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  • BCM

    Nice Man!!!!

  • balaramesh

    i am glad i cancelled my subscription … all of them are God Awful at best

  • DJPropane

    these guys gotta put all the ice away and try and make a real song. it seems like Atlanta has lost all sight of what hip hop is. like theyre their own secluded world

  • Beave

    Awful rappers. I love how souja boy’s chain was going off and all the other rappers jewels are DULL. Gucci mane’s sh*t wasn’t even going off in direct sunlight…can you say BANG BANG?

  • EduardKoeleJuck

    This is a great cover. F*ck all you haters. If you don’t like ‘em, go buy another magazine or come up with some arguments.

  • the $cuN>l

    Don’t stay out in public too long Soulja Boy, your bitch ass might get robbed again!

  • d

    yall some haters