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  • Pierzy

    Muddy Waters is the truth!

  • tybz

    what has is red wearing in that video? that shit is the business. anyone know?

  • tybz

    yo does anyone know what hat red is wearing? that ish is the business. someone gotta let me know.

  • TheR

    Hahah Dare IZ a Darkside is cool, it’s just out there.

    PLO style is my favorite meth joint too

  • sATaLyte

    What did P.L.O. style mean anyway. Like palestinian liberation organization(?) cuz that’s all I know with that abbreviation.

  • One-Luv

    dem boyz sure are doin the’ thang

  • myspace/son son records

    Razor sharp get yo f$ckin’ band-aids!

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