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  • hiphop

    saw da beard wanted it to be andre 3k but its not =/

    • Gerod

      Andre 3K is my dude too…but he’s not necessarily new school.

      But B.O.B. sounds a little bit like 3000 when he sings tho lol…

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    I just started to get into B.o.B. Dude is nice.

    • Gerod

      Yessir…B.O.B is that dude.

      The Hi! My Name is B.O.B. mixtape is dope.

      • DJ Daddy Mack


  • stevie b

    this is the hottest freestyle out of these niggaz i dont like most of these clowns but this is tight he actually said somethin of substanace in less time then these lames took to say nothin. and this is the first time i really heard dude spit im pleasently suprised

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  • NorTh MeMpHIS VeT

    St8 but it sounded like he had wrote it a long time ago > Hay but mayby it wasnt a freestyle >

  • Shawty J

    This just reminded me I need to check out more of B.o.B.’s music.

  • SouthCakC23

    check out BOB and don’t forget to check out that boi Playboy Tre too. Playboy Tre is on BOB’s “Hi, My Name is Bob” LRG mixtape.

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