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  • enzo

    jim jones always showing out for the cameras. posing like Derek Zoolander. shit is mad gay

    • joe p

      jim jones is such an idiot … i swear hes so gay …wtf he think he some kind of sexy dude dressing up like a girl and shit he looks like a fuckin dirt ball … even if he cut them braids and took a shower once a week still has the WEAKEST rhymes ever wrote … SHITS WIZZZEAK

  • amar

    wtf jim jones comes to the photoshoot looking like he just got out of bed at 3pm?

  • ri067953

    Yo, what a disappointment…why don’t you put artist on the cover that actually make good music.

    • morebucks

      awwwww shut up

  • stoneyisland

    Jim Jones is a weed head, he always looks half baked and unkept, somebody tell that fool to take a shower and cut them fucking braids outta his hair, it’s time to grow up and do grown man shit. Braided hair is for 14 year old cats. It’s 2009 dipset, start acting like it.

  • MG

    Damn! dat dood jimmy stay lookin hella weeded. Dipset aint nuttin wit out killa. Freeky Zeeky just like wack ass Damon Dash alwayz in da backround of da videos. After all he is da Hypeman extraordinaire.


    I never thought I would see the day when I actually MISSED Cam’Ron…

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Fuck Jim Jones, he’s an un loyal dick rider. And Cam is going yo destroy him. I agree, cant belive I actually miss pink panther.

  • Trickdd

    What the fucks up with Jim Jones two yellow teeth I don’t usally talk about how a nigga dress and his looks but come on man you got all that money and you talking about splashing get your teeth fix are puts some golds on them bitches that would be the first thing I would do when I got paid fix my teeth

  • fuck you

    I said the same thing. Brush ya fuckin teeth Jim you dust bastard. Where the fuck Is Cam when you need him? Zeke Is just an embarrassment.

  • LEO

    Taking a Dipset picture without Camron there is like:

    Ruff Ryders and no DMX
    Rocafella and no Jay-Z
    Shady Records and no Eminem
    G-unit and no 50 Cent
    Aftermath and no Dr. Dre
    Terror Squad and no Big Pun :(
    Bad Boy and no Biggie…:(

    Ya feel what I’m saying?

  • dusty boy
  • Screwmatic

    This niggaz really stealin’ the Dip from Killa Cam, fo’real. Why’s Cam’Ron ain’t spittin’ shit at these disloyal niggaz. Maan. I feel these punks gonna let the Dip blow again and then they gonna have the nerves to say Diplomats started wit Juelz, Jim & Zeekey. We gonna stay down wit u Killa Cam, awwready.