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  • no hate

    “I’mmo tell him he nice. I’mmo tell him he buzzin’. I’mmo tell him naw.”


  • dwi

    usually like pat…but for a prison dude…he sounds pretty corny! the nicest thing about this interview was the poster behind him!

  • yo

    i kinda lost respect for xxl…
    i mean if a cat is good that should be another story but it sounds like hes saying anybody with money could get on… no matter how wack they are…
    that aint hip hop… thats selling out.

  • TxTitan

    Project funny as hell. One of the Trillest to ever grab the mic.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    i cant understand this nigga……only thing i heard was about the strippers….I’m from Long Beach dude we got that kush swag in our voice….he talk to fast

  • Ben Leos

    Mista Don’t play album had some bangers, and Lay the Smack down was tight, dope artist from the south.

  • LB

    Pat is one of the most known unknown.

  • LB

    Ben Leos…Aw man, Layin the Smack Down, Ghetty Green, Mista Don’t Play, ummmm, anything put out under Hypnotize Camp. you know.

  • mr maintain

    ummm “yo” shut yo dumb ass up its all about money from 09 to infinity and it aint no official stamp on whats hip hop… niggaz down south dont do hip hop any way…we do rap muzik, gangsta muzik crunk & buck muzik and trap muzik