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  • D-Block

    please tell me this is a joke, theres no way this can be the final round. this is how me and my friends battled in grade 7 callin each other gay and makin fun of each others clothes and shit. come on step your game up XXL seriously, your just makin the problem worse.

  • Logrithmic

    ZEPS and even a battle rapper and ATE THAT DUDE!

    They played you son!!

  • johnny polo

    you gotta be kidding me?????? of course xxl picks the dude who spits the pre-written 5mph semi-flow with 2 hats on. REMATCH, and let the people decide.


    you gotta be shitting me! of course xxl picks the dude with the pre-written 5 mph semi-flows with 2 hats on. sanatra wrote those corny lines to dipset 5 years ago. STEP YOUR CAME UP XXL… rematch please and let the people decide………..

  • Fresh Coast

    Lmao, this was horrible, search illmaculate or tha saurus , theyd put you to shame in one punch line.

  • hippa>>hoppa

    corny ass niggas man.. this shyt is lame i respect duke for claimin to b on sum real anti crack-rap ish but fuck that shyt in a battle sop talkin about his nose and diss.. damn..

  • calimovement

    Just look at the moderators expression,.that tells it all..both these clowns can be found on any block….find some real spitters….

  • http://kingofrapbattle lnj

    that was bullshit xxl sanatra didn’t deserve that,he was wack should of gave it to homeboy the krs one line to me was lights out. whats the most sanatra do throw some season salt, get the fuck out of here.

  • andyseahn

    Zeps is the bomb dontchu think guys hot stuff!!!

  • badrap

    that was horrible…really horrible, there wasn’t any excitment to that battle at all. zep should have won anyway based on the fact Sanatra spells his name that way and he’s an asshole for wearing two hats (seriously…who told him that looked cool?)

  • Opal Ellyse

    There was one chick in the battle. . .I make hot songs, check me out:)

    “I’m not Foxy Brown, bitch I’m Pam Grier/ Lil Kim nasty shit damn near/” :)

  • Dstarr

    what can they do if only these people show up

  • DrewBreez

    Are you serious with that choice? Didn’t Zeps just outdo this guy with timely thoughtful metaphors while he postured and shouted? Did I see the same thing or is XXL another victim of ridiculous biases?

    Zeps won that by virtue of being both smarter and more practiced as a performer and musician. If the Smack DVD screaming is all it takes to win a “Video Battle” I don’t want to see another one of these sham contests on XXL.

    A damn shame.

  • render

    both these niggas garbage…not even by corner standards are these dudes nice. cmon xxl, this a bad look for your publication

    lol at that dead ass crowd…poetry jams get liver than this

  • render

    “Zeps won that by virtue of being both smarter and more practiced as a performer and musician. ”

    hate to say it but your homie even wacker….”whos nice whos wack the dude wit 1 hat or the bum with 2 hats”…the fuck is that?

  • TxTitan

    Are you serious…….XXL this is the worst shit ever

  • Hussle’s Way

    *yawns* Corny ass niggaz!!!

  • escobar9300

    Hot Garbage. I didnt mind that Zeps dude, but that Sanatra clown was super weak. I guess all you have to do is yell and pull a bottle of Ms. Dash seasoning out of your draws to win a freestyle battle in 2009. C’Mon XXL, Step this ish up.

  • o”Christ” Crise

    I don’t know what’s worst, this or the Spencer Pratt article.

  • Pulp

    I’ve always respected XXL, but this was absolutely terrible. It was embarrassing. I hate it when dudes bring props to battles, what the fuck is that? And the 2 hat thing was seriously gay as shit. I’ll never be checkin for that sinatra lame

  • amy

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  • P. Harris

    Both need to go home, write some better freestyles, and then come back…

    and that sanatra line he kept saying, OMG, that shit’s going to get old quick…

  • /\/athann

    Clifton Fermi murdered these guys already, XXL deleted all the comments for this on the first video posted because there were 10 pages of negative comments, guess what XXL, a new post with all new negative comments.