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    I dont know who this is, but he MURDERED ALL THE OTHER SIMINARS!!

    Who is this?…

  • Cali Black

    Cory Gunz you bastards!!!

  • texasleen

    what he did on a-millie is crazy

  • HERM

    Yeah, that’s Cory Gunz. Kid’s crazy!

  • klatush

    Cory Gunz, Tryin to sound too much like weezy. Aight tho’


    Oh thats Cory? The nigga who killed Wayne on his own track right? lol. Yeah he’s takin Waynes spot real soon.

    P.S I dont think Wayne is the best. Never have, never will. He’s just the hottest out there.

    • Gerod

      i DEFINITELY agree…Wayne is just hot right now. He is not the dopest…I actually fucks with Currensy more than him

      • NAWLEDGE

        And thats why Lil Waynes “daddy” dropped him. They knew if they pushed Currency a little more, he would’ve took off, and Wayne would’ve fell off. Haha!

        • Gerod

          Exactly! I try to explain that to people, but they ride Wayne’s dick so hard like he’s the greatest…Currensy is just better IMO

  • Frank

    To say Cory Gunz sounds like Wayne is crazy. Cory actually can flow and on top of that he flows at a ridiculous pace too. Wayne can’t do that so stop with those comparisons cause they don’t make no sense

  • NorTh MeMpHIS VeT

    Yea.. Yea.. Cory spits Serious shit > Mad respect homie > 10 times better den his pops >

  • Shawty J

    Corey Gunz is definitely a talented dude. The Wayne comparisons are understandable, but after hearing Corey’s songs (not just freestyles) he come off more multi-dimensional that Weezy. Add that to the fact Weezy has zero hunger and has been spitting random unfocused bars, Gunz will be replacing Wayne as top lyricist.

  • Mi$c.

    daymn this dudes voice is so damn anoying!

  • lil dizzy

    GUNZZZ dat nigga jus spit pure fyre haha