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  • Hi Hater!

    Killa!!!!! Dipset Boss Is Back!!

    Jim and Juelz..go sit down somewhere

  • Mpho


  • TheGreat2380

    Killa Cam Is Back!!!! I Hate My Job!!, Realest Song Out, Thank God Real Rap is Coming Back Slowly in 09, As Soon As Kiss Drops, Ringtone Shit Will Take A Step Back For A Second!!

    09 Niggas, Keep Workin People

  • Kabelo


    wassup, what’s really good???


    killa season


    It’s Killa Season, Dip Set Bitch !!!!


    FINALLY! yes, sit them byrd gang skull gang wack ass gang niggaz down sumwhere

  • Nino

    Damn! Killa Cam is shining like a muthafucka!!

  • Rae Tha Great

    He exposed the shit out of Juelz!!! Killa is back on some real shit its like he new rapper with a buzz behind him. PEACE

  • showtime

    good to see that nigga cam back, nice hearing killas voice again

  • Heltah Sinsay

    I love Killa dawg, this dude is old school and new school, he is the reasaon for swagg banging, dont front yall know killa started that shit…….., I wish this man nothing but luck, theres something about killa cam thats genuine…….. hes an o.g straight up, he can be anoying at times but hes still killa.

  • zayzkidd

    Jim Jones and Juelz need to get off the scene with they fake ass because how the fuc you let Camron go on the radio to defend you with that muscle faggot(50 cent) and you not only jump out the beef, but you start acting like you down with 50 and got a beef with a nigga who was taking up for you on the radio???

  • Chrys

    Good to seem him back. He usually gets alot of hate cause of his lyrics. But he’s one of the very few in the game that’s being himself instead of trying to be someone he’s not.