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  • Jewel

    “Don’t let him just give you hard dick and bubble gum, make him buy you the lex bubble 2001 HUN!”- Jay-Z

  • Nefarious

    the song “allure” on the black album

  • Prince Caesar

    I swear it’s doe or die, I hope ya soul provides you with an after life/close ya casket tight/take ya last 2 deep breaths and pass the mic/ to Jay-Z nigga/ thaaats riiight!

  • Phresh Oxford

    “While I’m watchin’ every nigga watchin’ me closely/My shit is butter for the bread, they wanna toast me/I keep my head, both of them, where they supposed to be/Hoes’ll get you sidetracked, and clapped from close feet/I don’t sleep, I’m tired………”

  • Tator

    Where’d yall find al those lame New Yorkers???? Black chick with the blue & turquiose is sly-way hating too.

    Backed up & clapped him/1 in the abdomen/ Do me a favor dude, 2 ice cubes I passed him/ Take that ice up to the nicest MC/ And please yo tell BIG he’s unbelievable, Friend or Foe biaaatch

    Check how Jay referenced BIG’s line from “Unbelievable”:

    Get ready to die/ Tell God I said hi/ And throw down some ice to the nicest MC/ Niggas know my steelo I’m unbelievable

    Very Clever.

  • z

    Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street
    Only wife of mines is a life of crime
    And since, life’s a bitch in mini-skirts and big chests
    How can I not flirt with death

  • smokiewight

    “…our punks leave you fucked up in your car/
    slumped kennedy-style with your memory out.”

    —from ja rule’s “it’s murda” with dmx.

  • KevOunce

    bite ur tongue for no one, and wuteva is said/ take it how they want, a closed mouth don’t get fed — Anything

    meanwhile had Oprah chillin in the projects, had her out in bed-sty chillin on the steps/ drinking quater waters i gotta be the best/ MJ at summer jam, Obama on the text/ ya’ll should be afraid of what i’m gonna do next/ OMG!!!

  • eric parker

    2 gunz right over left thats how i cross examin


    Jay Z like cake mix watch me rise

  • ev E

    And now you got these young cats acting like they slung cats
    All in they dumb rap, talking about how they funds stack
    When I see them in the street, I don’t see none of that
    Damn playboy, where the fuck is the hummer at?
    Where is all the ice with all the platinum under that?
    Those ain’t rolex diamonds, what the fuck you done to that?
    Y’all rapping-ass niggas, y’all funny to me
    Selling records, being you but still you want to be me
    I guess for every buck you make it’s like a hundred for me
    And still you running around thinking you got something on me
    But I done did it

  • jae

    to kill a nigga is nothing to make a nigga die breathing now u saying something

  • Venom

    How could you falter, when you the rock of Gibraltar/I had to get off the boat so I can walk on water/ this ain’t no tall order this is nothin to me/ DIFFICULT TAKES A DAY, IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A WEEK/

  • HER_Lover

    match wits with the best of yall/the rest of yall is like vegetables in my presence/check it

  • J.Quigley

    At 10 pounds when i was born i didn’t give her no pain
    Although through the years i gave her her fair share
    I gave her her first real scare
    I made up for birth when i got here
    She knows my purpose wasn’t purpose
    I ain’t perfect i care
    But i feel worthless cause my shirts wasn’t matchin my gear
    Now i’m just scratchin the surface cause what’s burried under there
    Was a kid torn apart once his pop disappeared
    I went to school got good grades could behave when i wanted
    But i had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted
    Hold on

  • Anonymous

    I’m so far ahead of my time, I’m bout to start another life
    Look behind you, I’m bout to pass you twice
    Back to the future and gotta slow up for the present
    I’m fast, niggaz can’t get past my past

  • JackWabbitJames

    “‘Bout his where-abouts I was’nt convinced,
    Kept feedin’ her money till shit started to make sense/cents
    who could ever foresee, we use to stay up all night at slumber parties now I’m trying to rock this bitch to sleep
    All the years we were real close now I see his fears through her tears though she wishin’ we were still close
    don’t cry it’s meant to be
    in time i’ll takeaway your miseries and make them mine
    And if you don’t know, now you know (B.I.G, I know)

