XXL VIDEO: 50 Cent Says Method Man Is The Best In Wu-Tang Clan

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  • joe p

    i been sayin the same thing …

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  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! Ok! Yeah, Meth was the shit back in the day. His album was scary good. But I put them all on the same level, right on the same platform. They’re Wu-Tang, not individual artists. I never really cared what U-God had to say, or Capadonna, if he’s official Wu. But ODB (R.I.P.), Rza, Gza, Raekwon, Ghostface, Deck, Masta Killa and the M-E-T-H-O-D MAN, yeah yo, yes! All dope mc’s. Meth just had the most commercial appeal, and that’s what Fif is all about. Fuck Fif’s music though and fuck Fat Joe. I’m out

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  • nellz

    meth is/wasn’t the best in Wu-Tang

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    they’re all legendary and the reason 50 says he thought meth was the best is because 50 is all about the commercial appeal like homeboy above me alluded to. and i still care about what cappadonna and u-god got to say, their official wu. for 50 to downplay gza talent on the mic is some hatin ass shit.

  • unknown

    Each wu member brought you something orginal.That’s what made them great you didn’t like deck you liked meth if you didn’t like genius you liked ghost I could go on and on. I was raised on that wu music.

  • MAC

    Cause 50 says so ? fuk outta here, I like Meth but he wasn’t and isn’t the best WU member, he’s the most pop/image ready for today’s faggot standards if that’s what he means but Ghost, RzA and Rae got him beat not to mention all the affiliates like Killa Army ect.. Meth is still dope but far from the best if were talking about actual rhyme skills.

  • Buzz T

    Umm, I hear you Fif but, that line u kicked wasn’t Meth. That was Biggie. “If you touch me/ you better bust me/ 3 times in the head/ or muthafucka’s dead/ I thought so”. That was the Notorious one. But, I understand his point though. Meth had the most appeal and at the same time ate niggas up on the mic. But, my problem with Meth was he’d always show his ass on other ppl project but his albums were always kinda left me high and dry.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Rae was always my favorite member. He still is.

  • oskamadison

    Who actually cares what 50 thinks? Isn’t this the same cat that said Common’s Be wasn’t a classic because it didn’t go platinum?Meth was NEVER the best cat in the WU. Everyone has their favorites and at first it was GZA, then the Gravediggaz made me pay more attention to RZA. But as far as consistency and originality, Ghost is THE ONE.

  • A.A.

    “…I really never liked it his music. His was always so smart that it was stupid. ” ~Fifty downplaying GZA

    When you have artists who are so embellished in their own lifestyle and their persona, it’s difficult to truly appreciate the art that many non-commercial artists create. The lack of smart artists getting any airplay is what makes hip-hop so stupid and the reason why so many “fans” are blinded by these flashy lifestyles portrayed by artists like Fifty. Being stupid is the new rage; f#&k being smart and open-minded about current issues that matter the most. Pretty much sums ups Fifty cent, the man of change.

  • Tony Starks

    50′s joke he knew about clyde smith was by Gost and Rae he’s only hating on them cos Ghost threw him down a block of stairs after he got sticked up. How he gonna say Gza’s was so smart is stupid, Liquid Swords’s a top10 hip hop LP, now he’s trying to hop on meth’s dick. you can tell he’s shook of all the Wu members Fussyhole.

  • Matic & Ill

    remember the that Fif & the Unit had beef with some cats from the Wu.. i think its Rae and Ghostface.. ectually wat i think is, he’s trying toget the nigga’s acknowledgement, he wants him on his wack label.. no doubt, i got respect for all cats from the Wu, but meth, has it all, first to go solo, first to shoot a movie, first to release albums out side the Wu – (with Red).. but yo i dont know, cos Rae is an incredible MC hands down…

  • Anonymous


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