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  • corlione39


  • Brooklynstandup

    song is nice Charles is different when does the album drop

  • Ghost

    Good lookin’ XXL…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, straight up, I don’t give a fuck how many times this nigga cusses in his shit, he’s still a softy. Fucking bitch ass nigga–you know Britney Spears did her first video at a school, too. So what did you prove with this song, nigga? You got a little buzz, maybe pull a ho a week with your little pink headphones, but naw nigga….you wack. Fuck a school, In my video, I was running through the halls of the Capitol with an AK straight mowing down Republicans on some twisted Columbine shit. And the hoes in your video came off looking a little true-to-life: Bitches that were paid to dance next to you. I could step up in ANY club in the ATL and girls would come up to me, grinding their pussies on my legs, sticking their hands down my pants, and sticking tongues in my ear…and I ain’t got to pay nobody for that shit–that’s on the strength of the flyness alone, nigga. AND YOU’RE FROM SOHO? Man, please…that’s too easy. Run along now and go play some AC/DC through those pink headphones, nigga.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • BooRae

    Damn, OG Matt Herbz, you need a hug, dude. I feel like you like something about this video and CH. I mean, you did watch the whole vid, right?
    I like the song and video, a lil too much cursing for a dude & song like this. But I do think that CH is a breath of fresh air to hip-hop, not rap. There is a difference!

  • ShowTime

    Dat Nigga is a problem…

  • sevdemy

    this shit was wack…. even though I don’t feel this nigga. I, at least thought, he would do some decent shit…

    this shit looks like a bad TRL video… plus he sly dissing… trying to front like he differnet with no background to it…

    at least when De La criticizes the state of hip-hop, they have contributed to what it was… this nigga Charles Hamilton was probably in 4th grade when Politics as Usual dropped, so you know when Illmatic dropped he was on similac.

    kids are kids and they make kid music, now run along with ya little as crew

  • Macdatruest

    I wonder which Interscope artist XXL is gonna do a video for next? Wale I’m guessing. Anyway this shit was wack. It remind me of a MTV Movie. Not low budget, but not well executed. I don’t know if it was the pointless lyrics, or the director, but something came of awkard about the video, the music and his lyrics all together. It was like it was good on paper, but it came out fucked up when all the ideas came together. It doesn’t seem like a radio song, which is not a bad thing. But it’s not deep enough to be an album joint. The fake cockiness is laughable. The pink headphones gimmicky. The name, forgettable and doesn’t fit his……image? Damn XXL yall is fuckin over hip hop

  • septone

    not my favorite Charles Hamilton jam, but it’s not his worst. I think all the hateriffic comments are funny. CH is fucking up hip hop because his name doesn’t match his “image” and he’s too young?

    I remember when I was “too young” to know what good music was, because I thought hip hop was good music. I grew up on De La, and just saw them live last fall. I remember when illmatic dropped. I remember being told I didn’t know shit about music because I liked Digital Underground (not just Humpty Dance), and Mac Dre.

    It’ll never be ’92 or ’88 or whatever year you crowned as the pinnacle of real hip hop. Real hip hop is in the kids too. Don’t you remember how old De La was when they got signed?

    I think CH is killing it right now, compared to the single syllable auto-tuned bullshit I’ve been hearing out of other carbon copy rappers…


  • Chase


  • Scarapp

    wierdo ass nigga

  • Cchild

    og matt herbz i wanna believe you but your name makes me think twice but anyways its just music, MUSIC so chill everyone damn i didnt know you had to be a real ass motherfucking g to make an R&B song. how many “Hardcore” rappers have more slow/love songs then real rap songs. ITS JUST DAMN MUSIC.

  • nunya

    he said his, “buzz is off da chain”?

    Well it’s for all the WRONG reasons. Mr. Hamilton is beyond foul for what he did. I wasn’t impressed by the video. My daughter could’ve shot something better than that. Lyrical content ehhh so so. I’ve heard better. Best of luck to ya buddy.