  • Anonymous

    francky dit l’enpereur lacoste vikenzo 1′er et davids le choco emille dit tino lacoste,ango dit vieux pere lacoste , christian le saoudien toujour moisie

  • http://ziko zoro

    you are héro

  • kasiology

    I’m like a dog: I dont speak but I understand “NEVER CHANGE”


    Yo; I come through, gettin money, sittin on twenties
    Niggaz throwin me shade, but ain’t shit sunny
    Hot shells only thing niggaz could get from me
    Cocktails thrown in your living room, KA-BOOM
    I’m so confrontational;
    they shoulda never let me go on probation yo
    I’m a hustler; except that..
    no correctional facilities can correct that…

  • FuriousTAPESTRY

    Im a block away from hell,not enough shots away from stray shells,an ounce away from a triple beem still using that handheld weightscale ya laughin.

  • Herb B.

    Hands down!! Best line (really 2) off a freestyle #1 Over my years Ive seen rooks get taken by the knight and lose their crown to try to defend the queen and checkmate in 4 moves! #2 Niggas try 2subtract my life my mathematics is precise I carry the nine so fuckin with me just aint the answer! NO 1 SEP BIG CAN MAKE A BETTER LINE THAN THAT!!!!!!

  • Steven P

    It’s the thought of a ride that make my eyes wide, I’m caught up
    I’m trying to make, all of my dreams materialize, so I sorta
    say my goodbyes to the straight and narrow
    I found a new route, you bout to see my life change

  • http://xxl Iceman23

    First couple of bars.
    I made it,,,,, He obviously told his mom,,He was gonna make it..

    Ya’ll know how I do when the Doc do it
    I fly thru it
    That’s how I operated
    Momma I made it
    Ghetto like the grease when you getting your hair braided
    Sweeter than your sister Kool Aid is
    Hooray is the underdog
    Now my feet under desk
    It’s the presidential favorite
    Can’t believe I got away with my earlier stages
    Being on stages
    Having my way with
    Ya baby boy’s a made man
    I’m a hold the fam down at least 3 generations
    I’m talking when spaceships are around
    And ya great, great grands
    Reminiscing about foundation you gave ‘em
    For repairing my relationship with my pops before he passed
    All I ask is you raise your glass for this celebration
    Toast to the most beautiful girl in the world
    My inspiration, thanks for your information

    Those lyrics are tight,precise and to the point,,

  • Anonymous

    “More money more checks..i’m addicted to fresh!
    6 pairs of kicks is my definition of 12 steps!”

  • Anonymous

    “Ya boy got the goods y’all dont want nothin of it like..Castor Oil, i’ll Castor Troy you,
    Change your face or the bullets change all that for you.
    You niggas is targets,
    Y’all garages for bullets please dont make me park it,
    In your upper level,
    Valet a few shots from the .38 special, nigga, God bless you!”

  • mehdi


  • Turt McGirt

    “Ain’t nothing sweet bout how I hold my gun, I’ve go 99 problems, being a bitch ain’t one!”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “I went from lukewarm to hot
    from Sleepin’ on futons and cots, to king size,
    green machinse, to green 5′s Ive seen pies
    let the thing between my eyes analyze life’s ills
    Then I put it down tight real”

  • coastin

    my favorite jay lines is form lost ones “time dont back goes forward can’t run from the pain towards it” so beautiful

  • eleven

    first jay line that came to ma head was of threats on the blacks album, its not jus the bars but delivery, i suggest you listen to it.

    “il stick a knife in ya,
    take a lil bit of life fromya,
    am i frighten ya,
    shud continuya,
    il stick a gun to ya,
    let it sing u a song,
    il let it hum to ya,
    th other one sing along,
    nw its a duet”



  • NIT

    We are really high really high tonite
    we tip the waiter a 100 dollars to keep the ice cold aight
    we the last guys to keep the wise guys code alive
    if i cant live by my word than i much rather die
    no no dont thank me this just how my suit stiched
    Im cut from a different cloth im just who the shoe fits
    for the color of money like a tom cruise flick
    cept i put 8 balls on corners without using pool sticks…..
    Who can see this dude?????

