats going on? i admit complex was kinda weak but square in a circle,everybody’s nobody and the 30 minute layover are crazy that is where hip-hop needs to be not with the likes of OJ the juiceman(i thought i was looking at a fake list when i seen his name on there) Do the people at XXL have something against XV? I really hope thats the case because not to have XV on your radar when your supposed to be a hip-hop magazine is just insane.

  • cnut duquesne,pa

    wiz khalifa reps pittsburgh do ur thing and yado from dipset with cam had 1 of the best mixtapes in years dj drama boss of all boss 2.west coast needs to step up finally some ok rappers its been a while u get 1 or 2 every ten years.so it sould be an honor

  • West L.A. Tay

    OJ da Juiceman???? XXL are you fuc’n serious?

    Anyhow, Nipsey, Jay Rock, and Fashawn make me a proud “West Coaster.” I believe in spitting from the heart…spitting whats real and not necessarily what you think people want to hear and Nipsey & Jay Rock do that shit. Being as though they are freshmen’s they are still learning and if they dont fall victim to bubblegum rap we will see some classic shit from them.