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  • clippers

    pusha T? anyone else would look like a fool wearing all that play clothes

  • John Cochran

    Currensy. He is that nigga. He be picking some smooth ass beats for his tapes too, lots of style.

  • luigi

    at least currensy has swag all the other ones dumb niggas bandana in eyes whole hoody zipped up smh

  • Darin Smifff

    Curren$y. Smoothest rapper in the game

  • Steez

    hmm prob wut the kid first sadi

  • Klatush

    The hot spitter. Curren$y, aight, No crooked I flow!

  • IndyKid

    This dude is sick on a track. I really hope it’s Curren$y on the cover. Dude deserves it

  • 619

    Good thing he left Trash Money. Baby and Wayne over there wasting talent, scared to get outshined, putting all their artists on the shelf for years. Not one other artist is coming out with any albums on that label. They wasted anytime that Gillie had left in his career and used up his ghostwriting, put Currensy on the back burner, and now their holding Glasses Malone hostage. Glasses debut album was supposed to come out in 2007.

  • BreakFastClub

    Curren$y Shud Is a Fucking MOnstaaaaaaaa. aint no body fuckin wit em

  • kid 803

    Curren$y always nice and this would be nice over a beat

  • clipperz

    why is the wearing all that play clothes? joining up with the clipse to get at wayne maybe?…

  • Chris from 88

    FS jets where havent we been yet! Im glad he left Cash Money and I cant wait till the album. Hes knows music so I sure his beat quality will be nice. XXL need to shoot him that cover. Him and wale

  • reggie

    currency wuz sick wit young money but get outta here wit dat weak sh*t arcade version of ninja turtles coome on now i think i might jus delete him as my myspace friend fo dat go back ta young money n step da flow up u were great wit weezy now who knows

  • Ben Harpold

    Spitta….aint nothin like tha old freestyle “I-M-PA-LA with 2 S’S, pull up to the spot where u live with 2 weapons, i dont give a fuck if ya wearin 2 vestas imma cut u inhalf make u leave on 2 stretchas”

    Keep it up spitta, hit me about that Calvin Miller Productions beat.



  • HERM

    Hehe… Arcade version of Ninja Turtles.

  • HERK

    YAAA my nigga spitta
    hottest rappa in tha game>>>REAL TALK
    go get that nigga mixtapes

  • Holla Man

    this niggas jus’ aight kingz come and fuck wit’a nigga man and fa’ all my atliens I will be openin’ up for the boy gorilla zoe this sunday wit’ da’ hit single “Swag on Deck” at Pin-ups Adult entertainment yeaahh!

  • Joey P

    yoooo!!! spit vicious is that dude all day. good rap is definitely making a comeback and he and Wale are leading the way for sure.

  • b-more fresh

    pull up in that new shit park my coupe at ruth chris get a plate to go and hit the door and keep it movin’ classic spitta on that everyday g shit not fakein shit’
    keep it up homie

  • mac willy

    niice flow

  • $tack$

    Spit Vicious is that nigga he been ready he better than wayne he gotta get the cover 7 hot months this year he dominated 08 with no album. Currensy is the most underated artist EVER and FS Jets is the motherfuckin truth niggas need 2 stop hating and open there ears

  • CityIsMine

    hahah daamn Curren$y definetely got his own original flow. Plus his swag is on some crooks and castles type ish. shout out to dem Crooks! Curren$y WINS HANDS DOWN

  • Gerod

    Currency kills it…

  • Fly Ass Tj

    Ripped it.
    And man how the hell dis dude got the fitted and tee already!? Lol

  • $mooth

    Xxl put this man on the cover!
    And the freestyle was hot. Don’t sleep on this dude.

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  • NorTh MeMpHIS VeT

    Hot spitter…. > Nuff said > #FUCKJIMJONES#

  • http://m monkam

    ,!b m