  • http://huh NIT

    Hove never slackin’ mang, zippin’ in the black Range
    Faster than the red ghost, gettin’ ghost wit’ Pac-Mang
    One-time know a got a knack to get that change
    Leader of the black gang, R-O-C mang
    Bang like T-Mac, ski mask air it out
    Gotta kill witnesses ’cause Free’s beard’s stickin’ out
    Y’all don’t want no witness shit, we squeeze hammers mang
    Bullets breeze by you, like Lousiana mang…
    But I gotta feed Tianna mang…
    So I move keys you can call me the Piano Man
    Rain…sleet, hail…snow man
    Slang dough, E, hydro man…
    cmon…we can do this all day

  • hova’s witness

    too much pizzazz for these piss-ass niggas to get past…..

  • Valdo

    Há aqui todos são bons, não poderia ter isso de um melhor que outro.

  • smokiewight

    hey,paco,hov speaks english.why don’t you,pendejo?

  • Killa

    If I shoot u I’m brainless/u shoot me ur famous what’s a nigga to do

  • Blastermind

    “Im about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cent?”

  • Jose

    ” Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my fuckin’ life/So now I’m down for whatever,ain’t nothing nice”

    “If skills sold, truth be told, I’d probably be
    lyrically, Talib Kweli

    Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
    But I did five mill’ – I ain’t been rhymin like Common since”

  • bryant

    “The shit is eternal, I rock the Heavens well
    Even if they won’t let me in Heaven
    I raise hell, till its Heaven- jay z

  • Eric Cruz

    Males shouldn’t be Jealous, that’s a female trait.

  • Anonymous


  • kanye fan

    if jahova witnessed i bet he wouldnt testify/D’evils

    reasonable doubt

  • Anonymous

    cuz i pack heat like a oven door

  • chinlawson

    best hov lines ever……….. we used to fight for building blocks now we fight for blocks wit buildins that make a killin the closest of frriends when we first started but grew napart as the money grew and soon grew black hearted thinkin back to when we first learned to use rubbers he never learned so in turn im kidnappin his babys mother………….. iaint never heard no shit like that….. he the coldest wit the word play

  • http://na rico davis

    im from where niggaz talks about who better biggie jayz or nas.where thugs life envolve thre drugs r n r get ur self locked up behind bars im from where they breed rhyme stars im fro fro marcy son just thought id remind yalll

  • MarlonG

    Young run through you niggas, like a glitch in a computer nigga, im the shit, im a sewer nigga, this is Jay everyday, no days off Ferris Buller nigga

  • mac

    “See Jesus, see Judas..
    See Cesar see Brutus, See success is like suicide
    Suicide it’s a suicide
    If you succeed prepare to be crucified.”


    “7 straight summers critics might not admit it
    but nobody ever did it quite like i did it
    if you did it, i done it before
    you get it, i had it
    got mad at it and don’t want it no more”

  • Mar

    I’m from a place where the church is the flakiest
    And niggaz been praying to God so long that they Athiest
    Where you cant put ur vest away and say u’ll wear it tomorrow
    Cuz they day after they’ll be sayin, damn i was just with him yesterday

  • Mr.Skeptacular

    ma favourite album is the Reasonable Album but on a whole ma best jay z line would be “hustlers don’t sleep we rest one eye up”…..Jay Z………………………………. respect to MR, SEAN CARTER

  • Madison


    Jeah, look
    I’m so far ahead of my time, I’m bout to start another life
    Look behind you, I’m bout to pass you twice
    Back to the future and gotta slow up for the present
    I’m fast, niggaz can’t get past my past
    How they propose to deal with my perfect present?
    When I unwrap “The Gift & the Curse” in one session
    Ain’t no livin person can test him
    Only two restin in heaven can be mentioned in the same breath as him

    Hovi Baby – The Blueprint II

  • Anonymous

    ” Id rather die enormous then live dormant, that’s how we on it”

  • Gus

    Fuck nigga’s…bitches too all i got is this money …. this will do

    Light it up – Drake ft Jay-z