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  • Cool Kid


  • Che

    Come on Asher. That’s the best??? It’s ok.

  • Gerod


  • Steezy

    who is the wole class now?

    asher roth
    cory Gunz
    Ace Hood
    mickey Facts
    Kid Cudi
    charles hamilton

    nice list

    • JO Meez

      Nice list but forgeting

      Bishop Lamont
      Black Milk
      B Breaks
      Jay Electronica

    • N.O. in my viens

      replace charles hamilton with drake or cool kidz…everybody else has some type of real buzz or talent but he is just shitwater

  • tola

    STARRRRRRRRRRR!! hahah.. hey babycakesssssssssss

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  • Asher Roth

    yo yo yoooooo!

    thanks for the support XXL!!!!!

    much love to all my fans and dat!

    Look out for my new album “One White Wish..”

    gonna drop 1st quarter 09, much love

    Asher Roth

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  • Clever

    I hear women talk about all the time I got that fire or, I’mma 10 piece or Dime piece. Lets step it up ah lil.
    Lady’s are you a DIME PIECE OR, A ICE PIECE? Fella’s do you think your Lady is a ICE PIECE? I’ve had ICE PIECES in my time of being a single player in da world of romance. I’ve had more Dimes than Ice Pieces. I was blessed to get one or two. So fella’z how many Ice pieces have you had, or dime pieces? Lady’s how many of you Think your a ICE PIECE, send me a pic and, Let me see if you are a ICE PIECE. Its not all about looks either. ;-)

    My Song ” ICE PIECES ” explains about the real life experience I was fortunate to have with some ICE PIECES.


  • thugnificent

    yoo this is ill

    i like breasts ill take a look

    xxl made mostly good choices on these

    except ace hood
    wtf was up with choosing him

  • Braile

    I wish I was there on the magazine smh damn

  • step your game up honkey

    wow. that was trash

  • NorTh MeMpHIS VeT

    Its cool > But he gone have 2 give me sumthing harder >

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  • TonyStackz

    Yo that kid is cool but his Voice sounds way too much like Eminem in his early days!!! Hes kinda nice though People should start paying more attention to dude instead of supporting that Bullshitass Plies lol seriously I Don’t know how people can listen to that mothafucka
    dude ain’t got skills at all!!!

  • RCV

    I’m looking forward to hearing more of Asher Roth.

  • Chris Mac

    Am I gun have to say it again…..

    “would the real slim shady please stand up, and all the fake slim shadys please shut up”

    dude sounds like every other white kid that raps.

  • teddy

    that freestyle was pretty wack as fuck but heard the mixtape his got skillz just maybe not at freestyling without a beat

  • Teddy

    Well if any of you guys downin this guy would actualy think about tis freestyle busness wise this was on purpose. I can tell that he had alot more backed up. Much like Cory Gunz on a A Milli. This is my 1st time hearing him but Im sure if i look him up Ill be fuckin wit him like I fucks wit Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, and Aesope Rock.

    Now look him up and be surprised.

  • comocomo

    LOL. that was like a fuckin joke

  • ShowTime

    Jay Electronica >>>>>>>>

    And this is why my opinion is more valid than yours. Look below.

  • tHe WoLf

    If that’s the future of hip hop that hold your fucking magazine. That kid sucks. I know there is a generation gap in hip hop, but talent is talent and that kid does not have it. Who ever signs any of these “freshmen 9″ will be greatly disappointed. Can you say TAX WRITE OFF for the lables and nothing but fucked up hip hop for us. This shit is becoming sad.

  • lil dizzy

    asher roth go hard fa real fa real
    and i like tha fact he aint front like he black
    kids dope

  • mahsa

    send movie