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  • Raphael RJ2 Of Beats How U Want Em

    I Met & talked to Drake on the Phone he is a cool & Real dude!
    I love his Style of Music & Choice Of Beats!
    He’s also working with us also on the beats!
    We did work on the Lil Wayne Carter 3 # 16″Miss Understood”
    Drake is On Fire right now….
    Dude just has it….even with out the Majors behind him!
    Drake been doing this for a min….(Working Hard)

    But….50 U could be right about the majors pushing him….
    Then again 50….It’s theory!


    All We know is that this man don’t have a Major Claiming him & he’s Hotter than most Majors that really have the majors pushing them!
    But Drake may have a deal that has something to do with it….
    (Does that make sense?)

    I hope he gets the Best new “Artist Of The Year Award”

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  • Hova

    Did 50 really just say organic? Keep getting them yoga sessions is with Bette Midler Fif!

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  • drct66

    ok come on 50 y are u hatein on every rapper dats better then u i mean come on u ant had a gud song sines party in the club u get 0 play time on the radio i mean young money is ass fuckin ur sales + no one knew u had album in 2009 all im sayin is step ur shit up cuz lil wayne drake an gudda hell gucci mane is better then u gucci mane lmao i mean u know u ant shit wen gucci mane is getin play time over u 15.6 million and the veteran act notched $1.7 million worth of downloads. … dat right their is wanyes shit wer the fuck r u………p.s drake is 10 times better then u .

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