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  • thelupend

    Are thay serious, Eminem And Jay-Z Influenced them? Thats some Bullshit

  • QueenDIva

    I LOVE theses guys… you cant knock they swag and hustle!! and that lil lite bright got sum good ass rhymes 4real… dont deny theses youngsterz… ima get that album!!!


    “Jay-Z is my biggest influence…not his music but the way he does things”

    Shit’s strait out of Zoolander

    I feel bad, these kids obviously don’t understand how ignorant they sound.

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  • Devin

    wooow i ♥ legacy (( u 2 ben j.. just not as much ))

  • HU

    These kids have low IQ’s but they don’t seem too out of control with their ignorance like Soulja Boy. They illustrate what is wrong with society and continued problems in the black community. I feel sorry for these children. And of course, white executives are exploiting their ignorance at the expense of the entire black community.

  • steven chavez

    ugh they’re so cute