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  • bluntsmoke

    crooked the realest.

  • PenguinBeatz

    Crooked is the illest i could wait 15 years for a crooked i album that shit would b worth tha wait beliveee dat

  • JG4duece0

    First… Crooked i the shit!

  • j.mitch

    meet the man who with the right assistance who can really bring the west back on the map

  • ri067953

    Yo…this fool talking bout “New West” This fool been around for at least 10 years and his career has gone nowhere…you can’t expect the Snoops and Dre’s to get shit popping for you. Start making some shit people wanna hear, and you’ll sell…makes sense to me.

    • D-Block

      so jus because he didnt get on the radio hes gone nowhere? jus because he didnt act in a movie teachin girls how to play football hes gone nowhere? crook is one of the most respected rappers on the west coast. do some research before u talk about some bullshit like that

  • Decker

    Word D-Block!

  • ri067953

    Dude, I live in L.A. and lived through the Death Row era. Unless you can say that your music his heard and respected by the masses, your career has gone nowhere. I wouldn’t know if his music is played on the radio cuz I don’t listen to the shit…Just cuz people on the net say his shit is cool, I don’t believe it. Nobody I know knocks his shit in they ride…

    • buckets

      HAHAHAH this is the reason why dudes with SKILL get NO attention…and the reason people on the net say he’s nice is because HE IS NICE. if you suck, then your gonna get ripped to shreds on the net. its true.

      • kenny

        with his kinda music the internet doesnt work man . its sorta anti internet . and if he has branded himself as an ex deathrow inmate then he can expect to roll thru different hoods in cali and get luv almost door to door . thats what deathrow was doing .

    • 619

      The New West got the most unrecognized talent in the country. Even though Crooked left out a few major names in the movement out here. rio, I don’t know where the fuck you stay, or who you kick it around, but Crooked is one of the most respected artists in the streets of Cali. In the streets out here nobody gives a fuck about commercial status or record sales, all we care about is the authenticity and skills of the artists. Guess you don’t hit up the swap meets or mom’s and pop’s.

      • 1one

        your right homie.

        the westcoast is too real for these industry mothafuckas and these kids dancing around like monkeys and selling their souls

        on the westcoast we dont play around its real life out here this gangbangin shit started here and this shit is real

        we dont act out here cuz that shit will get you six under.

        the westcoast artist dont stoop down to these clowns levels we keep it real fuck these phony ass mothafuckas

        big ups to crooked
        that block obama II ep is the shitttt homie

        hiphop weekly >>> all these whack ass rappers careers

  • Nino

    Crooked I is that nigga, so underrated, the industry is full of bullshit and gay ass executives, that’s thhe reason this dude don’t get the respect and shine that he deserves.

  • theone

    Great feature XXL, please do more with CROOKED I
    This dude is so real and so humble
    love his work and what he stands for
    and you can say whatever you want about him but at the end of the day he put in work like nobody,

    Crooked got over 300 + QUALITY tracks i mean real classics man
    also he dropped an EP few weeks again
    BLOCK OBAMA II go cop it on a itunes best tape of the year

    major respect go crooked i and xxl get us more shit from big crook.!

    • D-Block

      fuckin rite i have pretty much every crooked song i could find and i havent heard one that was wack yet

  • city

    Crooked I is a real nigga
    much respect big homie

  • Q! tha Great!

    Crooked I is by far the most lyrically talented MC right now. He just doesn’t have any support from a major label with distribution and influence. His work could be classic if he could get more than an underground and internet buzz. He could be on the level of Jay-Z and Nas if he could get a big budget, get marquee production and radio play. And there are alot of up and coming West Coast artists like that. The Industry is being biased about the West Coast right now. So, like he says, either a veteran artist could help to jump start the New West Movement or they gotta grind on their own. I mean Def Jam, Columbia, Atlantic, Interscope, Universal, Sony, Jive, Epic, …. none of them have a New West artist that they’re really pushing! Hip-Hop is in shambles and the answer is right there: New West!

  • Gangsta Dee

    I fuck with the eye my nigga still be in the hood i seen hem at the lakewood CA mall by his salf just to say he a real dude and he can rap west up I

  • truthh

    “Q! tha great!” i completely agree with you, Crooked is so real and humble he has put in major work. He’s got about 300 + QUALITY tracks and he constantly dropping amazing stuff for the love of it.

    Oh yea fuck the industry everything in the world now days is based around money the roots and the love for everything has been lost they dont care for the love anymore its all about making things flashy and mainstream that this fucked up youth can follow to because their brains are so brainwasted by the media.

    Major respects to crooked i
    XXL need to do more features with crooked

    NEW WEST !

  • Ogtripleg

    Dude there is now way you can’t respect him you don’t have to like him but u got to respect him dude is too ill humble work ethic and for his fans, out of the last 200 tracks that i have gotten from crook i think ive only payed for 20 all the shit has been free for us i respect him like a mutha!!!

  • Danny Myers

    Crooked I is undeniably the best rapper alive, if u disagree suck a dick!!!

  • sick

    this feature is soo sick
    the beat is bangin crooked should spit on that beat in the intro

  • Rodjilius

    yea crooked’s a nasty ass rapper i wanna hear more from him tho this nigga talks about unity which is probably the reason the west hasnt been on top in so long but i kinda wanna see em back on it

  • simpleTOM

    crooked i is sooooo nasty. too bad record labels rather sign folks like ace hood.

  • LOL

    this dude is still rapping?? i was checking for him 5-6 years ago….i can’t believe he still hasn’t dropped a retail album….what a loser…go get a real job you bum!

    • 619

      “this dude is still rapping”, where the fuck you been, livin’ under a rock. Fuck outta here.



  • pigface

    king of the west..respect cob