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    @ :32seconds: describes how i feel about this whole video & also “Super Tuesday”. not a em fan (200k), busta fan(50k), or red & meth fan(45k). sorry.

  • http://gooogle.cmt urworstnightmare

    Eminem is going to do at least 600,000 the first week even though his first two songs are straight up wack, garbage. Busta does have anticipation built up for this album, cause “the conglomerate”, “hustler’s anthem’, and another song these were pretty damn good and i’m not a big busta fan. Some idiot at xxl said he won’t sell. Red and Meth it doesn’t look so great, i didn’t even know their album was coming out this past week until i heard Buddens diss meth on the radio. I heard the album and Red came off a little but the album didn’t move me, it was wack i would not pay 1 dollar for it. Meth, sorry UPS isn’t even hiring!

  • me

    em a mil…red & meth 50 k…busta 30 k

  • E-Hustle

    Who the fuck are these uneducated clowns you all have in this video prediction? What is the point in having that one bitch ass hatin nigga in there just saying “I dont give a fuck” for? Someone tell him to go kill himself, cuz no one will give a fuck about that. Yeah, go blow your noodles out yo.
    None of them know what they are talking about. Red & Meth selling 30k? Come one.
    1. Eminem will do 700-950k (wishing for a milli)
    2. MethodMan & Redman will do around 80-120k
    3. Busta will do between 50-75k
    4. Drama,… he will do K.A.R. Terror Squad numbers at around 275 total copies sold. No,.. not 275k,.. I said two hundred and seventy five tops.

  • wow

    Did you just predict Eminem to sell 200k?…Stupidity at its finest.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Love Em, Busta, and Red and Mef but for predictions I would say Em-800,000, Busta 60,000, and Red and Mef around 45,000. Hope I’m wrong and it’s more units for Busta and Red and Mef, but with the bullshit that sells today these are my predictions!

  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha! I see the bottle of Ketel One vodka on the shelf!!! Lush ass! LOL

    Naw I’n playing ya’ll! Them covers got my head spinning!

    But I’m babysitting a bottle right now!

    Em 712k FIRE!!!
    Meth & Red 74k HOT!!!!!!
    Busta 68k DECENT

  • holla mann

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  • Supreemwun

    Not checkin for Em CD at all…no matter who produced it!
    He’ll get his numbers but not from where he really wants them. He can sell units that is for sure I’m sure his fanbase has been saving up their lunch money/ allowance.

    Really I’m checkin for cats like
    K’Naan –

    Curt@ins –

  • Supreemwun

    Not lookin for Em’s CD at all. Too corny!
    He’ll do his numbers though…his fanbase has been saving up lunch money and allowance for weeks in anticipation.

    Who am I checkin for….


    Substance and content over the gimmicky great might hope rap and I got more years invested in Hip Hop than some of you been alive!

  • http://08011988 kader

    je suis algérien and je suis fier pour toi iminem i love you