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  • The Night shift


  • cold war kid


  • Hunt

    Blu nice

  • cold war kid

    Where’s the Wale love??he’s doper than all these other mc’s…

  • Danny Myers

    West coast cats got retarded bar game and dont get recognized enough. Good look XXL!

  • Zac Cole

    The cats name is blu and he is nicer than 2/3 of the rap game

  • yo

    Below the Heavens. Put it like this. No one else on the cover is matching his lyrical game. Not even close. And if tanya morgan aint on the cover your playing yourself.

  • yo

    Below the heavens. Put it like this. No one on this cover is matching his lyrical game. Not even close. Oh and if tanya morgan arent on this cover, your playing yourself.

    • PreZZure

      Wale can go toe to toe lyrically and Tanya Morgan is not on the cover

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  • zac

    the artist is blu

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  • ShowTime

    Aint this Blu? All these dudes sound like shit without beats. No energy.

    • chase

      no way dude blu. is the dopest mc now better than wale

  • Steez

    his voice sounds familar but who is it

  • paychexx

    1. kid cudi
    2. charles hamilton
    3. currensy
    4. ace hood
    5. blu

    next 5.
    asher roth
    cory gunz
    tetanna taylor
    …….dont know


    • D-Block

      ey who taught this retard how 2 use a keyboard?

  • yo

    “Wale can go toe to toe lyrically and Tanya Morgan is not on the cover”

    your smoking and they’ve played themselves.

  • chocolatte

    im not gonna act like i know this dude 2 much biut xxl needs mickey factz on the top of class n the cool kids n kidzin the hall WHY XXL WHY STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol but uhm yeah u guys have a good lineup but to not have cool kids kidz in the hall or fuckin micky factz is outragioys to even think of got dayum
    this lineup shits on lass years exluding lupe hu wud fuk them all up except maybe wale but u know lupe was doin his shit publicly before these guys wre publicly but n e way all these nigguhs r my fv new artists but y favortie rappers r shwayze lupe kanye wale n lil wayne out of everyone that has a voice and a brain and is infat a person who can rhyme theyre just super dope but uhm yeah dope lineup need cool kids n kidz in the hl unless theyre on it n i dont know n mickey needs to be on it or i will dedicate my life to destroying xxl like uma thermon did in kill bill in both movies pce get more hipsters OH and u need uni n the knux as well this is new school rite?

  • eep


  • SDot

    Blu got that poetry for real..

  • Stormz42

    Blu is that shit… Below the Heavens was album of 2007 easily…

    Hit up the website and check the forums to discuss real hip hop BTW…

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