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  • Avenger XL

    A lot more than everyone and slaughterhouse total sales on all of there albums and mixtapes combined.

  • murK

    ey XXL, the vid ain’t working.

  • 619

    1:30; that’s Hector Camacho Jr.

  • Admin

    It works, just takes a hot sec to load.


    For some reason Ive never really gravitated towards jayz. Yes he is a legend and his one of the best? but in my opinion he had his time and he will always stay at the same level he has been at for years now… I Mean I hate to bring pac and big into this but when those gentlemen put out cds those cds were very very very different from there lasts ones. jay z ‘s cds sound all the same. same girl shit girl clothes same girl items mentioned in every verse… bottom line I guess I aint a Jay z fan… and yes he will probly sell alot of units but for the main stay fans hes just another brick in the wall

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  • vidal

    find a socity to xxl video

  • ashaun

    south we in the house jay it si over

  • Mr. Chukwuemeka I. Onyeagucha

    Hello Mr. Jazzy. Just wanna thank you for making me a full- time Music Artist. For making me holy. {Mecca}; just like the holy land. I am very grateful. I Love to your lady, your fans, and last but not the least yourself for being Inspiration to my life, my siblings’, and the community. God bless.

  • http://snnkwo man